Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4chan’s Asian Fetish

I was recently approached with a problem about 4chan and their fetish for anime characters and Asian women.

I am not a 4chan user. For a long time, I was a YTMND user. Today is the 8th birthday of my established name “pilleater.” On April 9th, 2009, I create the name to spam my very own Mr. Krabs related sites. I used photoshop to cut out the head of Mr. Krabs and paste it on any average picture found through Google search.

I captured the sound came from an annoying video I found while surfing Youtube. It’s now quite famous. I spammed so much of the site, that the fad launched into the well-known “Oh I’m Mr. Krabs” meme that we know today.

Even YouTube user Behind The Meme cited my first YTMND sites as the earliest origin behind Mr. Krabs. I take pride that I was the one that helped create a now established internet meme.

But now the YTMND days are over. It’s a dead website ruled over by no one. 4chan is still alive. Memes are being created everywhere, every week, and out of nowhere than relying on one website. Some memes try to be esoteric to keep out the normies from their culture and advance humor.

4chan has always been a hotspot for weeb culture and anime nerds. I never was the person that hanged out on a 4chan board. 4chan culture is now trying to fit in with the “normie” while being cutting-edge nerds at the same time. I really don’t know what is real anymore.

The Anime Right was started as a meme to get 4chan zealots onto The Alt-Right side. However, much of their culture is borrowed from the decadent culture of 4chan. Both the readers of 4chan and The Anime Right tend to be isolated, stay-at-home, bumfuck midwest white kids that are ugly, or even striving for anything greater than working at a 711. It’s a sad culture.

This crass behavior has skewed the ideology of 4chan into “trolling.” The behavior that originally started from both Something Awful and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Now the scene has became terribly normie. Virtual reality succeeds physical reality.

The Anime Right, as defined by one of their admins Triggerbait, said that “we are really nazies that like anime.”

Basically, the anime fan club of The Daily Stormer.

This behavior is ignorant to the fact that these so-called nazi LARPers refuse the fact that they appreciate Asian culture. I have explained this in my article, “Getting 'The Anime Right' Out of The Alt-Right Bag.”

Anime today is also perceived to be liked by the decadent and depraved classes below the upper. At one point in time, “anime,” in the English speaking world was unknown. A small niche of Westerners appreciated the medium and thought highly of the art.

Now the medium is highly saturated with English dubs and translations of everything that can sell. …”Anime” that can sell to the western world.

Manga and anime like Patalliro, Aim for The Ace!, Cooking Papa, and Hell Baby is extremely underground. Recently, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been enjoying some air time in the West.

The market introduces cherry-picked animes upon the ignorant class of white consumers. They create their own realities because the reality that they have is depressing (welcome to bumfuckastan).

This is where the “fetish” comes in. By definition, a fetish is a type of abnormal sexual desire focuses on an object. This behavior is “abnormal” and is not healthy.

Personally, the word “fetish’ has been used by the liberal establishment to put blame and guilt upon white people when they want to be with people that enlighten their lives. Ironically, the only way to get rid of a fetish is either stop thinking about it the object or adapt a normal sexual code. Either the person becomes a “nu-cuck” or a white nationalist.

There is no concrete answer towards “curing” a fetish. If we were properly understand the word, a fetish could be treated as a disorder.

For all the neckbeards and nerds that hang around 4chan, most of them are disenfranchised white males. They talk about shock-art, nazi politics, and autistic logic. However, whenever it comes to porn, they prefer to masturbate to pictures and videos of anime/hentai or Asian girls. They treat these things as sexual objects. However, will any of these downtrodden people prefer to marry an Asian woman?

…If they follow their bumfuck destiny and marry a bitchy feminist, or "That Other White Girl," their loyalties are still with their own race. Therefor, the anime and Asian girls were used as sex slaves to get-off their perverted desires. This is where the insult of “fetish” comes in.

I am concerned about the future of these boys who are isolated and glued to a computer screen. I believe they can all become candidates for Asian-Aryanism.

When I first made my introduction Asian-Aryan video a while back, 4chan had a discussion about it. I gladly took the time and respond to each of their replies.

