Friday, March 31, 2017

Aesthetically Pleasing Men in King of Fighters XIV

Amped Asia published an article titled, “Top 10 Asian Femme Fatales in Fighting Games.

Any young white boy growing up in the midwest and addicted to video games would fall for any of these oriental beauties, and this would encourage the concept of Asian-Aryanism.

I felt the same nostalgia myself when it came to Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and Mai from The King of Fighters in the countdown.

I am a huge SNK fanboy. I am quite mad that Chun-li took the #1 spot. “No offense to Chinese girls. Your the best!”

Growing up, I had a Neo-Geo and would play games like NAM-1975, Magician Lord, Metal Slug X, Waku Waku 7, and most importantly, The King of Fighters ’98.

SNK recently released The King of Fighters 14 and dropped the sister name “Playmore” to go back to their classical roots. I am quite thrilled by this decision.

The SNK cult has been around since the 80’s and has survived that last few decades. SNK ruled the cyberpunk video arcade market of Japan (influencing the work of William Gibson) and slowly lost that power to Square Enix and Capcom. Capcom now selfishly claims themselves as the new ruler of “competitive arcade games.”

The brand Street Fighter is now a household name. The game depicts racial stereotypes and a nostalgia feast for American players, like what Star Wars: The Force Awakens did for Star Wars fans. I never did get into Street Fighter. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike was the pinnacle of the series. I was quite good at the game in my college years. However, the passionate community behind King of Fighters 2002 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves was too tempting, and so I refused to play Capcom related games since then.

SNK was “Japanese arcade culture” before there even was one. They were the first company to shift the anime dramas, like yaoi and shojo, into their games. Characters like Iori Yagami made KOF feel distinct than from a simple color palette change of Ryo to Ken. Iori was cool. Any fat stay-at-home Asian girl would fall for him. KOF felt like a moving anime, not just a generic fighting game. Take a look at what was accomplished in KOF 12 and KOF 13.

Now entering the realm of 3D, SNK has many challenges ahead of them.

Some have criticized The King of Fighters as being that “gay yaoi anime fighter” or “that knock-off of Street Fighter,” which are misconceived claims.

First, KOF has a better and easier fighting system than SF. Most people who get into the game never leave the addiction. SF is a popularity contest and relies solely on consuming than the competition itself. (“Gamer” is a disgusting term I don’t like being associated with. All it means is “consumer”)

And second, yes, KOF has a cast of handsome and sexy men any Asian kid would want to look up too.

That’s quite a contradictory statement, since Amped Asia wrote their article for a straight and heterosexual audience.

Asian-Aryanism needs to have powerful and aesthetically-pleasing men.

That is, strong men that are role models for a future society and race.

White and Asian men are often told that they cannot appreciate the beauty of men, otherwise they are “gay” or potential pedophiles.

Elliot Rogers went on his massacre because he could not achieve a lover. If he was to ventilate his anger through KOF, he would be a much better person.

A lot of Asian kids I know play KOF and look up to the fictional men. My one Chinese friend has told me over and over again that he wants to be like Shen Woo. Both of them have the same personalities. Another friend I know, nicknamed “Asian Andy,” tells me the Kim Kaphwan was what he wanted to be when he was 8.

My KOF 2002 teams has always been Ryuji YamazakiAngel, and Seth. I love the anger “street-culture” Not only that, but they all have a unique self-defensive play-style.

Elliot Rodger looked up to the wrong type of people for admiration. He could of ventilated his anger through KOF and roleplayed as Rock Howard. Rodger would of joined the masses of Asian-Americans that strive to be greater by playing KOF. 

I love KOF because of the fighters. I first learned about the anime Akira through the KOF character K9999, a blatant rip-off of Tetsuo (and dons the same voice actor, Nozomu Sasaki).

SF does not offer this cool identity KOF has. KOF is full of aesthetically pleasing men as it has beautiful Asian women.

I will give some examples of great men in the KOF 14,

Benimaru Nikaido is a Eurasian super model and lady killer. His broken English and sexy clothes woos over everyone.

Shun’Ei is a sexy Chinese yaoi teenager that wears a tie and belongs in a K-pop band.

-Along with his best (and not-so-gay) friend, Meitenkun, a young boy that wants to sleep all the time and cuddle. This gives the impression that he wants to cuddle with all of his girl fans (he is a living dakimakura).

Kukri is a emo kid for all mentally disturbed and angry Asian kids that failed to shoot up the school. Now they all master his combo move set.

Ramon is a pretty cool womanizer that kicks people across the other side of the screen.

K’ is a chaotic neutral badass. He is neither good or bad and does his own thing. Every single girl wants to sleep with him and every single guy wishes they were a lone wolf like him.

Hein is a butler with a sadomasochistic background. Clean cut, handsome, good paying job… but once your with him, he’s got some very strange perversions in bed.

Rock Howard is a fan favorite. How many times did anyone wish they were like him?

I can go on with the many male fighters in KOF. Other games, like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, also have a male dominated cast which guys look up too.

Reading this, you might think I am gay or promoting homosexuality in Asian-Aryanism. I am ok with pro-gay Asian-Aryan politics, so as long that they don’t hurt the greater good and are in favor of promoting and propagating Asian-Aryan genes and aesthetics.

I loved both yaoi and shojo at a young age. When I first discovered yaoi, I couldn’t believe that there were extremely handsome and kind men. I always have tried to emulate the behavior of a yaoi character in real life.

