Monday, November 26, 2018

"Does Writing Have a Future?"

VilĂ©m Flusser's book Does Writing Have a Future? (1987) contemplates if the written word will be able to transmit culture, entertainment, and intellectualism in a few decades. Meanwhile, film director D.W. Griffith predicted that a film library would eventually replace the print library. 

...And now we have YouTube.

The point of this blog is to showcase my written work and to archive all of my blogging. However, I am starting to realize later that more of my blogging is transmitted through YouTube videos than a mere 1600 word post only my friends will read. I have realized now that the written word is a medium for academics and intellects. Do people even read Science-Fiction paperbacks anymore? It sounds elitist, but it’s true. 

I could do a whole screencast (a video consisting of a digital slide) pointing out the arguments for the written word over video. But there is no denial the written word is improved with sound and visuals, creating a Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk. It's more like white hipsters are arguing over the death of print media than actually reading anything at all from written word (do young people even know how to read anymore?). We can now take “the text” seriously through comments, videos, YouTube transcripts, and other digital medium other than just a yellow-aging paperback. 

Will I continue to write? Absolutely! But not in the orthrodox sense that I will publish a very import piece about “Sluts, The IRS, and Julius Evola” anytime soon. But I will focus my writings solely on book creation than anything. There is a class of older people and "big brain nibbas" that needs to "read a blog piece" to start their day, or to read something during break. The written word is for intellects. Young people, however, need to watch a five-to-twenty minute video than read (or try and comprehend) a 2000 word essay. It is much easier to produce content through screencasting. And that time producing a screencast “edutainment” video is saved from actually writing a long rant!

To ask again, “does writing have a future?” Writing will exist mainly on YouTube, and I will continue doing daily “vlogging" over there. You probably discovered this site through my videos, which is good. Please feel free to read my previous pieces starting in 2016 and all of 2017. Much of those writings are now published in my books, which you can buy and support me.

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