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1] Eurasianism, the admixture of white Americans and Asian Americans, will create a new subculture, people and political paradigm that will surpass “whiteness” and thus resurrect a left nationalism that will destroy neoliberal capitalism while embracing a cyberpunk future in sympathy with traditional living without middle-class values. The cause of Eurasianism was from a large portion of White-Male-Asain-Female (WMAF) and Asian-Male-White-Female (AMWF) reproduction under the influence of cosmopolitan desires and assimilation to a new bi-racial identity influenced from anime and video games.

2] “AxA” is short for Asian Aesthetics, taking cue from straight edge culture, hardcore punk, and power electronics. This is a youth movement, ages 18-29, that seek agitation and destruction in spaces of liberal influences that deny their Eurasian identity. "AxA" is also written as a graffiti mark to disturb both the liberal and normative public, warning of this “Asian Alliance” future they so deny. Eurasian Futurism is oppressed by a neoliberal leftist culture, and of extreme race denying individualism. It is true anyone who questions the narrative is called a "nazi," a genocidal hateful person that wants to promote suburban nationalism. Instead, AxA advocates anti-liberal anti-capitalism, which includes the destruction of leftoid thought and subculture. Subculture is apart of the problem, and a war of subcultures accelerate the decline. A leftoid/Antifa-minded subculture is for those into hardcore punk, white girls, and feel-good white boy liberalism. Like a true transgressive and hated individual, AxA embraces the "incel" nature of a "nazi fascist genocidal murderer," whatever haunts them at night so they can post it on Twitter. Postmodernity has celebrated irony to a point where sincerity is evil. Therefor, nothing can be ruled out as sincere. I don't want to go out to parties, and I want to be hated by the thing I hate the most: white people. This is a straight-edge movement.

3] The current art world is ruled by a “transgressive liberal elite” that is invested in “queer culture," a non-normative and eccentric intellectual elite class that rules over all aspects of American and neoliberal life. The goal for them is to create a Transhumanist Americanism based in cyberspace and beyond, erasing all organic lifeforms and histories. This is due to The Postmodern Condition and the sweeping nihilism brought by the West. So as long you have white people and whiteness, you will have Transhumanism and a transgressive liberal elite.

4] I argue that the clandestine nature of white nationalism, communism, and any reactionary anti-liberal force all belong to the “queer culture” canon, even if it is "fascist," to use their ironic semantics. People are invested in subculture and not the action that takes place. Subculture and the internet is a byproduct of capitalism. Praxis is meaningless unless capitalism and our power dynamic of being a consenting consumer is called out and destroyed. Queer culture has zero tolerance for those who oppose them, but they will tolerate those who are non-normative and hated, like AxA. Thus it will create an obvious paradox, and the AxA youth subculture will be by default, a queer culture, invading the minds of the neoliberal ones and proselytizing them to anti-liberalism and anti-global forces of Eurasian Futurism. Subculture in itself is a toxic disease, a mental disorder, foisted upon young people who won't grow into adults, and rather would like to consume the world until they die. AxA is this accelerating drive towards truth. A neglected scene that appeared in the 1980s, came back with a bang in the 90s, and now at its boiling point. AxA is advocated by privileged white boys and edgy Asian girlfriends, so it makes everything even more problematic.

5] Therefor, there must be a queer alliance that respects the AxA movement and all anticapitalist forces and art movements, destroying both left and right-wing semantics, while creating a safe environment for radicals and antil-liberal race realists. An organic and healthy progressive world without neoliberal capitalism for all parties. Liberalism is the cancer of the human race. We must kill "white" people.

6] The only good future is where China will rule over the West and all future capitalist transactions. Both Korea and Japan will rule over pop culture and continue to fight for dominance. White people will have no future unless they recreate themselves in the image of The Eurasian, anime-realist man, or fight for a crass white nationalism without capitalism. The correct way is a synergy between the nationalist and Chinese superstructure. Future Leftism will be about making anime real, while Future Rightism will be about Eurasian eugenics and tradition. Ironic, yes? In a better society, all semantics will be erased and be under a post-postmodern confusion, and what is left, is Anime-Realism. This will benefit all parties who hate living in America. This is about making the arts better, tastier towards the Eurasian.

7] Furthermore, I will attack back if someone confronts me. A negative approach is not wanted, nor will I tolerate the sickness of individualism. I am a romantic at heart, and only want a future based upon intimate platonism. A romcom where I star in, with my fellow union of egoists who will all benefit. A paternal system will fix the gay wound inside of us for all.

8] Please read “A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland,” “Sixty Second Wipeout: A Journal About AxA,” and “Queer Culture: A Transgressive tradition” at this link tree:


Suggested Reading / Study

1] The Scapegoat by Rene Girard

2] Subculture by Dick Hebdige

3] Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting by Sianne Ngai

4] Idoru by William Gibson

5] Class by Paul Fussell 

6] The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner

7] The Abolition of Work by Bob Black

8] Bachelor Pad Economics / Worthless by Aaron Clarey 

9] Prometheism by Jason Reza Jorjani

10] New Right vs. Old Right by Gregory R. Johnson

11] The Fourth Political Theory by Aleksandr Dugin

12] City Builders And Vandals In Our Age by Caleb Maupin

13] Answer Me! by Jim Goad

14] You and Your Profile: Identity After Authenticity by Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D'Ambrosio

15] Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World by Timothy Morton

16] On Suicide by Émile Durkheim

17] The Trouble of Being Born by Emil Cioran


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