There are a majority of weebs that try and pretend to be male characters from the latest boy-related anime shows. Often these shows are from the “boys” perspective and less about how the “girls” see things. Weebs will try and emulate this behavior and fail to understand the good Asian-Aryan character.

Remember, Anime IS NOT Asian-Arynaism. Anime will influence white kids to the side of Asian culture, but Asian-Aryanism is not a surrogate culture for an anime-lifestylism. Weebs will eventually understand the greater joys of Asian culture, and this might lead towards an Asian lover. However, the values of anime comes from the values of Japanese culture, and this would lead to a further understanding of Asian culture itself.

Asian-Aryanism will be on the path of creating Eurasian children that will look radically beautiful and similar to the characters we watch in all animes.

The Greeks admired the body and strength of Adonis. A man like Hercules was a true hero for society.

In our lonely and deprived society, we all look towards the aesthetically pleasing men in KOF. Good fictional men will lead us towards greatness of character and spirt. Any girl would dream of being the wife of a real-life Rock Howard. Asian-Aryan genes will propagate to eventually create Rock Howard-looking children.

…A healthy society and civilization with men and women that uphold it.

Amped Asia is doing their part by showing men that Asian women are worth obtaining. SNK gives the disenfranchised Asian-American community and weebs the power to roleplay and fulfill the aggressive energy of guys they want to be like.

I’m grateful I grew up playing KOF. It’s a game and universe where weebs/Asian/Eurasian males can be better men.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“White,” “Asian,” or “Asian-Aryan?”

The biggest obstacle that is against unifying the Asian-Aryan identity is the struggle of being racially considered, “White,” “Asian,” or “Asian-Asian.”

Jennifer Suzuki wrote in Confessions of a Submissive East Asian Woman, that being “White” is the safe way to go. I disagree.

It’s a simple answer. White people need to be “yellow-pilled” into Asian-Aryanism and then whitewashed Asians would naturally come over when White guys show their pride in Asian-Aryanism.

But the normie doesn’t understand why the word “Asian-Aryanism” should be fought for. Why choose the word “Aryan,” when this has nothing to do with the Middle-East tribes of Iran?

Obviously, “Aryan” is used in the whimsical sense. That a “master race” that will be eventually fulfilled. Thus, “Asian-Aryanism,” is a coming master race that mixes both the great blood of Whites and Asians. This does not mean White or Asian genocide. This is a natural phenomena that Eurasian millennials will become apart of. Future White and Asians will be conserved.

“Asian-Aryan,” is a playful internet meme. It sounds like a skinhead with an Asian girlfriend, or a nerdy avant-garde college kid and his artsy-farsy Asian girlfriend. Those terms do apply more towards Asian-Arynaism because the word has it has roots with punk rock subcultures. Already, we find such cultural things like “Health Goths,” “Seapunk,” and “Furries.” “Asian-Aryanism” is one of new many influential subcultures (I can thank Amped Asia for getting the Asian-Aryanism subculture out there).

But being more serious, Asian-Aryanism will find a future cause. A new name like “Pan-Eurasinism,” “Eurasianism,” or “Asiansexulity,” will become the surrogate name found on a future Wikipedia article. Asian-Aryanism is an umbrella term, conglomerating all influenced subcultures on the internet. This is the same way the “Alt-Right” accepted all right-wing and reactionary ideologies. Asian-Aryanism will do the same with Asian culture.

However, there has been no recent Asian-Aryan influence in our culture is because there hasn’t been any words or clubs defending the unknown interest. The first word to appear a decade ago was “wapanese,” a derogatory term for a white kid that believes he is a living anime character. Since then, the word has evolved into “weeb” and still enjoys a presence in internet culture.

Also in the past year, “The Anime Right,” has been formed and represents a National Socialist interest in Eastern culture. Still, they associate with extreme white nationalist politics. We see movements that flirt with Asian-Aryanism, but don’t go towards the next step.

This is a problem with unifying people with the same interest. Asian-Aryanism is stuck between the position of being consider a White man’s movement or an Asian infiltration project.

So, which one of these is it? The answer is neither.

Asian-Aryanism is a third-position party looking for it’s own identity beyond White or Asian culture. At the same time, Asian-Aryanism respects both the White and Asian races. Asian-Aryanism belongs to the sons and daughters of the two beautiful civilizations.

Asian-Aryanism is against cuck-minded politics, race-mixing, two-sided answers, anti-white rhetoric, and arrogant Asian supremacist.

Asian-Aryanism will respect White nationalism and appreciate the culture of Western Civilization, while distancing itself and finding it’s own Asian-Aryan culture for greater meaning. Arrogant cultures of Asia will try and get all the Eurasians on their side of the battle, but Asian-Aryans should look out for their own interest first, and not of the foreign interest of a greater race that will not care about the Asian-Aryan destiny.

If an Asian-Aryan decides to be associated as “White” or “Asian,” he or she is looking for a ultimate amnesty and rather feel comfortable being around one of the two mentioned people. Unfortunately, the hegemonic races of “White” and “Asian” will do their best to cover up the other side for a mixed race person, and Eurasians who make this choice between the two have no future destiny.

I understand many of my Eurasian friends choose “White” or “Asian” to feel safe in a normative society. I respect both sides as well. But this is not the answer. The point of Asian-Aryanism is to go towards the third position. A new position that respects both sides and struggles finding a new unity and identity.

