Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Other White Girl

The reason why white men are at a fast rate are choosing Asian women is because their female companions have failed them. White women have shifted towards narcissism, snobbery, and feminism, which acts as an ideology for the white bourgeois class.

White women have been trying way too hard to emulate the male character. By acting like an ironic, SWPL-minded beta male, could they possibly attract a mate? White girls fail to understand that this is unattractive.

They don’t even understand that biology has something to do with their behavior and thinking patterns. Females were made to take care of the children and provide a “matriarchal” influence over society. Not a “patriarchal” one.

This chaos has interrupted the natural order of things and has lead other white men to create MGTOW, or “Men-Going-Their-Own-Way,” to fight against the cruel nature of feminism. 

Birth rates are low, divorce is high, and white people have swindled themselves believing they are atomized individuals working around a free market system.

The Alt-Right, “red pill,” and civic nationalist movements have been trying to save America from total destruction. However, the outcome is still unpredictable. There might even be a civil war between white people again, and this time divided by the political left and right. 

Bourgeois white people run away from physical war. They would rather secretly marry an Asian wife, have three kids, live their life in a boring, mainline, gated-community, and get a huge paycheck every month working for a corporation that exploits the lower classes. This is exactly how the SWPL mind works.

White people, just like any other natural human being on this planet, wants to be left alone. This abstract universal thinking whites cling on to is only complicating things. It becomes a war between People-who-want-to-be-left-alone vs. Those-who-want-you-under-the-influence.

Whites have crafted a rhetoric so advanced, that they could use it to justify their own perversions and freedoms, without any higher authority disturbing them. This philosophy roots itself in the birth of America and the rise of libertarianism (and to one extreme, anarcho-capitalism).

Still, this does not solve the issue between the sexes. This is again upper-class white people running away from their problems and deluding the white middle class with the promise of an authentic and progressive aristocracy. The upper class is decadent and depraved. White people must become “red-pilled” in order to awake from their materialistic slumber.

However, this red-pilling process is not enough to change the minds of every single white person. As an Asian-Aryan, I strongly believe that there is something corrupted about the nature of Western culture and its people. If white people were truly on a “healthy” track of living, they would be happy to associate with any white person. Unfortunately, white people have forced themselves to believe everything is universal and that every human being is a living god.

Today, there is no collective nature within white people. There can be no harmony with Western individualism.

White men at a large rate have given up reproducing white children, and rather seek the benefits of “multiculturalism” and escape through this ideological materialism. Ironically, white men have found foreign love with Asian women and not with any other non-whites. White girls are over-educated and left home alone without a partner. Is it even possible for white men and women to get along?

According to Christian Lander in his book, Whiter Shades of Pale, there is a civil war between “The Right Kind of White People,” vs. “The Wrong Kind of White People.” The Right Kind is trying to eradicate The Wrong Kind, which promotes working-class culture and rude behavior. Ironically, The Right Kind are the promoters of Cultural Marxism and decadent behavior. It is The Wrong Kind that promotes the survival of white people and “healthy” conservative values.

However, from the Asian-Aryan perspective, both sides are bad.

The Wrong Kind will support something like of Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto, which is bad for the health of any natural white person. White people should not adapt the attitudes of The Right Kind or Apocalypse Culture. Both The Right and Wrong Kind promote unlivable and painful conditions to any good, meaningful white person.

The only way out of this is through a third position. This is through Asian-Aryanism. But another consideration is pursing “The Other White Girl.”

Who is she? And where can you find her?

The Other White Girl is a natural, ignorant, naive, and religious-minded (in the non-spiritual sense) white girl that acts in tune with her inner nature. She is basically an Asian girl with white skin.

For example, 

  1. They wear normal clothes.
  2. They are small in size.
  3. They have brown or blonde hair. 
  4. They have a career which is like being a mother. 
  5. They love to talk and “relate.” 
  6. They are flat-chested, and possibly a little chubby. A normal plain Jane. 

The Alt-Right often argues that this girl can be found in Russia or in a third world European country. That may be true, but in the American context, she is hard to find. Too much of the ugly and decadent culture will proselytize The Other White Girl onto the dark side (and she will become a thot).

This is why white girls can never be trusted from an Asian-Aryan perspective. We love white girls that can submit to the power of Asian culture or find herself an Asian boyfriend. White girls are only redeemable for the Asian-Aryan cause if they become a Weeb Nationalist or one of us.

How many times have your white parents, or even some white friends, told you, as white-on-white wisdom, “You just have to find the right one!

This is another way of saying that you will find The Other White Girl in a sea of already degenerate white people that hate each other.

The Other White Girl is everywhere, but she is losing faith every day. Depression kick in, and she falls into MTV decadent culture at a young age. I suggest that white people should practice arrange marriage in their early 20s if white culture is to survive. 

The Other White Girl would also be a perfect candidate for feminism, as feminism advocate their lifestyle as a religion. The universal attitude and soccer-mom behavior of The Other White Girl is very problematic for Asian-Aryanism. 

Consider why any normal white person would want The Other White Girl more than an Asian one.

I use the shoe allegory. The rule is simple:

“We are attracted to people like ourselves. We are comfortable and feel free when our shoes fit us. Shoes outside our own realities cause us harm and anxiety. It is not a moral ethic to fit in other people’s shoes.”

White people feel comfortable around people like themselves. Different breeds of animals stay with their own breed because all breeds discriminate in favor of their own kind. This is a biological reality. 

But this logic is quite a contradiction towards Asian-Aryanism, since there are two different breeds of people.

However, Asian-Aryanism argues that whites and Asians stick together, in the same Asian-Aryan shoe!

Our new evolutionary reality is between the two great races of whites and Asians. We prefer to stick our feet into these shoes because they improve our lives greatly. We cannot go and try to find The Other White Girl and abandon Asian-Aryanism, because she will eventually cause us pain. This issue has to be addressed within white culture. White women are problematic and have to be cured of their behavior. Asian-Aryanism promotes a whole new reality for a new shoe. 

Now, a white person would argue that he should dump his asian “fetish” (a fun word used by racially-minded white people) and then try to find the needle-in-the-haystack that is The Other White Girl. This is sad irrational white/weeb nationalism. White people are gravitating towards Asians (and vice-versa) in large numbers because both sides are escaping the responsibilities of western society. Asian-Aryanism seeks to improve the white condition through biculturalism. 

We do not advocate white genocide. There can be whites, Asians, and Eurasians existing in the future all at once. White nationalists should try and find their sought after magical white girl and remake their own women as white-skinned Asians. Asian-Aryans will go our own natural route and create a culture that is Eurasian and avant-garde.

We are an alternative that is a solution to MGTOW and the verbally abusive creatures we call white women. She may redeem herself by becoming an Asian-Aryan, a weeb nationalist, or The Other White Girl.



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