“Neofolk” - “a music genre that emerged in the mid-1980s as an outgrowth of post-punk and post-industrial music, blending acoustic instruments such as guitar and snare drum with elements of industrial music. Neofolk may either be solely acoustic or combine acoustic folk instrumentation with various other sounds. Various forms of neopaganism and occultism play a part in the themes touched upon by many modern and original neofolk artists. Runic alphabets, heathen European sites and other means of expressing an interest in the ancient and ancestral occurs often in neofolk music. Aesthetically, references to this subject occur within band names, album artwork, clothing and various other means of artistic expression. This has led to some forefathers of the genre and current artists within the genre attributing it to being an aspect of a broader neopagan revival. The genre has been controversial because of it’s association with nationalism socialism and the far-right.

“Post” - “after in time or order.

“Post-Neofolk” - “a music genre that emerged in the late 2000s as an outgrowth of neofolk and art rock, blending a mix of international acoustic instruments, such as gamelan and snare drum with elements of digital hardcore. Post-neofolk may be either solely electro-acoustic or combined folk instrumentation with various other sounds, such as samples from the 1960s and Asian culture. Various forms of popular culture and occultism play a part in the themes touched upon by many modern and original post-neofolk artists. Corporate logos, commercial imagery, fast food, cartoons, ironic religious fanaticism and other means of expressing a humorous interest in the “ancient” and “ancestral” occurs often in post-neofolk. Aesthetically, references to this subject occur within band names, album artwork, clothing and various other means of artistic expression. This has led to some forefathers of the genre and current artists within the genre attributing it to being an aspect of a broader revival of the Unpop art movement of 2004. The genre has been controversial because of it’s attempts to cause offense through transgressive art, in-fighting, and it’s flirtation with totalitarianism, queer culture, and pseudo-intellectualism. It ironically detaches itself from the white supremacist views of the far-right. 

About Unpop Art:

adj. -- Of or for the general public; popular or popularized; Of, relating to, or specializing in popular music; Of or suggestive of pop art.

n. -- Popular music; Pop art; Popular culture.

adj. -- Lacking general approval or acceptance; Regarded with disfavor or lacking general approval.

adj. -- The application of pop aesthetics, stylings, or techniques to unpopular, unpleasant, repressed or otherwise censored ideas.

n. -- Unpop art; Unpop music; Unpop writing; Unpop films.

According to Tobe Damit,

"The UNPOP ART Movement was founded in 2003 by Boyd Rice, Brian Clark and Shaun Partridge. Its other members include: Jim Goad, Adam Parfrey, Larry Wessel, Lorin Partridge, Nick Bougas, Beth Love, Gidget Gein and Charles Krafft. It has been described by Brian Clark, the movement’s “Minister of UnPropaganda” as follows: is any form of art, music, writing or film which has as its conceptual basis, the fusion of unpopular, offensive, disturbing or otherwise frowned-upon ideas with Fun, yummy, pop-art sensibilities, aesthetics or techniques. It’s a modernization of the age-old alchemical concept of blending polar opposites; in this case, of combining unpleasant ideas with innocuous pop-culture Fun. Good UNPOP ART should, in theory, be upsetting and Fun at the same time, and – like pop art or corporate advertising – ideally it should operate on a level of emotional immediacy that’s universally understood (most often via symbolism, but not always)… The circulation of obscure fascist imagery and themes by a number of neo-folk and goth bands has encountered resistance from anti-fascist fans, who regard it as a form of crypto-fascism."

And to Shawn Partridge,

"The Unpop Art Movement was formed in 2004. It was composed of eleven member-artists from The United States of America. Unpop disbanded as an "art movement" in 2010 because it stopped being Fun and groovy. Perhaps Unpop will return some day? Today is not that day."

...But this page is the official continuation of it!

The following is a lexicon of words, subjects, things and people of the movement know as “post-neofolk.” It is a hybrid culture of Unpop, Power Electronics, Digital Hardcore, The Asian Aesethics Movement, Post-Alt Internet Subcultures, Apop Culture, Satanism, Charles Manson and general cult worship, and all that fun transgressive stuff that comes with being a GROOOVY person!