I would like the following five groups to be friendly and supportive towards each other, like family members:

1. White-Male/Asian-Female and Asian-Male/White-Female couples.

2. White-Weebs and Whitewashed-Asians.

3. Half/Hafu/Hapa/Eurasian people.

4. People with “central” Asian blood (Kazakhstan for example).

5. Any Whites or Asians that want to join in and commit to the Asian-Aryan identity.

Like the concept of being an “American,” this is the concept of being an “Asian-Aryan.” It is not an exclusive party of minorities, but a big entry level region where all parties of White and Asian can be accepted into.

Asian-Aryanism is against the Kalergi plan. We have no foundations with Judeo-Christian culture. Rather, the two cultures of Christianity and Asian religions will be mixed together, creating a bastard one. …Go to church on Sunday, Shinto prayers at the shrine.

Asian-Aryanism is a bond between two parties, Whites and Asians. Other non-races, like Blacks and Mexicans, might show similar interest. But Asian-Aryanism looks out for it’s own interest, and slams the door upon these darker races. If Blacks and Mexicans like Asian culture, let them start their own institutions and see how far they go.

Asian-Aryanims has no ill feelings towards black people. Race, IQ, and Evolution is a true factor, like genetics itself. The culture of blacks is not appropriate for Asian-Aryanism. If black race mixing were to occur with Asian-Aryans, then surly the Kalergi plan would come into effect. Asian-Aryanism is against the multicultural (diversity) and egalitarian philosophy of the globalized world. 

Asian-Aryanism will respect an Afro-Aryan institution and will show support. Black culture, like hip-hop, rap, and ebonics, might be appreciated by a few Asian-Aryans. This is all fun and games. If they want to start an Afro-Asian thing, by all means, good luck and let them do so. But the focus is on Asian-Aryanism, a long spiritual and cultural bond between two great races of the world, White and Asian. There is no traction between Blacks and any other race.

Asian-Aryanism sounds confusing to the normie because it sounds like it is a race-mixing plan. Again, Asian-Aryanism is not about race-mixing, since there is already a large Asian-American culture that has happen from a previous generation that has accidentally race-mixed. Asian-Aryanism is a cultural movement of these lost peoples, from race-mixers to anime fans, that see their own destiny between Whites and Asians. Both sides will be accepted, but Asian-Aryanism is the main identity.

So, where does Asian-Aryanism fall under? It’s an umbrella term to describe the cultural and loving interest between Whites and Asians that will seek it’s own future together. Anyone in the movement may have different levels of autonomy. Whether that means race-mixing or allies of support. Asian-Aryanism is an institution that is saving a generation of children from the claws of the disgusting multicultural paradigm. Asian-Aryanism goes beyond the petty conflict of racially naive Whites and bug-like Asians that thrive towards world domination.

Asian-Aryanism is an avant-garde identity politic that is open to new levels of culture and creation.

Faith, Folk, and Family in a new unity together.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weeb Nationalism

In our post-post modern age, LARPing has became a phenomena with American whites.

The upper-middle class is chasing after and naively believing the upper classes promises of elite aristocracy. The truth is, the upper class is nothing but decadent. The youthful upper class is into hardcore punk, the avant-garde arts, and have all flirted with the AntiFa. The upper-middle class, ironically, is overly educated and stuck at a corporate or academic job. It would make sense that the upper-middle class cleans up after the upper class’s decadence.

That leaves us with the LARPing nature of the middle and lower classes.

What I mean by “Live-Action-Role-Playing,” is not Larry Niven’s Dream Park version of it, but our people acting out social roles that don’t match reality. All LARPers are soft escapist.

A “weeb” (or wapanese) is a term for a young white person that believes he is “Japanese” (orientalism) or a living “Anime” character. I put “Japanese” and “Anime” in quotation marks because this is not the true definition of the terms, but a superficial crafted by white people.

The word “Japananimation” predated “Anime” in the Western market. But “Anime” is casually used now to sound authentic to it’s original meaning. Unfortunately, the word “Japananimation” meant cyberpunk, sci-fi, bloody pulp cartoons, and now “Anime” takes off that tradition (maybe this time, it has something to do with high school girls and drama).

This is the discipline of orientalism. The most famous Orientalist was Edward Said. Although, he was arguing against Judeo-Christian culture taking control of Palestine (Said has some sort of crypto-anti-semitism within him, excluding some anti-white remarks he would of made).

If we were to understand orientalism by definition, then we could never have an absolute truth of the other side. “The Other” would be correct in it’s own use of the word, and foreigners would be only speculating what it is.

When Americans have tried to make an “anime” of their own, we get: Avatar: The Last Airbender, RWBY, and Teen Titans. We have a “simulacra” of anime and not the authentic thing. (Jean Baudrillard)

All LARPers are simulacrums of the desires they want and how they want the world to perceive them.

…My Japanese neighbors once told me about the nature of White people. “They are like bulls in a china shop. They have pointy noses, hunch all the time, and leave a mess where ever they go. Watch them at Japanese food and look how hard they try to emulate us!”

The Japanese will only criticize Whites when no one is looking, for obvious reasons.

If you are at community college, observe a Japanese 101 classroom. Usually it’s one of the most popular classes on campus. The class is full of dyed hair, cosplay LARPers of all kinds. …All trying to learn basic hiragana.

