Monday, April 3, 2017

A Letter for Tyrone

Alright Tyrone, pull up your pants and stop watching Afro Samurai, because this is serious.

I know how much you look up to Billy Blanks and Jero, but this isn’t about them. This about you.

I care about every person on this planet. I wish that everyone would follow their own destiny and start to associate with people like themselves. That would mean that ethnonationalism is a good for all peoples on the planet. Multiculturalism and diversity have failed humanity greatly.

…Hold up Tyrone, I know what you’re thinking.

“Without dese white people, us black people wouldn’t have no place to survive. Without them, we screwed!”

Or you might be thinking about that other thought,

“Damn dat white devil! He be oppressin’ every person on dis planet! Black Lives Matter should be about black people first! And whitey is going to pay for everything!”

This thought soon follows with the classic, “Plato stole it from us. You see, we wuz kangs!”

And Tyrone, your answer is “gibsmedat.

I don’t know whether gibsmedat is a part of African-American culture or blacks worldwide. But hear this Tyrone, I am not going to give you anything.

And now you like “anime” because some of your white friends have been watching it too. You favorite so-called “anime” is The Boondocks.

I get it, you want to watch media that shows you were kangz. But let’s not talk about W.E.B. Du Bois or Booker T. Washington, and rather let us focus on Asian culture.

…Tyrone, have you ever sank yourself into some asian puss-say? No. You haven’t. …Maybe into some Jungle Asians, I don’t know. 

Do I care if your one-quarter Japanese? Does that give you the right to listen to rap and live off welfare?

Here we are back to the concept of “gibsmedat.” If whitey is successful, you want to take it down. You want what he wants. If whitey got himself some nice Asian poontang, you want it too.

But listen mah nigga, “Asian-Aryanism” is not for you.

I personally love the quirky personality and loyal behavior of black girls. Accordingly, White Male / Black Females have the lowest divorce rate and biggest families (Pew Research). …Take note, there are black girls that want hugggeee monster white cock.

Now, is there a collective of White Male / Black Females? What about the dreaded Black Male / White Female? They unfortunately have the highest divorce rate and largest number of illegitimate children!

It turns out our WMBF are agents for the “Oreo” or mulatto race. However, once your black, you never go back. To counter against this, white dads try and make sure their half black kids think and be like whitey. Sorry, but it’s better than taking The Holy Tablets seriously. 

White men and women hardly get the control in their black interracial marriage. The children automatically become “black” and their “white” part is shunned. What a pity.

Tyrone, think about your offspring with that Vietnamese thot you scored with. Will your son be “black?” Or will he realize that “black” culture is horrible and would rather associate with the Asian side instead?

This is called “black privilege.” The feeling when your mixed children realize that half their blood belongs to an unworthy and dishonorable race of primitive monkey people.

For example, (as said by a common blasian), “I am sorry sensei, I have black privilege. This blood will not influence my way of thinking!”

Why would you want every single half-black Asian to act like a nigger?

Tyrone, I know you don’t want that. You may say, “dat be rasis!,” but I care about you.

I believe in the Chinese-Jamaican people. They are a beautiful people with their own culture and institution. Charming and peaceful. It is quite possible for an Afro-Asian collective to happen with them.

But please Tyrone, understand you are not white.

Other blacks I know hate the race-mixing paradigm going on right now. They hate that Time/National Geographic magazine of This is what people will look like in the year 3000.” A majority of African-Americans don’t want to have gook and cracker genes within them. They want to be… black people!

And I know some other passive-aggressive and low IQ black people get soooo gibsmedat when they want The Kalergi Plan to come in effect.

“Bratha, we can truly be grateful, if we mix wit every race on dis planet! Everyone will become a nigga and weez can make da pyramids again!”

I hope you don’t think like that Tyrone. That is a poor understanding of race, IQ, and intelligence. 

Face it, multiculturalism and diversity was a lie. It didn’t make you better. The Jewish elites took your money, and the quiet white guy took the Asian girl. You were left alone in poverty, while the media portrays you in every single commercial and movie as the good guy to worship. Whites bow down and make your life special. We white people want to commit suicide so we can make nonwhites the white people of the future. 

I know that isn’t you Tyrone. I know you thought about The Jewish Question too.

And Tyrone, you think it’s okay to be an expert on Asian culture?

I have to applaud you if you go in this direction. First, you eventually lose that nigger culture of yours when you assimilate. Second, your mind will drain, refilling it with Asian thought. And finally, you will grow “black privilege,” realizing you were never worthy of anything in Asian culture.

If you ever get to that point, I think it is best to create your own Afro-Asian institution.

But Tyrone, as an Asian-Aryan myself, please I am not going to help you with your problems. Not even if your handicapped or know you are innately retarded. Stop playing gibsmedat on me. I have nothing to give you.

I care about you Tyrone, I really do. Asian-Aryanism is a bond between white and Asian people only. The black races can’t fit into the shoes of western and eastern cultures. …But you have your pyramids, don’t you?

If you really wanted an Asian maiden to help you on your esoteric pyramid quest, then dump your gibsmedat culture and create a new mythology. The blood of Asians would increase your IQ and will give you peace within the world.

But please, please-please-please Tyrone, you are not going to get any Asian-Aryan blood from us. There is a place called “Brazil” and it’s perfect for you.

I don’t know if you will ever start an Afro-Asian institution, but I am not going to help you create. No. Never. Not even to preen or to show “I’m a good person.”

We can still be friends Tyrone, but please, do your own thing.

…But let me tell you mah brudda. I love Jungle Asians, Ganguro Culture, Asian hip-hop, Ariana Miyamoto, and Afro-Asian girls in general. You can take pride in that.

And for Christ sake, Adrian Tomine went out of his way to put you on the front cover of The New Yorker!

Are you happy now? Or do still need some more gibsmedat?

Tyrone, reality is harsh. Let’s respect each other’s space and shake hands. Please don’t disturb my people, and I won’t disturb yours.

Asian-Aryanism isn’t for you. It’s for whites and Asians. You can be a race realist and be an ally for the cause, I would love that. And in return, I will advocate Afro-Asian culture. 

As whites and Asians, we have our own racial and interracial problems to deal with. We don’t need yours.

Maybe you’re with R.A. The Rugged Man, who believes those evil “whites and Asians” are up to no good, or maybe you will you respect our destiny? We certainly will respect yours if you do.

And one final note Tyrone, I don’t have anything for you. There is no special meme magic for black people getting those rare Asian girls. White guys get Asian girls instantly. That’s just a fact.

Please, do your own thing Tyrone. Transhumanism is the enemy.


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