The following terms should be juxtaposed together to create post-neofolk art:


1974 - A magical year where most original pre-liberal art was made. 
7 UP - A brand of lemon-lime soda loved by Shaun Partridge. The number “7” relates to the creation of the universe and is often a lucky number.
7inch records - Also known as “45s,” they were quite common during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Also associated with kids toys, bubblegum pop, punk rock and jazz. 


Aaron Clarey - A blogger known for his manly “do-it-yourself” philosophy and his attempt to resurrect playboy culture. 
Abusive relationships - A common theme among damaged liberals, punk rockers, and overall weird eccentrics. Often argued as the heart of all the issues in the entire white suburban boomer generation. Used as a theme in transgressive art. Also found in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and gays. 
Accelerationism - The idea that the prevailing system of capitalism should be expanded in order to generate radical social change. In theory, damage has been done. Eurasian people are here. There is no going back to a "reactionary" time, and people must adapt to such social changes. "Were queer and we're here!" What can be done to incorporate queer culture into conservative politics? And because of accelerationism, Asian-Aryanism (anime futurism) is a "counter-strike" reaction against capitalism to create healthy societies out of decadence. That is not to say Asian-Aryanism is unwanted, but we always desired to become anime characters, so we must strive towards a healthy society of it, not reject it. 
Adrian Tomine - Japanese-American artist known for his zeen “Optic Nerve.” Very influential in the Asian American avant-garde scene. 
Adult, The concept of being an - To become an “adult,” means to acknowledge, spiritually and consciously, that you have the “freedom” and power to lie, cheat, steal, kill and rape. Because being an adult ultimately means to be guilty. Compared it with the opposite, youth, which is innocence. An adult acknowledges he has “freedom.” The freedom to be guilty. Youth however, can't consent to this.
Agenda, The - "The Agenda" is omnipresent and everywhere. The elites must advocate The Agenda. Middle to lower classes that criticize or offend The Agenda must be suppressed, censored, shunned, isolated, and blackballed. The Agenda takes on many forms and causes. The Agenda is beyond control. It is neither left-wing or right-wing. White nationalist say The Agenda is "anti-white," reactionaries say it's "transhumanist," YouTubers call it "SJWism." No one has a clean definition what exactly it is. The Agenda is usually enforced when an aristocratic artist goes against. The artist no longer has "responsibilities," and is careless of his "privilege." The Agenda attacks those who attack the system. People in positions of power must submit to The Agenda. Journalism is a profession where pseudo-intellectual agitators "call out" elites and queers for not following The Agenda. 
Album art - Art on the front cover of a music album. Can be provocative, influential, famous, or religious.
Alex G. - Philadelphia dandy who dropped out of college to pursue a dream of becoming the next Elliot Smith, but instead started to hang out with twee Asian girls and Nintendo 64. 
Alex Grey - An American visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner.
Alex Pardee - Disturbed artist into Korn and midwest tattoo culture. Very violent energy. And also artsy at the same time. 
Alice in Wonderland - A classic tale that is an illusion of an LSD trip. Deconstructed by English professors as a metaphor about life, or even about escapism from reality. 
Aliens - There is a theory that Erich von Daniken is right and that Jesus Christ is Yog Sothoth. David Huggins claims this to be true. 
"All is Flowing" - Life philosophy that everything is interconnected and that we all belong on Gaia. Or a metaphor about globalism and equal opportunity consumerism. 
Al Stankard - Squatter and avant-garde hobo of the Acid-Right.
Alt-left - “the left-wing of the alt-right,” or a more laid back real realist and cool left-wing that isn’t pozzed or pretentious. 
Alt-left.com - Operated by Brandon Adamson. A strong visual aesthetic blog using 1960s, 70s, and 80s pop culture. Often blogging about criticism of the alt-right and praise of old commercialism and whites-only decadent art.
Alt-porn - A surreal avant-garde punk rock movement by Eon McKai. The viewer does not masturbate, but reflects about girls being objectified and studies their cultural habits. 
Amped Asia - A semi-erotic magazine dedicated to cool Asian women that could pass as punk rockers or hipsters. The magazine is often criticized as an Asian-America Vice. 
Ampeg Amps - A psychedelic guitar amp company that will turn you into a stone rocker. 
Andrea Dworkin - A cutting-edge feminist that argued all sex is rape, and that porn and promiscuous sex is romanticized, working against feminism. Ironically, she is actually advocating classical Judeo-Christian values that could save Western civilization. 
Andrew Looney - The Timothy Leary of game designers. Games are meant to be played under the influence and to “open the mind.” 
Anita Dalton - Fringe editor that collect works of fiction ignored by the book industry and normie liberals. 
Anne Frank - A poor girl and martyr fetishized by the Holocaust Industry. She represents the virgin Mary and is a subject of The Partridge Family Temple.
Answer Me! - A hateful series of magazines edited by Jim Goad. Offended many hipsters and normies. Ironically loved back. 
Antisemitism - A hatred for Jews. Yoav Shamir’s film Defamation issues the question of brain washing. Antisemitism is used as race-play, even if that means sleeping with Sarah Silverman. Mocking Jews will make you cool for a bit, until actual Jews shun you. 
Anything Box - Synthpop band that describes an innocent Gen-X reality without Chads and Stacies. 
Apocalypse Culture - Two books edited by Adam Parfrey. The start of punk rock transgressive / shock art. Advocates will argue “it’s not about that” and cover it with witty writing for postmodern professors. In all actually, this is why there is this lexicon and people who were jaded by it. 
Archie Comics - A comic featuring a normal white American trying to get laid by two cool looking white American girls. 
"Art School Fascist" - An insult to describe an undergrad student who makes art with fascist imagery, or flirts with far-right ideology, culture or themes. Usually this slur is used by normies and sometimes sincere leftist, but only use to measure oneself to say "I'm the right kind of queer, and in return, he's actually a normie that wants normative and oppression values! It's a disguise, using anti-queer ideology as a trojan horse!" 
Arts, The - The only thing that matters. Art over politics. Politics itself is an art. We are all artists striving to create art and we need a sense of belonging in order to present our art. Ideology and intelligence, and the promotion of it, is art. 
Asian-Aryanism - A philosophy (and derogatory term) that advocates a bicultural commune with whites, Asians, and Eurasians. Our own media will imagine a future full of Eurasians, but still having white culture and traditions. Also, the fascination of white people wanting to become anime. 
Asian Women - Women that are more creative, nicer, smarter, and sexier than today’s white women. White male-Asian female (and Asian-male-white female) couples are creative people. 
Atari Teenage Riot - An Asian-Aryan band that truly started the 60 second wipeout. The Kali Yuga is actually still happening and someone has to start the riot to end it. 
Atlantic Records (and the logo) - A groovy record label and artsy aesthetic. 
Authentic - "In accordance with fact or reality." True to one's life. The meaning behind life. Finding the self through ones own actions. Normies are happy because they feel "authenticity." Normies get offended if you question their authenticity. Queers have a hard time finding authenticity, but the sole purpose is to be an authentic queer. The opposite of authenticity is "inauthenticity." Humanity hates inauthenticity. 
"Avant-garde hate" - The condition where queers project hatred as an art. They need their audience, friends, and peers to feel the same hatred as they do. For example, Eminem's song "Kim" clearly portrays this avant-garde hate condition. G.G. Allen's career was centered around avant-garde hate as well. Avant-garde hate is very popular in white punk rock culture. 
Avant-garde Magazine - Lost magazines about fine art. 