Now compare that to the Chinese 101 class, you get dedicated students trying to learn the language.

Odd isn’t it? What is Japanese 101 so popular then? The popularity of Anime in the West.

This has made the Alt-Right criticize anime, calling it “Chinese Cartoons” and “degenerate.” The logic is, that it is not made by white people, therefor, it is globalist consumerism to keep the working class white sedated.

The Manosphere “Gamers” would argue to go outside and get laid (how many times have you heard that?).

It seems there is no room on the Alt-Right to like anime, as it is unnatural for whites to be around. Only the “premium anime” can be observed and cherished by Western culture, like the works of Yukio Mishima.

However, there is no denying the aesthetic and cultural influence of anime upon the whole Gen-X and Millennial generation of white Americans. The medium cannot be thrown away so fast.

What are we to do with all these LARPers and anime aficionados?

…Convert them to Weeb Nationalism.

Politics online is extremely petty, like micro genres of sub genres of music. Anything we can consume can be consider a “lifestyle” choice. Even “white nationalism” can be a business for Red Ice Radio, making all the promises in the world they are starting “the revolution,” when really, it’s a living for Henry and Lana.

America has an interesting philosophy. “Do what ever you can to exploit the weak and make your dream a reality.”

The American philosophy should not get in the way of any serious political movement. (Have you noticed that you may be just a consumer reading alt-rights website to be on a phishing report?)

LARPers are all consumers. But nationalism, or any political ideology, will give them more freedom.

Nationalism for weebs means an exclusive collective of like-minded weebs together.

…Like a Discord server.

The ethnostate ideology is getting the internet forum world and making into an IRL reality. Everyone’s littler perversion, whether that may be Gay Furry Communism, Asexual Goth Board Gamers, Tranny Sci-Fi Readers, or The African-American Dead Simpsons society, ethnostates will make their private clubs a working reality.

This is why nationalism is becoming more important in the coming decades. Technology will improve people’s liberty.

However, weebs can be anything from the clubs I just stated. Some weebs will think nationalism is “racist.” (Sounds SWPL to me).

Realize, there is hardly any black, hispanic, or non-white/asian weeb out there. If there was one, he would be that token nonwhite person for preening purposes. 

The truth is that all weebs are white people.

If weebs would realize this, they would gather collectively towards white nationalism. But it is not that easy to do so…

There is a large faction of weebs that like to believe they are something else, other than white. Sounds ironic, yes?

Most weebs I have encounter are white people that wish they were “Japanese” or that “anime” was real.

It is not uncommon for a white weeb to find himself an Asian lover.

I have written about this phenomena and call it “Asian-Aryanism.” Asian-Aryanism would sound like a contradiction towards White nationalism, as it is biracial nationalism for whites and asians. However, it is still “based” (as much as I fucking hate that word) nationalism.

Weebs have three choices with their lifestyle: 

  1. LARP as something they are not (An asian or an anime character) and accidentally create Asian-Aryanism.
  2. LARP as something they are not, find another white weeb, and propagate white genes (cultural placebo). 
  3. Realize they are white, and will continue to take pride in their interest in anime, and join The Anime Right (LARPy Neo-nazism, materialist white nationalism). 
  4. (Did you see this one coming?) Dump weeb culture all together and call it a “phase” in your life. 

Ironically though, most white weebs will fail to find an asian lover, and will end up naturally with a white significant other. This white lover, however, may also be a weeb. Both could not be aware that they are white, and then raise a white weeb family together. This is exactly what I call, by an authentic definition, “weeb nationalism.” It’s not about knowing or being aware what your doing, but existence becomes so natural that they don’t question it.

I feel that The Anime Right wishes to awake these naive weebs that marry their own white kin. Or at least show them Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, American Renaissance, or The Daily Stormer (bad taste). There can be weebs who take pride in racial nationalism and still be some kind of LARPer.

Unfortunately, it’s still LARPing.

The most effective strategy would be number 2. That is, Let white weebs breed and make them believe they are something they are not! All they want to do, as natural Stuff-White-People-Like citizens, is irrationally be a white person under universal consumerism.

Ha, well, this is why The Anime Right is important. Eventually, when you point the Elephant in the room, white people acting like white people. white people will get mad at you.

Remember, they have three choices, “Weeb Nationalism,” “The Anime Right,” or “Asian-Aryanism.”

…Too hard to think about? I think we can all agree that the new episodes of Samurai Jack are really good! If you want my true opinion… Fuck The Anime Right! Asian-Aryanism forever!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Meaning Behind Spirit

I woke up one morning after a traumatic dream about my senior year in college.

I didn’t have work today. …Or I just didn’t feel like committing time to it.

I had to check my Twitter and Facebook. In my Twitter feed, I found out about You Are The Hero Vol. 2. Should I spend my cash on that? I love Fighting Fantasy stuff. Great books.

Then it hit me.

It’s St. Patrick’s day, and Depeche Mode’s new album came out.

I was alone in the house. The snow was still sticking on the ground. So why not? I drove to the vinyl record store to pick up the album.

I found the LP to the left of “new releases.” The friendly old manager was still there.

“Ahh! You came to pick up the new Depehce Mode album! Yeah, that’s the last one left!”

I was excited they had it on vinyl. I didn’t feel like looking for any other record. I wanted to get out of the store quickly and go back home to listen to it.