…There are many answers to 4chan’s Asian fetish.

First, let them jerk off to anime and Asian girls.

The argument for Asian-Aryanism will keep progressing. Why would they want to jerk off to “3D” porn or white girls? They know that those people caused them verbally abusive harm. These boys feel safe when they imagine their sexual partner to be an anime or Asian girl. They will develop a future preference towards girls with Asian characteristics.

It may also seem that masturbating to their fetish is demonizing Asian girls as sexual objects, destroying the integrity they might for them as individuals (and ruining their chances to be with one). I don’t think this should be a problem at all because most normal guys feel guilt after masturbation. But a strong man can overcome his sexual guilt. Strong men don’t feel guilt after masturbation. Sexuality should be the moving factor towards finding a woman like oneself. Imaging an Asian girl with her clothes off when you see one out in public is a normal thing. She is still a potential candidate when you talk to her (your just imaging is she can give you good head or not).

Second, these boys need to open about their love for Asian culture.

This may be expressed through weeb nationalism or even associating with The Anime Right. However, there are big problems when they are explicit white-advocates and anime aficionados at the same time. Their loyalties are mixed up. Again, the fetish accusation can be pointed directly at them. You can still love white people AND love asian people too. Asian-Aryanism is a safe space for that. These nerds really want a domineering and powerful Asian woman in their lives to change it around. Being loud and pride about Asian culture shows a devotion within a man. Asian-Aryanims is merely giving these confused boys words and meanings to be open about their true love.

Finally, the message has to be controlled. Fetish shaming is not going to lead someone on the Asian-Aryan side.

Cindy Young at Amped Asia written a few old articles titled “8 Dating Mistakes You’re Making with Asian Women” and “Why Do White Guys Love Asian Girls So Much? A History of Yellow Fever.” These petty arguments miss the point that men are careless. Young assumes men should “step up their game” and become something like Roosh V (even she would be horrified at such a guy).

Hell, she even sounds like Aaron Cleary when he made a video about Asian-Aryanism.

These civic-nationalist arguments will not work. Political-correctness and sucking down to women isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.

The Asian-Aryan message has to get out to these nerds. Their actions determine their ideology. They may bitch and forgive in the future and say “yeah… I was in a dark place, I am so sorry,” but that does not cut it. Being unapologetic and honest is a good ethic.

Let the jerkers know that Asian-Aryanism is a path towards enlightenment and truth. The truth is, that white men prefer to be in the company with Asian women in today’s post-postmodern climate. Give them this truth, and 4chan will start leading the meme wars alongside Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism has a huge potential becoming the next meme. It’s a meme based upon the truth.

Having a “fetish” should not be shamed. Those who don’t know themselves need to understand their own nature first. The enemy of mine is someone who is inauthentic and dishonest about their own nature. It upsets me when whites flirt with Asian culture, and then fail to make devotional ties with the culture (fail to marry an Asian or treat their interest in Asian culture as a “phase”). I feel there is a lot of unnecessary white people into Asian culture for SWPL reasons they are not aware of. If they truly were aware of their own behavior, they wouldn’t be watching anime the way I watch it, or going to cosplay events. Whites must be honest with their own intentions.

A confused person dose not know what he truly wants. Does he want white culture? Or does he want anime? An Asian-Aryan gladly accepts both and synergies the two. Its not a choice between the two, but an new standard that accepts the two.

I would be happy with open arms to accept any 4chan nerd onto the Asian-Aryan side. So as long as he is “yellow-pilled” on his own activities and sees the light of the rising sun.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Other White Girl

White men at a fast rate are choosing Asian-Aryanism is because their significant other has failed them. White women (or should we say “girls,” because of their immature nature) have shifted towards narcissism, snobbery, and feminism, which acts as an ideology for the bourgeois white girl.

White girls have been trying way too hard to emulate the male character, namely white men. By acting like an ironic, SWPL-minded beta male, could they possibly attract a mate. White girls fail to understand that this is a failed tactic.

They cannot even understand that biology has something to do with their behavior and thinking patterns. Females were made to take care of the children and provide a “matriarchal” influence over society. Not a “patriarchal” one.