B! Machine - A sad, Asian-Aryan who only wanted a Japanese girlfriend. 
Bandcamp - A corporation that has a monopoly of punk culture and continues to promote cassette culture and “new” music. The last hope for anything original. 
Baths - An Asian-Aryan homonationalist targeted towards hipsters. 
Beastiality- People having sex with animals. It’s funny, but no one really does it. A good way to shock your parents. 
Beatnik - Old school punk rockers of the 1950s. Many people try to be like them, but often fail. 
Beatsville by Rod McKuen - The original album that inspired Hatesville. 
Bee and Puppycat - A cartoon about the state of white women falling for Asian women and becoming Asian-Aryans. 
Becky - A normie female "nerd." She's average or just below average. Often is thin and reads a lot. Because she realizes she's a girl, she figures out that she can use her body to get free things. She exaggerates that she is "hot," when really shes not. She believes she can have sex with whoever she wants, including a successful chad she wants to go after and thinks is "the anti-hero." Ironically, Chad does not want Becky and wants a Stacy. Ideally, Becky should go with Melvin, but she refuses to believe it because "melvin is a creep." The nature of Becky is a result of the nature of white women and feminism combined. 
Bells - Instruments used in Neo-folk and Avant-garde music in general. Gives a holy surrounding. 
Ben-Day Dots - A really cool way to process art. 
Betty Friedan - An old school feminist. First bad memories of SJWs. 
Bizarro Fiction - When the pulp industry is dead and so new writers pretend they are actual pulp writers half a century ago. New themes about Nazis, porn, and monsters are added. Books are often sold for $20 brand new, defeating the purpose of it being cheap. Boredom among rich kids. 
Black Exploitation Films - The golden days of blacks acting like blacks in surreal movie plots.
Black Sun - (see Schwarze Sonne).
Blank Banshee - A vaporware musician that envisions a new form of pop music. Also wears a mask and dons disco camouflage. 
Boards of Canada - A mysterious duo that uses imagery from a lost period of child abuse. Sometimes satanic, sometimes awkward. Often psychedelic. 
Bobby Sherman - A long forgotten teen idol of the 60s. 
Boomer - A white, racially-aware generation that sought to make the white race better by introducing rule-breaking liberalism and culture. They see themselves as a "gift" for future white people.   
Brandon Adamson - The original beatnik futurist.
Butterflies - Insects that give us peace. The wings are very beautiful. 