Two years ago, I remember picking up Yukihiro Takahashi’s Neuromantic album from that same guy.

As I head back home, my GPS took me on a route that was very nostalgic and familiar. Namely, there was a certain location I use to go all the time. Her name was viable on the map.

…But back when I got home, I had a listen to the album.

Dave, Martin and Andy, standing in the snow. Strange because it looked exactly like the snow outside where I am from.

My mom came in the kitchen about the same time when the record was playing, “The Worse Crime.” She had to go back and visit grandma’s house. I helped her get in some groceries as the record played.

Mom got me sushi like always. The California rolls from the grocery mart always fell apart. Not authentic.

I was eating the flimsy sushi while listening to “You Move.” A good song. I liked the bass.

I was happy to hear that the first Gore song was “Eternal.” However, it was way too short. Not good enough.

In fact, half the songs on the album were recorded in 2015, and the other half 2016.

In 2015, I was suffering in that girl’s school.

March, that same year (two years ago actually), she admitted cheating on me.

…And as I passed her house, the place I use to go all the time, I felt her.

Spirit sounds incredibly flat. The same what KMFDM is producing now. I felt like they were rehashing old lyrics and images over and over again and trying to create original material with it.

I think the producers are thinking way too much about how they think about Depehce Mode as a band. I feel “Where’s The Revolution?” is a mimic of “People are People,” along with some Beatles worship.

I have a bad memory of when they played in New York City in September 2013. I was in my dorm room in Philadelphia. That girl casually took the train to see me often. And on the way back, after we kissed, she told me she met with a friend on the way back.

I could not trust her.

I was doing homework that week. I said to myself, “What if I had tickets, got on the bus to New York, and have gone seen Depeche Mode live. That would be so exciting!”

That never happened. I was too afraid to go by myself. I still am afraid to go alone.

I remember trying to catch a Taxi to go play Netrunner in Drexel. That didn’t happen either. It was the first week of school and I had homework to do. I was way too cowardly.

And I remember giving that girl an epensve $60 presents on Christmas. I did the same on her birthday. Shadow over Camelot and Ticket To Ride. I would also send her handmade letters too.

I was in love with her.

And all those times she would stalk me and come play board games with me and my friends. I fell for it.

…She was an old trauma. I forgot about her when I found a new girl. …But today, she came back.

The best track on Spirit is “Fail.” I don’t know why Martin Gore doesn’t sing that often. It has always been a tradition that Gore contributes two songs on every Depehce Mode album. Those tracks were “Eternal” and “Fail” on Spirit. Fail, being the best track on the entire album.

The lyrics go something like this:

People, do we call this trying?
We’re hopeless, forget the denying
Our souls are corrupt
Our minds are messed up
Our consciences, bankrupt
Oh, we’re fucked

People, what are we thinking?
It’s shameful, our standards are sinking
We’re barely hanging on
Our spirit has gone
And once where it shone
I hear a lonesome song

People, how are we coping?
It’s futile to even to even start hoping
That justice will prevail
That truth will tip the scales
Our dignity has sailed
Oh, we’ve failed

…People have lost their sanity, not because they are bad people, but because we have lost this game called “life.”

How can you lose in the game of life? It’s not like there are any rules to it. One has to be in living and breathing to enjoy life, right? But once your dead, that’s it! We could say that life is but a dream, or a timer. Once the clock strikes 12, your done for.

…That’s a very hedonist and nihilistic way of thinking. Since this is what every white American thinks like.

Unlike the natural way of following your “dasein,” as Martin Heidegger wrote in Being and Time, where we prepare ourselves for death and self-improve our existence and for future generation.

If you were free to do what you want, however, people play a Machiavellian game of social networking, dependency, and selfishness.

The human “spirit,’ what Gore calls it, is innate within us all. We have the ‘spirit’ to go forth and to do good in the world. We have a religious “spirit.”

But what happens if this spirit becomes corrupted? Does it leave the body? Or does the spirit become corrupted?

If the spirit is corrupted, then we worship totalitarian politics. I’m talking about the Alt-Right, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, the cult of any personality. The “militancy” we feel as a sense of belonging to something greater. …And then they go ahead and exploit those who go against it.

The front cover of Spirit ironically features marching feet and flags flying. A sense of marching nationalism. The ‘spirit’ of an ideology.

With songs like “Going Backwards,” Where’s the Revolution,” The Worse Crime,” all bring out some kind of totalitarian leading politics.

But it is “Fail” that brings out the album’s theme. People have failed the social game. Its time to consider that things are not good because they are bad, but people have failed to win a game they could not win.

…Like how I failed to woo over that girl. And she failed to understand me. Or she failed with her own poor choices.

We failed trying to make friends in high school, we failed trying to chase after our dreams, we failed trying to live with certain people we wanted to live with, we failed getting the job, we failed and don’t have a narrative or legacy to tell other people about.

Even if you had those things, and for once you were the winner, people are still failing.

F. Roger Devlin’s book, Sexual Utopia in Power, is about how men failed to achieve the women they desire. The women also failed to understand the men. Both parties have failed.

Gore’s lyrics again:

People, how are we coping?
It’s futile to even to even start hoping
That justice will prevail
That truth will tip the scales
Our dignity has sailed
Oh, we’ve failed

The theme of failure comes up again and again on the Spirit album.

