Sunday, July 2, 2017

Shhh! Freemasonry!

“…it is really not appropriate to tell someone’s real name to others without their permission if they are using a pseudonym. Please do not do this to me or anyone else again.”  -An IRL Homonationalist. 

…If you hang out in an urban liberal city, and you once were an art student hanging out at punk rock shows, chances are you have met an eccentric person. I met a Jehovah’s Witness into avant-garde noise music, an Asian porn actress who is sympathetic to my views, an openly gay white nationalist, AntiFa trannies, and shock art beatniks.

They all have something in common. …They don’t want to get “dox.”

Everyone in this post-post modern society has a profession, whatever that is being a music teacher, working for Verizon, selling soft drinks, or the guy that repairs TVs, at least one of these professions has some type of “weird” or “queer” type of personality. If the boss ever found out about their decadent activities, they would be fired, simply because the business doesn’t want one person to reflect the compacts public-relations image as a whole.

Hell, imagine if Christian Weston Chandler got a job working for Sega!

Once they have no job, they can’t spend their money pursing the “revolution” or the decadent things they love doing on the weekends.

Look at Johnny. What a nice guy who goes to church every Sunday. Turns out he sucks dick and he’s into white nationalism!

Ahh, little Suzy. Straight A+ student at this American university! But on Fridays, she’s a singer in hardcore punk band and a camgirl on the side!

And little Jimmy, the quiet guy who works in IT. Yeah… he loves cocaine and into furry fandom!

…and they call that avant-garde culture?

They all belong to the same cult of extroverts and slide down the path of decadent nihilism. Would you want a comforting lie? Or an unpleasant truth?

“And here we have the Anti-Fascist Action! Everyones favorite superheroes! They don black and fight against this repressive system! You can’t see them. Because they are all from the internet! They are one!”

…not even the good guys fighting for social justice want to be doxed!

I’m telling you, no one wants to get doxed in the year 2017. Everyone wants to go to the bar and shut the fuck up. No one is willing to take greater responsibilities by going out in public.

Even worse is that all these Mission HillPortlandia, or Urban Elf caricatures have one thing in common. Each have their own secret club one has to enter. Be it on a Discord sever or a punk show playing in some “cool guys” basement.

It’s petty like that old Bernstein Bear’s book, “No Girls Allowed.

No Normies Allowed.

No Cucks Allowed.

No Fascist Allowed.

No Fags Allowed.

No Cisgendered Men Allowed.

No Blacks Allowed.

No Whites Allowed.

No Jews Allowed.

No Newfags Allowed.

…Shit. What’s not allowed? People draw their boundaries and create their own physical narratives about life. Everyone has their own personal bubble, or “safe space.” We lost the sense of a greater collective, in favor of extreme individualism and global consumerism. Where is the good life?

But what makes me the most agitated as I watch America burn to the ground, is that some 20 to 30 something year old bearded hipster is going to tell me that I have to “do” certain things to be “accepted” by his equally urban elf friends.

…Club routines include going to the bar, picking up thots, and talking about X. (X can be the alt-right, anime, music, critical theory, religion… anything).

This “Shhh! It’s a secret” Freemason club is utterly pretentious.

They tell you it’s for your own security, when really, no one gives a shit. Then they say “no one understands us” when you should just approach someone without fear. And then they say “we are an elite group of people” when really they are just roleplaying as the victim.

Cops, lawyers, politicians, journalist, musicians, artist, professors, and any contribution-to-society-profession are public figures!

There is something weak about a man that hides behind a mask. Lenny Bruce puts on a “performance” and did not reflect the person who he was… though you could argue, his expression was his creation. I use the name “pilleater” as a way to express pilleater’s thoughts.

…so the story goes of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Sam Hyde!

A man who hides, fears death. Death is coming closer every day of my life. I think about the double digit age where I am. Age always matters every day of my life. One day, I will be 88, or 92, or older, and my body will break down. We are all going to die one day. Be prepared for it the next day.

Decadent nihilism has erased the thought of death. Everything is just a “phase” so we can enjoy 2017-2037, the next twenty years of our youthful existence! The years of our lives!

This feeling of belonging to a “secret underground club against a tyrannical and oppressive system” is wishful thinking. It’s a delight for those who consume off of it. If pre-socratic notions result to “I just want to get laid every week and watch anime until I die,” then it is the problem. Decadent, hedonistic, materialistic nihilism is the problem.

And to make it all relative, someone is always in a club YOU can’t enter! Always in a club or political party that results to normie behavior with the side of a perverted interest.

Donald Trump won the election because he came out of the closet. There was no freemasonry. 

…It was rather esoteric meme magic that go him in.

Millennials want to believe they are fighting against the system. They want to use their internet names IRL, while being scared shitless if someone found out about their powerword.

…It’s like what pedophiles do. They don’t say, “yeah I fuck little boys,” they rather say, “BL.”

No contribution of society is being made from this silly freemason game.

I believe in performance art. We put on masks and act certain ways to express ourselves as an artist. That fake name is attached to our real self, and eventually, we will come out of the closet too (in fact, you should do it now).

Has any serial killer actually gotten away in history? These freemasons believe history will be written without them! (and they can still go to the bar on the weekends and pick up their favorite thots).

I don’t give a shit if you call me Francis. I like that. You’re real fucking close to me if you do. If you call me Joey and you’re a cute girl, I will be your guy. And when you call me “pilleater,” you’re talking to my ego.

I respect someone’s privacy, but if you’re going out doing normie things… well, expect to be “doxed” and be treated as a normie.

The water is fine! Think about what Milo has done to himself. Even Based Stickman. …Sacrifice.

I think of myself as a martyr. I am doing this for myself. This is who I am. I am a growing man eager to act as a professional and represent myself when confronted with a situation. I take all responsibility.

Say all you want that “it’s for our own protection,” at least be an adult and suffer.

“Consent culture” is making a comeback as “please don’t say my powerword because it hurts my feelings / or I am too cool for you” consent culture.

This pretentious “secret Freemason club” has got to go. For one, it tells me your either criminal in behavior, or trying to belong in the Kool Kids Klub.

The KKK. …That sounds so familiar.   


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