Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“White,” “Asian,” or “Eurasian?”

The biggest obstacle unifying the Eurasian identity is the struggle of the racial labels “white,” or “asian.”

Jennifer Suzuki wrote in Confessions of a Submissive East Asian Woman, that being “white” is the safest way to go. I disagree.

It’s a simple answer. White people need to be “yellow-pilled” into Asian-Aryanism. Whitewashed Asians would naturally come to the collective when white guys show their pride in Asian-Aryanism.

But the normie doesn’t understand why the word “Asian-Aryan” should be fought over. Why choose the word “Aryan,” when this has nothing to do with the Middle-East tribes of Iran?

Obviously, “Aryan” is used in the whimsical sense. In fact, the correct term should be “Eurasian.” It’s a joke that a “master race” will be eventually fulfilled. Thus, “Asian-Aryanism,” is a coming master race that mixes both the great achievements of whites and asian civilization. This does not mean white or Asian genocide. This is a natural phenomenon that Eurasian millennials will become a part of. Hegemonic white and asian people will be conserved in the process. 

“Asian-Aryan,” is a playful internet meme. It sounds like a skinhead with an Asian girlfriend, or a nerdy avant-garde college kid and his artsy-fartsy Asian girlfriend. “Asian-Arynaism” as a word has its roots with the punk rock subculture. Already, we have such cultural things as “Health Goths,” “Seapunk,” and “Furries.” “Asian-Aryanism” is one of many new influential subcultures. (I can thank Amped Asia for getting the Asian-Aryan subculture out there).

But being more serious, Asian-Aryanism will find a future cause. A new name shall appear like “Pan-Eurasinism,” “Eurasianism,” or “Asiansexulity.” They will become the surrogate names found on a future Wikipedia page. Asian-Aryanism is an umbrella term, conglomerating all influenced subcultures on the internet. This is the same way the “Alt-Right” accepted all right-wing and reactionary ideologies. Asian-Aryanism will do the same with Asian culture and thought in the western perspective. 

However, the Asian-Aryan identity struggles in our culture is because there is no words or clubs defending the unknown interest. The first word to appear a decade ago was “wapanese,” a derogatory term for a white kid that believes he is a living anime character. Since then, the word has evolved into “weeb” and still enjoys a presence in internet culture.

Also in the past year, “The Anime Right,” has been formed and represents a National Socialist interest in Eastern culture. Still, they associate with extreme white nationalist politics. We see movements that flirt with Asian-Aryanism, but don’t go towards the next step.

This is the problem with unifying people under the same interest. Asian-Aryanism is stuck between the position of being considered a white man’s movement or an Asian infiltration project.

So, which one of these is it? The answer is neither.

Asian-Aryanism is a third-position party looking for its own identity beyond white or Asian culture. At the same time, Asian-Aryanism respects both the white and Asian races. Asian-Aryanism belongs to the sons and daughters of two beautiful civilizations.

Asian-Aryanism is against cuck-minded politics, two-sided answers, anti-white rhetoric, and arrogant white/Asian supremacists.

Asian-Aryanism will respect white nationalism and appreciate the culture of Western Civilization, while distancing itself and finding its own Eurasian culture for greater meaning. Arrogant cultures of Asia will try and get all the Eurasians on their side for their battle, but Asian-Aryans should look out for their own interests first, and not of the foreign interest of their parents. We may take wisdom from them, but it’s up to us to have a future for our children. 

If a Eurasian decides to be associated as “white” or “asian,” he or she is looking for an ultimate amnesty, and rather feels comfortable being around one of the two people. Unfortunately, the hegemonic races of “white” and “asian” will do their best to cover up the Eurasian identity as nonexistent. Eurasians have two possible answers, but have no future destiny.

I understand many of my Eurasian friends choose “white” or “asian” because they want to feel safe in a normative society. I respect both sides as well. But the point of Asian-Aryanism is to reach the third position. A new position that respects both sides while it struggles to find a new unity and identity.

I would like the following five groups co-existing with one another. They also have to be friendly and supportive towards each other, like family members:

1. White-male/Asian-female and Asian-male/White-female couples.

2. White-Weebs and Whitewashed-Asians.

3. Half/Hafu/Hapa/Eurasian people.

4. People with “central” Asian blood (Kazakhstan for example).

5. Any disenfranchised whites or Asians that want to join in and commit to the Eurasian identity (like the concept of American immigration). 

Asian-Aryanism is against the Kalergi plan. We have no foundations with Judeo-Christian culture. Rather, the two cultures of Christianity and Asian religions will be mixed together, creating a bastard one. …Go to church on Sunday, Shinto prayers at home. 

Asian-Aryanism is a bond between two parties, whites and Asians. Other non-races, like blacks and Mexicans, might show interest in Eurasian culture. But Asian-Aryanism looks out for its own interest, and slams the door upon these darker races. If blacks and Mexicans like Asian culture, let them start their own bicultural institutions. We believe human bio-diversity and biculturalism is true cultural diversity. It’s for the greater good and health towards world civilization. 

Asian-Aryanims has no ill feelings towards non-Eurasian people. Race, IQ, genetics, and evolution is a true part of life. If race mixing were to occur with Eurasians, then the Kalergi plan would come into effect. Asian-Aryanism is against multiculturalism and the egalitarian philosophy of the globalized world. Multiculturalism should be practice in its own country, not the world. 

Asian-Aryanism sounds confusing to the alt-right because we promote race-mixing. Again, Asian-Aryanism is against universal race mixing. There is already a large Asian-American culture that was birthed by a previous generation of race-mixers. Asian-Aryanism is a cultural movement for these lost people. 

Asian-Aryanism is an umbrella term to describe the cultural movement between whites and Asians. It is an avant-garde institution that is saving a generation of children from the claws of the multicultural and globalist paradigm. Asian-Aryanism goes beyond the petty conflict of racially arrogant whites and bug-like Asians that thrive towards world domination.

We are Eurasian striving towards higher levels of culture and civilization. 


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