Erik Erikson had something called “the stages of pyschosocial development.” This was a psychological theory that describe peoples trying to answer basic questions about one’s own existence. The right questions answered would mean to live a “good life.” But if one fails to answer these spiritual questions, they become corrupted.

The Hollywood Neo-Nazi is living his own traumas, he failed in the physcosocial game. The jolly cultural marxist professor had the wrong answers. Both perverted.

People fail in the pyschosocial paradigm. They fail answering questions and fail will perverted answers.

The reason why everyone is miserable in The Western World, is because everyone has failed individually as a player in a game that they don’t know how to play. Basically, there are winners, and there are losers.

…And losers listen to Depeche Mode.

I have to ask myself whether I failed in the social game, or am I exploited pawn with no influence, just like the protagonist in Albert Camus The Stranger. Was I offered the good life? And in order to win it, did I have to pretend to be like Roosh V or ripped like Jack Donovan? Did I lose because I failed to seize these crucial life moments? Is it Social Darwinism?

And that girl, who I knew since the 4th grade. I drove by her house right next to the record store. I told her all my secrets, and tried so hard to win her as my girlfriend, and hopefully future wife.

But it didn’t happen. Either I lost and made the wrong choices, or she failed and didn’t see me. Maybe I lost because I had to answer those pyschosocial questions while she was still in high school.

Non-influential agent, or loser in a game?

I feel like my own spirit has been transformed into something else. Call it, “overcoming my youthful trauma.” But I think it’s more than that. Then again, the spirit of me is energized into something else.

She lost her spirit to acknowledge me. I lost my spirit when it didn’t get through with her.

I failed to woo her. Now I’m an Asian-Aryan.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Getting “The Anime Right” Out of The Alt-Right Bag

My mom was trying to tell me something about a recent outburst on TV.

“Did you see it yet? The politician’s kids came in the room when he was live on TV! Not only that, but his wife is Korean! He’s keeping his life a secret! A white man that is this big, influential politician, has an Asian wife! I think the wife deliberately pushed the kids in the room because she wanted to get notoriety around the world that she is an Asian wife with a white husband!”


And then there was that one time, a week ago, I found out that Based Stickman’s wife was Asian too.

A small world we live in.

Dr. Robert E. Kelly, a diplomat and occasional columnist, had a blooper on a live BBC interview, when his little kids came walking in the room.

And then that crazy tiger-mom came in and saved the day. Making the scene much worse.

Kelly said in a press conference, “…My real life punched through the fake cover I have created for television. …There I am, in my suit… and reality burst in. …The fallout for my academic credentials. …I’m BBC Dad.” (New York Times)

Saying this all in a professional manner, while his beautiful wife, Kim Jung-A, and his kids, Marion and James, stand up for him.

…I don’t know any Asians named “Marion” and “James.” Those are Eurasian names. Better yet, white names.

I thought about what my mom said. It’s cute at first when the kids disturb his professionalism. However, there are few things that can get on normie’s nerves,

1. The crazy oriental mom. What is she going to do to her bastard kids in the other room? Punish them? Asians are fish monsters!

2. “…He’s got an Asian wife? What the hell man?! What is this guy into? He looks so normal!”

3. That face of is where he is closing his eyes. Pretending his wife and kids are not there in the same room he is in (pretending the Elephant is not there, his Asian wife).

These points make you wonder whether there is a giant conspiracy about what WASP elites do in their private lives.

Do a majority of white professionals have Asian wives, and keep it a big secret?

The cat is out of the bag! Asian-Aryanism is real!

The WASP elite you know, that pretend they are just like you, have kids unlike themselves!

Now imagine where these kids are going to end up in twenty years. How powerful will they be? Will they end up like Elliot Rogers? Will this blooper mark their fame?

“Yeah, I was that kid in this video. Now let me into Harvard,” James says to the admission.

The kids could of never step foot in the room, and Kelly could have remained a private life.

Now the public knows he’s a race traitor! Right!? (They didn’t say the same thing about Stickman, did they?)

What I learned from watching this blooper too, did I realize, that the Anime Right is actually getting out of the Alt-Right bag.

To be a Hollywood Nazi, you had to listen to Skrewdriver and say “Nigger” all the time. To be someone who is Alt-Right, you have read The Right Stuff daily and be up to date on the meme war.

Well, what happened to those innocent guys that liked anime, played video-games, and had Asian girlfriends?

They had to cover up that “degenerate” stuff. That had to worship the “Aryan woman in the wheat field,” just so they could be cool in front of their Discord friends.

When it comes to IRL gatherings, well, The Anime Right isn’t there. 

We have to ask what Jared Taylor’s favorite anime is and capitalize on it. 

We have to ask Greg Johnson, Mike Enoch, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, …all those figures you can think of on the Alt-Right, and then have a national Anime-Coming-Out-Day.

If Jared Taylor’s favorite anime was Doraemon when he was growing up in Japan, let’s make it a cultural meme. (All the hot Asian girls I know are swag’d out with Doraemon stuff).

The Anime Right is everyone coming out as a weeb on the Alt-Right. They are still afraid to show their pride with anime, and rather don a troll persona.

“This is about winning the troll war! Yeah! It’s about pretending to be like weebs and then proselytizing every nerd to get on the Alt-Right!” 

Yeah right.

We now know that Mr. Kelly’s kids are Asian-Aryan. It was a big secret, until they came crawling over live on international TV. …Now we all know what he’s into.

