Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4chan’s Asian Fetish

Does 4chan have a fetish for anime characters and Asian women?

I am not a 4chan user. For a long time, I was a YTMND user. Today is the 8th birthday of my established name “pilleater.” On April 9th, 2009, I created the username to spam my very own “Mr. Krabs” sites. I used Photoshop to cut out the head of Mr. Krabs and paste it on any average picture I could find through Google search.

I captured the sound from an annoying video I found while surfing Youtube. It’s now quite famous. I spammed so much of the site, that the fad launched into the well-known “Oh I’m Mr. Krabs” meme that we know today. Even YouTube user Behind The Meme cited my first YTMND sites as the earliest origin behind the Mr. Krabs meme. I take pride that I am an original meme creator. 

But now the YTMND days are over. It’s a dead website ruled over by no one. 4chan is still alive. Memes are being created everywhere, every week, and out of nowhere than relying on one single website. Some memes try to be esoteric to keep out the normies.

4chan has always been a hotspot for weeb culture and anime nerds. I never was the person that hung out on a 4chan board. 4chan users are now trying to fit in with normie culture while being cutting-edge nerds at the same time. I really don’t know what is real anymore.

The Anime Right was started as a meme to get 4chan zealots onto the Alt-Right. However, much of their culture is borrowed from the decadent culture of 4chan. Both the readers of 4chan and The Anime Right tend to be isolated, stay-at-home, bumfuck-midwest white kids that are starving? Strained? from working at a 711. It’s a sad culture.

This crass behavior has skewed the ideology of 4chan into “trolling.” The behavior that originally started from both Something Awful and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Now the scene has become terribly normie. Virtual reality has now succeeded physical reality.

The Anime Right, as defined by one of their admins Triggerbait, are “Nazis that like anime.” Basically, the anime fan club of The Daily Stormer.

This behavior is ignorant to the fact that these so-called Nazi LARPers refuse to appreciate Asian culture. I have explained this in my previous article, “Getting 'The Anime Right' Out of The Alt-Right Bag.”

Anime today is also perceived to be liked by the lower classes. At one point in time, “anime,” in the English speaking world was unknown. A small niche of westerners appreciated the medium and thought highly of it. Now the medium is highly saturated with English dubs and translations of everything that can sell. “Anime” that can be sold in the Western world.

Manga and anime like Patalliro, Aim for The Ace!, Cooking Papa, and Hell Baby is extremely underground. Recently, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been enjoying some air time in the West.

The market likes to introduce cherry-picked animes upon the ignorant class of white consumers. Consumer culture is its own reality. A land of isolation and depression. 

This is where the “fetish” comes in. By definition, a fetish is a type of abnormal sexual desire forced upon an object. Personally, the word “fetish’ has been used by the liberal establishment to put blame and guilt upon white people when they want to be with people that enlighten their lives. Ironically, the only way to get rid of a fetish is either to stop thinking about the object or adapt a “normal” sexual code. Either the reformed person becomes a “nu-cuck” or a white nationalist.

There is no concrete answer towards “curing” a fetish. If we were to properly understand the word, a fetish could be treated as a disorder.

Most of the neckbeards and nerds that hang around 4chan, are disenfranchised white males. They talk about shock-art, Nazi politics, and autistic logic. However, whenever it comes to porn, they prefer to masturbate to pictures and videos of anime/hentai or Asian girls. They treat these things as sexual objects. But will any of these downtrodden people prefer to marry an Asian woman?

If they follow their bumfuck destiny and marry a bitchy feminist, or "That Other White Girl," their loyalties are still with their own race. Therefore, the anime and Asian girls were just used as sexual fantasies to get-off their perverted desires. This is where the insult of “fetish” comes in.

I am concerned about the future of these boys who are isolated and glued to a computer screen. I believe they can all become candidates for Asian-Aryanism.

When I first made my introductory Asian-Aryan video a while back, 4chan had a discussion about it. I gladly took the time and responded back to each of their replies. There are many answers to 4chan’s Asian fetish.

First, let them jerk off to anime and Asian girls.

The argument for Asian-Aryanism will keep progressing. Why would they want to jerk off to “3D” porn or white girls? They know that these girls cause them harm. Boys feel safe when they imagine their sexual partner to be an anime character or Asian girl. They will eventually develop a future preference towards girls with Asian characteristics.

It may also seem that masturbating to their fetish is denigrating Asian girls as sexual objects, destroying the integrity they might for them as individuals (and ruining their chances to be with one). I don’t think this should be a problem at all because most normal guys feel guilt after masturbation. But a strong man can overcome his sexual guilt. Strong men don’t feel guilt after masturbation. Sexuality should be the moving factor towards finding a woman like oneself. Imaging an Asian girl with her clothes off when you see one out in public is a normal thing. She is still a potential candidate when you talk to her (you’re just imaging if she can give you good head or not).

Second, these boys need to open about their love for Asian culture.

This may be expressed through weeb nationalism or even associating with The Anime Right. However, there are big problems when they are explicit white-advocates and anime aficionados at the same time. Their loyalties are mixed up. Again, the fetish accusation can be pointed directly at them. You can still love white people AND love Asian people too. Asian-Aryanism is a safe space for that. These nerds really want a domineering and powerful Asian woman in their lives to change it around. Being loud and proud about Asian culture shows a devotion within a man. Asian-Aryanims is merely giving these confused boys words and meanings to be open about their true love.

Finally, the message has to be controlled. Fetish shaming is not going to lead someone to the Asian-Aryan side.

Cindy Young at Amped Asia wrote a few old articles titled “8 Dating Mistakes You’re Making with Asian Women” and “Why Do White Guys Love Asian Girls So Much? A History of Yellow Fever.” These petty arguments miss the point that men are careless. Young assumes men should “step up their game” and become something like Roosh V (even though she would be horrified at such a guy).

Hell, she even sounds like Aaron Cleary when he made a video about Asian-Aryanism.

These civic-nationalist arguments will not work. Political-correctness and sucking down to women isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.

The Asian-Aryan message has to get out to these nerds. Their actions determine their ideology. They may bitch and forgive in the future and say “yeah… I was in a dark place, I am so sorry,” but that does not cut it. Being unapologetic and honest is a good ethic.

Let the jerks know that Asian-Aryanism is a path towards enlightenment and truth. The truth is white men prefer to be in the company of Asian women in today’s post-liberal climate. Give them this truth, and 4chan will start leading the meme wars alongside Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism has huge potential to become the next meme. It’s a meme based upon the truth.

Having a “fetish” should not be shamed. Those who don’t know themselves need to understand their own nature first. The enemy is someone who is inauthentic and dishonest about their own nature. It upsets me when whites flirt with Asian culture, and then fail to make devotional ties with the culture (fail to marry an Asian, or treat their interest in Asian culture as a “phase”). I feel that there is a lot of useless white people into Asian culture for SWPL reasons they are not aware of. If they truly were aware of their own behavior, they wouldn’t be watching anime the way I watch it, or going to cosplay events. Whites must be honest with their own intentions. Otherwise, it’s materialistic, consumer culture nihilism. 

A confused person does not know what he truly wants. Does he want white culture? Or does he want anime? An Asian-Aryan gladly accepts both and synergizes the two. It’s not a choice between one or the other, but a new standard that accepts both.

I would be happy to accept any 4chan nerd with open arms onto the Asian-Aryan side. So as long he is “yellow-pilled” about his own activities and sees the light of the rising sun.



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