Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Cult of The Extroverts

There is a problem with today’s post-postmodern society. The divide of white people are not only based upon “the right kind of white people vs. the wrong kind of white people,” but between introverts and extroverts.

Western society has reached a conclusion that the white man uses the Earth solely for his own resources. It’s only there for him to exploit. Man is not dependent on nature, rather, Nature is dependent on him. So it is a long-term goal for Western man to consume and create “reason” within his environment. This has led to a negative downfall into nihilism.

Globalism, free-market capitalism, and individualism is based upon this empty and bleak nihilism. This has further created the culture we know as the “normies,” filled with “chads” and “stacies.” Chads and Stacies don’t have the time to stay at home or work alone to create art, or even for that matter, contribute to something greater for society. Normies just want to go to the “bar” or go “clubbing” on the weekends and have sex with as many people as possible.

Normies are so dangerous that they have created a new social standard based upon judging people if they are not “alpha” enough. The introverts have to stay home, play video games, surf 4chan, and continue a non-significant life based upon their own virtues that the normies forcefully condemn.

Ironically, it is the introverts that are creating the metapolitical and cultural foundation of our future society, while the extroverted normies are the consumers of the introverted dream. However, the introverts cannot participate in their own crafted dreams. The extroverts are the ones that role play their fantasies.

It is interesting that our American society praises those who participate in it. The values and ethics of a “participator” (a pre-socratic notion) are “alpha.” It is confusing even more that American society is dominated by liberalism, and seeks to present a facade over everyone else with infinite nihilism and Sargon-of-Akkad-tier reasoning.

It is these “alphas” (the extroverted normies) that are successful in America. But the system lies and never presents, or even teaches, the issue of becoming the new barbariansNot everyone can be an alpha. But there are desperate nerds and idiots that are so demanding to act and become some kind of “pussynerd.” This is the cult of the extroverts.

Extroverts are not helping society; they are destroying it. I frown upon this childish behavior of, “I am better than you because I have friends and do decadent things.” It’s true that the American man and woman has reached this level. The upper-class is decadent. Even worse is that the upper-middle-class wants to believe there is a stable aristocracy, when really they are lied too. Everyone is stuck in their social position, quietly suffering and being deluded with cognitive therapy. Only the upper-class has infinite freedom that the “American dream” begs people to believe in.

We can’t all be alphas.

It’s foolish to think a man can transform into a Mishima-type in one day (besides, he will end up having emotional problem and doing something crazy).

I do believe in “self-improvement.’

I lift weights, I eat healthy, I take care of my body, and focus on my future. I want to be a good role model based upon morally good virtues. The disease of Western man is based upon excessive drinking, recreational drug use, casual sex, useless swearing, self-aware hip-hop references and pop-culture consumerism. This is unfortunately, for most white men, the only way to attract a disgusting female.

The introverts will even condemn each another for not being more extroverted! The cult of the extrovert is real because everyone wishes they were The New Barbarians… the supposed “winners” in life.   

My problem with the alt-right is that it is becoming more normie and extroverted. Silly games of “going to the bar” and “drinking” does not move the cause forward. It’s nihilism.

Idiot “gamers,” furries, socialist, punk rockers, …whatever proxy for nihilism, does the same thing to bond with other like-minded consumers. It’s consumer-culture, plain and simple.

How many people are getting into these “queer” or “weird” movements and asking for the red-carpet treatment because they are special? Or rather, they are “an amazingly extroverted person?”

People like Based Stickman, Nathan Damigo, Emily Youcis, whoever hobbyist of being extroverted, …not even contributing anything towards metapolitics, are indirect salesmen, selling the isolated introverts “hope” for the future.

How many LARPers came to that wall in New York City, to get on cam and “troll” that guy just to show how “cool” they were (I mean, I was there too).

For fucks sake, life is becoming more scenester than Mission Hill.

Try finding a date on Ok Cupid. All those women are spoiled with a glut of men to choose from! The sexual revolution liberated women’s sexuality, not men’s. 

White women have been known to emulate the behavior of the genuine white man. They will go so far to role-play or even “cosplay” as a desire made up by the introverted.

…Harriet Sugarcookie calls her work “porn for geeks.”

The introverted created Frankenstein’s monster, –the extroverted class that runs society!

Percy Shelley also created a monster too when he wrote Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. That the “new woman” shall be based upon “intellectual desires” rather than the physical. …Now we have blue-haired SJWs that think they are living anime characters.

The cult of the extrovert is dangerous is because it’s principles are based upon materialism. It’s a competitive fashion statement, rather than a quest for authenticity, which introverts naturally struggle in life for. The cult of the extrovert is a creation of the introverted. The introverts like to dream alone in bed, “if only my life was better and was like an adventure.

What we think we know as “true virtues,” have been destroyed by an extroverted and evil rapist. …The innocent are being corrupted.

Everyone will judge me and say, “Ha, well, are you going to be remembered in history if you stay at home and do nothing?

Again, this is something the cult of the extroverted would say.

In fact, a good example of the cult of the extroverted would be the very last passage of Days of War, Nights of Love, an anarchist lifestyle manifesto.

I won’t quote it in details, but I will say that the narrator presents himself as a “truly free being that gets lots of sex and every day is an adventure.”

…Western man is truly pathetic.



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