Don’t be afraid to be open about loving Asian culture. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche had great things to say about the culture of the orient. …And the women too!

So what if like anime. You probably wished life was like an anime. 

There is some ramifications to that, of course. I had some quarrels with some posers on Twitter that are totally 14/88 and/or white advocates, yet they seem to love pictures of blonde anime pagan girls or some white society done by an artist influenced by anime. I tell each and everyone one of them that they are “secretly into Asian-Aryanism.” They will always rebuttal with a pathetic, “This has nothing to do with the Japanese! It’s white people! Therefor, whites like me, like it!”

…Just like that one time this Japanese-American complained to me on Twitter. She said,

“Well, my husband is white, but why should that matter?”

…Problem solved! The answer is right in front of you! Things have never been so obvious.

People like to question the visible. You can’t find innocence with guilt. Everyone is guilty for loving anime. Don’t try and make it seem so invisible.

Harvey Milk was an openly-gay American politician that won a seat in the public office of California. How did he go about winning in 1978? By telling the public that every gay person you knew was not a monster.

“Your veteran, the fireman, the baker, all of them are gay! What wonders gay people can do for society!” 

The Alt-Right should be open about it’s love for Eastern culture. The Anime Right is a cat that came out of the bag of The Right Stuff’s shitposting. Let the world know that we are into twee and cutesy stuff from the East, as well as some of that dank and edgy avant-garde stuff too.

As for Mr. Kelly and his kids, cats out of the bag too! The elites like Asian women!

…You can trust my mom on this. She knows all about it. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Book of the Angel’s Egg: Yoshitaka Amano and Gene Wolfe

The Anime Right is a spin-off of The Alt-Right, but has it’s own unique personality. There is an influence from Eastern culture that is much more apparent than from Plato or Shakespeare. A 14/88er would argue against anime and be for traditional figures like them.

Anime is quite controversial for the traditional Alt-Righter. But in no way is “degenerate.”

Jason Reza Jorjani in his book Prometheus and Atlas defends both Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion as “premium animes,” relating them to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger.

So how can there be this cross-over between anime and the Alt-Right? Do the Japanese even know of such a phenomena?

We can begin with the concept that the Japanese are influenced from everything in Western tradition, like Plato and Shakespeare. They chase after Western art because it is supreme. The Japanese will then emulate an existing classical piece of art and then culturally appropriate it. I remember when I was little, Akage no Anne (1979) and Sherlock Hound (1984) would be playing on Japanese TV.

I liked the pretty pictures and could care less about the plot. However, take a closer examination, and realize both were based upon the European works on Anne of Green Gables and Sherlock Holmes respectively. The Japanese still look at the Western World as being unapologetically successful and racially aware.

Unfortunately, they are naive when it comes to the Jewish Question or the demise of white people.

There is a cult piece of literature that everyone in the Alt-Right must read when observing the work of Yoshitaka Amano.

That is, the very controversial and underground book series, The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe.

This isn’t your typical science-fiction or fantasy novel. With the title “New Sun,” could be so easily replaced with the word, “Black Sun.”

The book series is often cited by comedians Sam Hyde and Charls Carroll under the Million Dollar Extreme Reddit and Facebook pages as a reoccurring joke. Hyde is epically fond of the book for some reason. It’s probably because it’s too avant-garde for the Alt-Right to get.

…But it’s actually quite an easy book to enjoy once you start reading the words of the holy prophet, Severian.

New Sun has been compared to The Lord of the Rings. But why hasn’t there been any media outreach for the series? Most likely is because the book is translated from some strange language of the future.  It requires the reader to observe than to engage. It is classical speculative fiction, par excellence.

A few years later, Neuromancer (1984) became a box office hit, and got more attention as a perverted “post-modern” dystopia, loved and advocated by our hostile elites (not to mention, the explicit love of being cucked over by the Japanese). It buried  the rising success of the first part of The New Sun, The Shadow of The Torturer (1980).

Unlike Neuromancer, The New Sun is a work based upon a future beyond cyberpunk. Wolfe claims he is the only person on this Earth with the skill to translate this alien work. Call The New Sun a “prophecy” rather than a science-fiction novel. The angel Gabriel came into Wolfe’s sleep and he was given an oracle vision of the far future. The same has happened in William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land (1912). Isaac Asimov wrote stories about robots to sell to pulp magazines, but Wolfe wrote because he had too from a supernatural will.

Amano was deeply influenced by The Book of the New Sun. In the mid-80s, before his work on Vampire Hunter D, Amano did the cover art for the official Japanese editions of all four books in the series. His art is fearful and decaying, just like “The Dying Genre” itself (Wolfe’s book should be synonymous with the genre).

At that same time in 1985, five years after The Shadow of the Torturer, (the first part of the series) we have Amano’s first breakthrough film, Angel’s Egg (1985).

I remember seeing Angel’s Egg being advertise at my local art-house movie theater. However, I never had the chance to go. I was safe on my college campus and didn’t feel like going outside as a loner.

…But to see this movie in theaters is an amazing experience! I regret not going.

The movie has to be Amano’s mid-80s work on display. His prime. Everyone now knows that “Amano” is now associated with the overrated video-games series, Final Fantasy. Just like how “Toriyama” now means Dragon Ball and even Dragon Quest. Any hardcore fan should know that all of Amano’s art before 1987 was influenced by Wolfe’s vision in some way.