This chaos that has interrupted nature lead other white men to create MGTOW, or “Men-Going-Their-Own-Way,” to fight against the cruel, Pandora’s box nature of white girls.

Birth rates are low, divorce is high, and white people have swindled themselves believing they are atomized individuals working around a free market system.

Only white nationalism or Asian-Aryanism can save us now.

The Alt-Right, “red pill,” and civic nationalist moments have been saving America (and the rest of the West) from total destruction. However, the outcome is still unpredictable. There might even be a civil war between white people again, this time divided by the spiritual left-wing and right-wing ear.

Bourgeois white people run away from physical war. They would rather secretly marry an Asian wife, have three kids, live out in a boring mainline gated-community, and get a huge paycheck every month working for a corporation that exploits the lower classes. This is exactly how the SWPL mind works.

White people, just like any other natural human being on this planet, wants to be left alone. The rhetoric and abstract thinking is only misleading people. It becomes a war between People-who-want-to-be-left-alone vs. Those-who-want-you-under-the-influence.

Whites have crafted a rhetoric so advance, that they could use it to justify their own perversions and freedoms, without any higher authority disturbing them. This is the basis of the concept of America and the popular rise of libertarianism (and to some extreme sense, anarcho-capitalism).

Still, this does not solve the problem. This is again, white people running away from the problem, and deluding the white upper-middle class about an authentic and progressive aristocracy. The upper class is decadent and depraved. Whites of every class background must become “red-pilled” in order to awake from their materialistic slumber.

However, this red-pilling process is not enough to change the minds of every single white person. As an Asian-Aryan, I strongly believe that there is something corrupted about the nature of Western culture and it’s people. If white people were truly on a “healthy” track of living, they would be happy to associate with any person of a white background. Unfortunately, white people have forced themselves to believe everything is universal and that every human being is a living god.

Today, there is no collective nature within white people. There can be no harmony with Western individualism.

White men at a large rate have given up on their white women, and rather seek the benefits of “multiculturalism” and escape through materialism. Ironically, white men have found foreign love with Asian women and not with any other non-whites. White girls are over-educated and left home alone without a partner. How can the bonds between white people be fixed?

According to Christian Lander in his book, Whiter Shades of Pale, there is a civil war between “The Right Kind of White People,” vs. “The Wrong King of White People.” The Right Kind is trying to eradicate The Wrong King, which promotes working-class and rude behavior. Ironically, The Right Kind are the promoters of Cultural Marxism and decadent behavior. It is The Wrong Kind that promotes the survival of white people and “healthy” conservative values.

However, for the Asian-Aryan perspective, both sides are bad.

The Wrong Kind will support something like of Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto, which is bad for the health of any natural white person. White people should not adapt the attitudes of The Right Kind or Apocalypse Culture. Both The Right and Wrong Kind promote unlivable and painful conditions to any good, meaningful white person.

The only way out of this is through a third position. Asian-Aryanism is one of them. Another consideration is “The Other White Girl.”

Who is she? And where can you find her?

The Other White Girl is a natural, ignorant, naive, and religious-minded (in the non-spiritual sense) white girl that acts in tune with her inner nature as a good. This is basically an Asian girl with white skin.

For instance, they wear normal clothes, their small in size, they have brown or a shade of blonde hair, they have a career in a “motherly” position, they love to always talk and relate, and they are flat-chested. Just plain Jane.

The Alt-Right often argues that this girl can be found in Russia or in a third world European country. That may be true, but in the American context, she is hard to find. Too much of the ugly and decadent culture will proselytize The Other White Girl onto the dark side.

It is why white girls can never be trusted from an Asian-Aryan perspective. We love white girls that can submit to the power of Asian culture or find herself an Asian boyfriend. White girls are only redeemable for the Asian-Aryan cause if they become Weeb Nationalist or one of us.

How many time have your white parents, or even some white friends, told you, as white-on-white wisdom, “You just have to find the right one!

This is another way of saying that you will find The Other White Girl in a sea of already degenerate white people that hate each other.

