Friday, March 30, 2018

"Does Writing Have a Future?" [unfinished draft]

What is the difference between watching a video and reading a book or article? What is the difference between learning from the two mediums?

D.W. Grifftn once said that film would replace the written word and libraries would be on-demand computers where film would be at our disposal. Yes, we now have YouTube.

But have people learned anything from these formats? I causally watch youtube from my iPad, and have I retained much of the images I passively observed. In fact, what is the information I am consuming?

I was at my community college library signing up for Japanese 101 again, and I grew a nostalgic feeling for the library that I was in. I remember I use to spend my study time getting lost in the library and avoiding homework. It was almost like a “live-action” internet website. I remember trying to get into Arts and Letters daily, but it turned out the entire website is for baby-boomer professionals. In the library, I could just pick up the latest issue of National Review, read H.L Menckens diary, read a collection of Issac Asimov stories, or discover a new book that might spark my interest. I remember reading a book about Richard Wagner’s antisemitism while my friends would talk to me in the library. Those were good days of my youth, where I took care of my brain and spent my time in education wisely. Now, I have graduated, and I earned the shallow piece of paper degree, “English and Communications.” If there was one thing I did not pick up when I ws 21, is that knowledge is not an accomplishment. It is a struggle, like lifting weights to grow bigger muscles. My parents told me nothing about this. My brother didn’t know either. It’s like I spent five years of my life locked up in a prison sentence full of knowledge that could benefit me. But did I learn any wisdom from this? No. I had to learn wisdom from social outings, which college does not give.

Much can be said about reading books. I am losing my vision as I grow older. Books do not help my vision, but hurt my eyes. Smartphone technology is smooth on the eyes, and encourages better readers. I am in favor of education liberation across the internet. It’s true that the internet has replaced academia. Liberal society realizes an “educated” mass of people cannot enlighten society. Some values, like book culture, vinyl culture, and steampunk fashion is becoming obsolete. Post-postmodern society is accelerating because technology is making our lives more progressive.

But back to the real question, I should I spend my time reading more physical books than viewing youtube? Already I spend my time writing, making music, and listening to great albums (like movies without visuals). If I took time out to read a book a month, or two a month, could I gain some new perspective in life. It’s just not possible to read every single book out there. Henry Rollins once said he was angry he could not read every book he saw at the book store (what a flaming liberal).

Not everyone is an “intellectual.” Liberal society wants to “uplift” every individual to the standard of a philosophy professor. Already we see anti-SJW Youtubers and the skeptic community. Academia does not control this. At the same time, normal people with no intentions of aiming for anything greater in life, become ideologues for the cultural marxist regime. They get out of college with a degree in English and work in a cubicle for Wal-mart. Did reading Derrida liberate their existence? No.

There is the normie class, and there is an elite class. Intellects are born, not made.

Normies still have the audacity to role-play their degrees (girls do this a lot). This is the superficial nature of our society. The youth has been corrupted.

…So should I read a book? it’s a maybe. I will pick one up and scan the words. There are books that have changed the way I think about things. I am looking to read a book that could change my perspective on life.

I may have an IQ limit. I’m not so sure that I could gain more knowledge as I get older. Maybe that is wrong. I could possibly learn a new language within a decade. …But then there’s atrophy.

If school taught me anything, I was looking into a mirror that looked right back at me. I am alone. And this society lies to me that I should be dependent on others. I am in my own jail sentence without my will. There is no outside help that can get my out of this prison. So like many other suburban millinials, I suffer. Where should I go?

No one told me rules about life. My parents have failed me. This society is becoming more transhumanist as we all plea for help.

Is anyone out there?


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