…Ok, I do like those strange creatures like Ozuma (the orb of confusing art) and the final boss Necron, that have both appeared in Final Fantasy 9 many years later. I’m not sure whether Amano had input into those designs.

The Japanese (translated into English) for Ozuma reads like this,

The metaphysical being Ozma exists without form and is unknowable, untouchable, and unattainable. And it is indispensable. Those who recognize it will be forced to  question existence, being, the gods, and themselves.” 

…Sounds like Wolfe’s work, yes?

Amano’s art is heavily influenced from the works of H.R. Giger, Jean Giraud, and the art nouveau style of Aubrey Beardsley and Harry Clark. Mineo Maya’s longest-running and gender-queer manga, Patalliro! surely has been read by Amano, which predates his own work.

Watching Angel’s Egg again, it certainly brings the viewer into a desolate world. A different reality unlike our own world. The same way Wolfe does with his work.

The Book of The New Sun is a long memoir by Severian, a Journeyman and prophet that foretells of a future society. Remember, The Book is not written in English, it’s translated. The reader should passively engage the text and try to make up his own claims about how Wolfe presents the words. Severian’s writing is “in a tongue that has not yet achieved existence.”

As the part for Severian being, “an unreliable narrator,” is Lao Tzu or Muhammed “unreliable” when they wrote their books?

For the purpose of word-play, I do believe that the bird-embryo thing in the first scene of Angel’s Egg is actually a “destrier,” a giant horse-like monster from the future. It’s a “bird” and not a horse of course, but the point is, that the setting is so far into the future, that humanity (is it even called that?) has lost the words to describe any original meaning.

Wolfe’s translated words can have deeper meanings, like fuligin (darker than black). There can be archaic and obscure words. They are not invented up by the author, but revitalized from original words. Often so, words are suggestive rather than definitive (if the word ‘horse’ is used, it’s doesn’t exactly mean the animal, but something like it).

This meme culture we have on the Alt-Right, also has it’s own unique vocabulary. That is exactly what is needed on the Anime Right too. A vocabulary that isn’t the Alt-Right’s tongue, but something based upon it.

…Who is the master race in the future of The New Sun? They seem to be people known as the “Ascians.” Possibly, The “Asians.” Or what I like to call, “Asian-Aryanism.”

Amano and the Japanese would be open to the idea of a great civilization made up of European-Japanese. That one popular anime, Shingeki no Kyojin, is made up of fictional “Asian-Aryan” people in a distant future. Half-White, Half-Japanese.

Watching Angel’s Egg gives you a glimpse into a world of future people, where there is a new race of people, alien technology and architect.

Remember Final Fantasy 7 and Cloud’s Buster Sword? It reads very similar too Severian’s Terminus Est, an overpowered sword of some sort. The unspeakable future of Angel’s Egg and The New Sun also has feudal knights in surrealist landscapes.

The “Dying Earth” theme has been played again in the first Final Fantasy movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001). An underrated classic, the film imagines a world where the military tries to overthrow the Amano-esque science of the “Gaia.” A very similar plot is written in Angel’s Egg. The military and the oppressing forces of both films are stopped by a messiah.

Severian liberates the world with a “New Sun,” ending the Kali Yuga and beginning a new golden age, where the Earth is green and beautiful again.

The male character in Angel’s Egg could be Severian for all we know! Amano has drawn and played with Wolfe’s characters many times in his own art prior to 1984. It’s likely he would use those same character designs again in the movie.

There is also a Christian message in both Angel’s Egg and in the New Sun. A cross appears in the movie, and that the egg can represent a metaphor as the birth of Jesus. Severian is a messiah for the Pagan’s that reject Christianity. Considering Wolfe’s work as “Christian” is blasphemous. “The New Sun” in it’s design is esoteric paganism. And for also comparison with Eastern culture, Asian-Aryan as well. The Japanese have been obsessed with “the sun,” as it is an emblem on their countries flag and represents the constant struggle of birth and death.

The newer Japanese editions of The Book of The Sun feature art done by Takeshi Obata, who did the art for Death Note. From that perspective, The Book of The New Sun for the Japanese gives them strength in a dying, futuristic society.

Many who have read The Book of The New Sun agree Wolfe’s vision is similar to that of Amano’s vision in the video-game series Final Fantasy. I can’t really explain Amano’s art in my own words. But in Wolfe’s word, it can. Wolfe has even said while translating Severian’s language, “What the actual language may have been, I cannot say.” (Appendix)

I don’t think the Anime Right would want to fight for the kind of bad land society before The New Sun, especially that it takes place millions of years in the future when Asian-Aryanism is said and done. Rather, The Anime Right should take in the wisdom of Severian, and fight for a new dawn.

If you want to learn more about The Book of The New Sun, instead of reading the very first book, The Shadow of The Torturer, I suggest picking up the Gurps: New Sun book which is a collection of lore from the series. It does a good job trying to explain the world to anyone.

The art of Yoshitaka Amano, along with the words of Gene Wolfe, leaves the impression of a new cultural and political movement yet to come. The Anime Right should shift towards this avant-garde aesthetic while remaining faithful towards the Alt-Right message of manifesting destiny.

Now, as a warning about approaching Wolfe’s work, at the end of every part of The New Sun, Severian warns the reader,

“Here I pause, having carried you, reader, from gate to gate… If you wish to walk no farther with me, reader, I cannot blame you. It is no easy road.”