Monday, June 19, 2017

The Asian Feminist Fallacy

Imagine, if you will, an Asian girl growing up in America. She may be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, …whatever, but she has a very similar background to most “Asian-American” girls growing up.

She grows up with her conservative or Americanized parents that want her to “get a job” and make $70,000 a year or more. She could be Eurasian, or that her parents are divorced. The parents may force upon her the values which are Asian in background, or they fail to see the under-currents of the American society that she grows up with.

All her best friends are white. If she has other Asian friends, they are of her background, or they are Americanized like herself.

The “standard of beauty” for the American girl, is the typical “Stacy.” She is a worshipping member of the cult of the extroverts, and she wants to grow up to be like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga.

Going on such dating platforms like Bumble, you will be bombarded with blonde, valley girls that are right out of college. Casually, they love to drink beer and hang around white “Chads.” But talk about race with them, they will refuse to answer the question.

This is by default, the normie white middle-class nationalism that Matthew Heimbach wishes to awaken. Of course, most of these white girls are liberal, because they just don’t want to offend anyone while they go to the bar every Saturday night.

Are normies a problem? Of course they are. People on the internet have a genuine hatred for them as they provide no contribution to society, but rather as working bee drones that dance in it when they are off from work.

Is this really “the standard of beauty” we are told by higher education and liberal academia?

Academia really wants the new globalized person to be something of a mixed-race character. The media and movie industry would like everyone high on drugs, and blissfully enjoying life, while they are robbed of their money every day. To be a good consumer is also to act like one. Even if all the consumers are Chads and Stacies (and they certainly will get offended if you call out football).

Imagine the deracinated Asian-American girl, growing up with her other white girlfriends. The other white girls know she belongs to a different race, but they treat her special because “she is Asian.”

The truth is that people prefer to be with people like themselves. Every single race of people just doesn’t want to admit to those crucial facts. The same goes with telling your kids that Santa Claus is real and that “sexuality is not that important.”

…Race and sexuality are real. But it’s odd how our society has been re-appropriating, as well as trying to surpass, such natural urges.

Martin Heidegger argued that the only way humans can have a peaceful existence with one another is if we understand ourselves as animals, and are in tune with our limits. This requires an understanding of both racial and family background, the sexual urges we repress, and the social positions and identity we role-play. It’s not an easy thing to do. That’s why there was such a thing called The Frankfort School.

By the time any Asian-American girl is in her 20s, she has unrealistic expectations that she will marry a nice white Prince Charming, who will come to her aid and marry her at 23. Unfortunately, she might become like all the other bimbos, by sleeping around with chads and then questioning “why have none of them picked me up as a wife?” It obviously has something to do with “racism.”

Now, for a white girl, this cannot work because whites are not a minority people. Anyone growing up in their mid-20s will start to realize that we are animals, and that race and IQ is real, and that we are all going to die.

And so, Little Ms. Asian-American girl becomes a feminist, not because she hates men, but because she hates how men don’t treat her the same as white women.

It is incredibly ironic for the Asian feminist that she wants to abolish “patriarchy,” when really it only refers to her Asian side. This will help increase her chance getting her a white husband.

There is a great fallacy in the Asian feminist argument that seems counterproductive towards Asian-Aryanism.

First, the argument is anti-white. The normie will have a liberal view of race, and assume that the decadent standard of behavior is also “the white beauty standard.” They fail to see that some greater power, beyond the nature of white people, is manipulating all classes below the upper.

An Asian feminist of this type will hate “the white patriarchy” and yet want to belong in the same Urban Outfitters clique of other white people. She has an irrational hatred towards “white culture,” yet ironically wishes to assimilate with it. It’s one big distorted feedback loop.

Second, there is a very weak understanding of race relations. An Asian feminist just wants to be “just like everyone else” and will enjoy the same decadence everyone is getting. Of course, she hasn’t realized that white nationalism and traditions are quite aware of the normie problem. She wants a declining party culture, while we want upward progress towards self-improvement. Egalitarianism is our problem. 

Third, The Asian feminist is wrong for putting her trust with “the wrong type of white people,” mainly, meathead jocks. She assumes that even the nerdy white guy with the STEM degree is exactly like a football jock. If she was being more traditional, read some books, and realized that being a thot is not a happy life, could she understand greater accomplishment and an authentic relationship. Her obsession with “white guys treat me as a sexual object,” is bogus because she is enabling men to treat her as an object. The real white guys that want Asian girls, authentically, are considered to be Asian-Aryans.

And finally, she never considers the very idea that there are authentic white guys that do want to have an Asian wife. But both sides are too afraid to be vocal about their love is because they will get labeled as a “racist” and “pervert.” There is no definite meaning or words that can help WMAF/AMWF Eurasian couples out.

The Asian feminist is both beneficial and a burden. She argues for a future Asian-Aryan society, but falls for the double standard of anti-white hatred and “multiculturalism.” She wants to be the very white person that Christian Lander makes fun of in Stuff White People Like.

It may also be true that an Asian-American girl or someone who is Eurasian has it much harder, psychologically and socially. The cure for this is Asian-Aryanism. It is natural to belong with people like ourselves. There is no open environment for her to truly express herself as an Asian-Aryan princess.

But now, there is the internet.

Once the introverted and downtrodden Asian-Aryans will realize this, they will create an intellectual foundation that will lead IRL extrovert advocates fighting and being open about living the Asian-Aryan lifestyle. We must plant the seeds of the future.

The Asian feminist will come to our side. It’s only natural for her to do so.


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