The Other White Girl is everywhere, but she is losing faith everyday. Depression kick in, and she falls into the decadent culture at a young age. White people should practice arrange marriage in their early 20s if White American culture is to be authentic again.

The Other White Girl would also be a perfect candidate for feminism, as feminism advocate their lifestyle as a religion. The universal attitude and soccer-mom behavior of The Other White Girl can be problematic.

Consider why any normal white person would want The Other White Girl than an Asian one. I use the shoe allegory.

The rule is simple:

“We are attracted to people like ourselves. We are comfortable and free when our shoes fit us. Shoes outside our own realities cause us harm and anxiety. It is not a moral ethic to fit in other people’s shoes.”

White people feel comfortable around people like themselves. This shoe rule sounds narcissistic, Freudian, and incest-like (because it is). This is why many different breeds of animals don’t go around and choose other breed they like. They stay with their own breed because it is hardwired in their biology.

This sounds quite contradictory towards Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism argues that Whites and Asians stick together, in the same Asian-Aryan shoe!

Our new evolutionary reality is between the two great races of Whites and Asians. We prefer to stick our feet into these shoes because they improve our lives greatly. We cannot go and try to find The Other White Girl and abandon Asian-Aryanism, because she will eventually cause us pain for us and our descendants. This issue has to be addressed within white culture. The nature of white women must be fixed. Asian-Aryans are awaken to a whole new reality that isn’t based upon the simple shoe logic.

As a rebuttal, I understand that there is a big problem with some white Asian-Aryans when they either break up with an Asian lover or have a crush on one. They create unnecessary anxiety about the issue because the Asian lover is nothing like them. However, if the lover was a person biologically like themselves, they wouldn’t have this anxiety (if she was The Other White Girl). Whites and Asians are different, yes. The shoe may be irregular, but the fit is a lifetime benefit. I am sympathetic to any young white male that wants an Asian girlfriend. He is suffering from the shoe logic.

Asian-Aryans use the shoe logic to our own advantage.

A white nationalist would argue that he should dump his Asian “fetish” (a fun word used by racially-minded white people) and then try to find the needle-in-the-haystack that is The Other White Girl.

…This just won’t do. White people are gravitating towards Asians (and vice-versa) in large numbers is because both sides are benefiting from as new reality that is an escape from the responsibilities and headache of Western society. Asian-Aryanism seeks to improve the white condition, civilization, and race relations between Whites and Asians.

We do not advocate white genocide. There can be Whites, Asians, and Asian-Aryans existing in the ethnostate future all at once. White nationalists should try and find The Other White Girls and remake their own women as white-skinned Asians. Asian-Aryans will go our natural route and create a culture that is White, Asian, and avant-garde.

We are an alternative that is a solution to MGTOW and the verbally abusive creatures we call white girls. She may redeem herself by becoming an Asian-Aryan, a weeb nationalist, or simply become The Other White Girl.


Monday, April 3, 2017

The Black Question in Asian-Aryanism

Alright Tyrone, pull up your pants and stop watching Afro Samurai, because this is serious.

I know how much you look up towards Billy Blanks and Jero, but this isn’t about them. This about you.

I care about every people on this planet. I wish that everyone would follow their own destiny and start to associate with people like themselves. That would mean that ethnonationalism is a good for all peoples on the planet. Multiculturalism and diversity have failed humanity greatly.

…Hold up Tyrone, I know what your thinking.

“Without dese white people, us black people wouldn’t have no place to survive. Without them, we screwed!”

Or you might be thinking that other thought,

“Damn that white devil! He be oppressin’ every person on dis planet! Black Lives Matter should be about black people first! And whitey is going to pay for everything!”

This thought soon follows with the classic, “Plato stole it from us. You see, we wuz kangs!”

And Tyrone, your answer is “gibsmedat.

I don’t know whether gibsmedat is apart of African-American culture or blacks worldwide. But hear this Tyrone, I am not going to give you anything.

And now you like “anime” because some of your white friends have been watching it too. You favorite so-called “anime is The Boondocks.

I get it, you want to watch media that shows you were kangz. But let’s not talk about W.E.B. Du Bois or Booker T. Washington, and rather focus on Asian culture.

…Tyrone, have you ever sank into some asian puss-say?

No. you haven’t. Maybe into some Jungle Asians, …or raped a few innocent ones.

Do I care if your one-quarter Japanese? Does that give you the right to listen to rap and live off welfare?

Here we are back to the concept of “gibsmedat.” If whitey is successful, you want to take it down. You want what he wants. If whitey got himself some nice Asian pootang, you want it too.

But listen mah nigga, “Asian-Aryanism” is not for you.

I personally love the quirky personality and loyal behavior of black girls. Accordingly, White Male / Black Females have the lowest divorce rate and biggest families. …That girl always wanted that huge monster white cock.

Now, is there a huge collective of White Male / Black Females? What about the dreaded Black Male / White Female? They unfortunately have the highest divorce rate and largest number of illegitimate children!

It turns out our WMBF are agents for the “Oreo” or mulatto race. However, once your black, you never go back. White dads try and make sure their half black kids think and be like whitey. Sorry, but it’s better than taking pride worshipping pyramids.

White men and women hardly get the control in their black interracial marriage. The children automatically become “black” and their “white” part is shunned. What a pity.

Tyrone, think about your offspring with that Vietnamese hooker you might have. Will your son be “black?” Or will he or she realize, that “black” culture is horrible and will rather associate with the Asian side instead?

This is called “black privilege.” The feeling when your nixed children realize that half their blood belongs to an unworthy and dishonorable race of primitive monkey people.

For example, “I am sorry sensei, I have black privilege. This blood will not influence my way of thinking!”

Why would you want every single half-black Asian to act like an American nigger?

Tyrone, I know you don’t want that. You may say, “dat be rasis!,” but I care for you.

I believe in the Chinese-Jamaican people. They are a beautiful people with their own culture and institution. Charming and peaceful. It is quite possible for an Afro-Asian collective to happen with them.

But please Tyrone, understand you are not white.

Other blacks I know hate the race-mixing paradigm going on right now. They hate that Time/National Geographic magazine of This is what people will look like in the year 3000.” A majority of African-Americans don’t want to have gook and cracker genes within them. They want to be… black people!

And I know some other passive-aggressive and low IQ black people get soooo gibsmedat when they want The Kalergi Plan to come in effect.

“Bratha, we can be truly be grateful, if we mix wit every race on dis planet! Everyone will become a nigga and weez can make da pyramids again!”

I hope you don’t think like that Tyrone. That is a poor understanding of Race, IQ, and Genetics.

Face it, multiculturalism and diversity was a lie. It didn’t make you better. The Jewish elites took your money, and the quiet white guys took the Asian girls. You were left alone in poverty, while the media portrays you in every single commercial and movie as the good guy to worship.

I know that isn’t you Tyrone. I know you thought about The Jewish Question too.

And Tyrone, you think it’s okay to be an expert on Asian culture?

…I have to applaud you if you go in this direction. First, you eventually lose that nigger culture of yours when you assimilate. Second, your mind will drain, refilling it with Asian thought. And finally, you will grow “black privilege,” realizing you were never worthy of anything in Asian culture.

If you ever get to that point, I think it is best to create your own Afro-Asian institution.

But Tyrone, please, as an Asian-Aryan myself, I am not helping you with your problems. Stop playing gibsmedat on me. I have nothing to give you.

I care about you Tyrone, I really do. Asian-Aryanism is a bond between White and Asian people only. The blacks races can’t fit into the shoes of Western or Eastern cultures. …You have your pyramids, don’t you?

If you really wanted an Asian maiden to help you on your esoteric pyramid quest, then dump your gibsme culture and create a new mythology. The blood of Asians would increase your IQ and will give you peace within the world.

But please, please-please-please Tyrone, you are not going to get any Asian-Aryan blood from us. There is a place called “Brazil” and it’s perfect for you.

I don’t know if you will ever start an Afro-Asian institution, but I am not going to do it for you. I’m not even sure if your race is capable of doing your own thing without any help.

We can still be friends Tyrone, but please, do your own thing.

…Let me tell you my brother, I love Jungle Asians, Ganguro Culture, Asian hip-hop, Ariana Miyamoto, and Afro-Asian girls in general. You can take pride in that.

For christ sake, Adrian Tomine went out of his way to put you on the front cover of The New Yorker!

Are you happy now? Or do still need some more gibsmedat?

Tyrone, reality is harsh. Let’s respect each others space and shake hands. Please don’t disturb my people, and I won’t disturb yours.

Asian-Aryanism isn’t for you my brother. It’s for non-degenerate Whites and Asians. You can be a race realist and be an ally for the cause, I would love that.

As Whites and Asians, we have our own racial and interracial problems to deal with. We don’t need yours.

Either your with R.A. The Rugged Man, who believes those evil “White and Asians” are up to no good, or will you respect our destiny? We certainly will respect yours if you do.

And one final note Tyrone, I don’t have anything for you. There is no special meme magic for black people getting those rare Asian girls. White guys get Asian girls instantly. That’s just a fact.

Please, do your own thing Tyrone.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Erik Erikson’s Pyschosocialism: An Introduction

Erik Erikson is a psychologist best known for his theory of “psychosocial development.” It is a psychoanalytical theory that identifies birth and death through eight “stages.” Each stage is a challenge the person confronts. Life presents obstacles, and the person questions his reality.

“Am I gay?”

“Do I like sports?”

“Am I an artist?”

“Do I like Asian women?”

…As you can see, many things can unfold in one’s environmental and cultural upbringing. Why is Erik Erikson’s theory of “pyschosocialism” so relevant towards the truth?

In the internet troll subculture, we have mastered analyzing the life of the boring “normie” and tend to make fun of their nature. The normie goes through the pyschosocial narrative asking the same questions we do. But why if we make the wrong answers to questions? Do we live a “bad” life? What are the “”good answers?

Those who who have odd answers are called “LARPers.” This is not about Dagorhir Battle Games. This is about people who role-play realities not according to theirs. Every single weeb is likely roleplaying an anime character, even if you asked they why they are doing that. The young white kid associated life with watching anime and learned morals from the shows he was viewing. The pyschosocial narrative told him, “what are you doing in your teenage years?” The boy responses back by watching anime. In his early twenties, the next stage, the pyschosocial narrative will ask again, “who are you, what do you do, and who is your girlfriend?” The boy will forcefully struggle to find answers, dying his hair blue, hanging out at the board game store, and having a girlfriend that thinks she is an anime character too. Everyone is answering questions to the force pyschosocial narrative.

Erik Erikson for me came close to the truth than any other philosopher I have studied in college.

Another psychologist I must mention is Albert Bandura. Bandura is known for his “Bobo doll experiment.” The argument in this experiment is that kids are born blank slates and learn everything from role-models. Of course, this sounds totally left-wing and bogus. However, if taken into consideration, Erik Erikson’s philosophy is a companion piece to Bandura’s social learning theory.

If Bandura argues that every human being imitates another (monkey see, monkey do), then Erikson’s philosophy argues for the creation of the self which others will imitate. Bandura and Erikson then create an endless Ying-Yang circle.

“Which came first? The chicken, or the egg? ”

Are we really atomized individuals we like to see ourselves living out in the West? Or are we merely imitating everyone else and trying to answer life’s questions that come crashing down on use like an avalanche?

If we are talking about “The Alt-Right,” “Furries,” “Gamers,” “Goths,” “Hardcore punks,” whatever… One word should put an end to all of this: Pyschosocialism.

We are all LARPers, face it.

Your not living out a special life that is unique to your existence. You are picking up a VHS Tape of someones previously life and roleplaying it out. You may try so hard to be different than everyone else. In the end, you are looking for nothing.

The college professors, the police officers, the intellect, the athletes… they all have pyschosocial narratives.

…To disturb one’s narrative and existence creates problems. Try disturbing the feminist pyschosocial narrative and see what she has to say to you.

“Your a sexist and a racist!”

…Heard the before? When people call names, they are mad you are doubting their reality. If life is utterly meaningless, most will go on a “fatalist” or nihilist way of thinking. Some even commit suicide. To doubt’s one life requires and complete re-examination of everything they have been answering since they were a toddler. That is just not possible if your at the age of 25.

Teen romances and animes portray the young and naive protagonist getting the girl and living and life “happily ever after,” once he overcomes the obstacles presented to him.

In pyschosocialism, your either a “winner” or a “loser.”

I could go on about the “light” and “dark” side of the questions of “winning and losing,” but I don’t mean to re-teach everything I know about pyschosocialism.

I would like to address the question towards Asian-Aryanism.

Most people are depressed because they feel they are “losers” to other pyschosocial narratives. Weak people will also mock and imitate other people lives to feel good about one self (Bandura). Human beings simply cannot be aware of the pyschosocial narrative all the time. …But it helps to understand the meaning behind why “normies” and odd subcultures act the way they do. 

Martin Heidegger tried to create peace within pyschosocialism. (He was before Erikson, and Erikson based his theories around Heidegger). Heidegger argued that being loyal to your “dasein” was a good thing. That understanding what was “authentic” vs. “inauthentic” was in life.

Suppose you live life as an amish person on a farm. However, when your parents are not looking, you hang out at the local community college and pretend you are an anime character. This is pyschosocialism in action, where you ask the questions, “Do I like anime?,” and the answer follows, “Other kids like anime, therefor, I should like anime too.”

Now, let’s say that your biological nature comes from amish genes, and you have a natural upbringing around the farm. You hate it, but you can compromise with it. According to Heidegger, being loyal to your dasein would mean getting rid of your inauthentic anime subculture and associating yourself more with farming, the destiny life has given to you. This is loyalty towards life.

Oddly enough, Heidegger was a Nazi. What does that tell you?

If we were all loyal to our daseins and “authentic” towards life, we wouldn’t have to worry about the pyschosocial narrative. Everything what Erikson said would be just a theory. Whenever we me ask these big questions to ourselves, we are only trying to naturally find the pursuit of wisdom and happiness.

Normies don’t question the authority of life. They do it. You the reader, and I, are doubting existence.

We both came across those big questions in life, where we had to ask about our sexuality, our heath, the friends we choose and the careers. Liberals tell us we can do anything in our life! …But they happen to go through the best pyschosocial narratives.

Healthy people can dismantle the naivety of the LARPing, pyschosocial narrative. Social Justice Warriors, The AntiFa, Feminist… they are LARPing identities because their lives need meaning. Each group is trapped in a bubble. “Your the bad guy, I’m the good guy, this is my lover,  I belong here, and I don’t care who you are unless your benefiting my life.”

…This sounds like everyone is a protagonist to an anime no one is watching but themselves.

We as Asian-Aryans are aware of our existence. Many of these ignorant “new-cucks” live life like an anime, and have no true loyalty toward’s their dasein.

We were once weebs, Asian-studies students, Asiansexuals, whitewashers, civic nationalist, gamers, punk rockers, leftist, artist, and everyday normies that tried to climb the supposed social ladder to get what we wanted. We answered questions that tried to make sense of our true realities.

Asian-Aryanism is an honest answer to the pyschosocial problem. No longer do we have to suffer from the “hubris” of life. All the anxiety of trying to live out a pyschosocial narrative goes away. We become beings that are honest to what we want in life. We may still LARP to feel good about ourselves. But in the end, we took the yellow-pill.

LARPing is a disease among The West. Learning Eastern philosophy or religion quickly destroys this Western tradition. I feel that Heidegger was only trying to synthesize Eastern philosophy into the West. We have lost that tradition. What has been created, is the selfish “existential” postmodern ego that is pyschosocialism.

Either we play the pyschosocial game, or we break out of it by being loyal to Heidegger’s dasein.

Asian-Aryanism is a protest against pyschosocialism and the lame existence of mundane life. We strive towards excellence for an honest and open Asian-Aryan subculture and future society.

Pyschosocialism is a lesson about our decadent society. Let’s have good answers and not LARP for them.