CBS (and its eye) - A godlike corporation that cares for humanity. The eye could be trace to the illuminati, or a friendly cosmic horror that watches over society. 
Calarts - An art movement that is influencing the millennial generation. The style comes from a previous school known as “Fort Thunder.” The band Lightning Bolt and the following zeen culture within comics also help create the movement. 
Camouflage - A dress that incites fear or reminds people about war. 
Candy and Andy - Plastic child abuse in narrative form. 
Candy from the 1960s - Candies that are not LSD paper tabs.  
Capitalism - An economic system we are force to live under, and distorts our culture and reality. We are innate merchants exploiting innocent consumers, and we must wash away the sins of capitalism by acknowledging it exist. Capitalism may never be replaced in our lifetime, but to envision a future to stop its effects on the creation of original art is progressive. The queer elite is trying to co-opt it with queer culture, but in doing so will not solve the issue of our distorted reality of consumption. We are all secretive and manipulative businessmen deep down inside, and we must acknowledge this sin to move forward. Otherwise, queers should attack the ignorant or cowardly who does not acknowledge this universal sin. 
Carl Jung - A psychologist and artist that tried to move away from Juedo-Christanity and into new age “aliens are real.”
Cause & Effect - A band from the golden age of synth-pop. Often confused as Depeche Mode. 
Cereal Mascots - Lowbrow mascots, such as Captain Crunch, that remind kids that buying things bring joy. 
Chad - A normie male.
Chakras - Various focal points where energy comes from. 
Chaos Magick - If you believe something will happen, it will come true. However, this magic may be evil. If you watch Japanese porn, and you desire it, eventually, it will be your penis in that Japanese porno. If you want to have a big tit Indian girl, eventually, it will come true. The "dirty" actions you see in your head comes trues in reality. You must practice and envision yourself by harnessing "Chaos Magick" through evil thoughts.
Charles Kraft - Eccentric fine artist that got too obsessed with far-right imagery. 
Charles Manson - A violent cult leader that believed in race war before the anti-white regime began. Often wearing Mickey Mouse ears or compared as Lucifer. 
Child Abuse - A common trauma among eccentric individuals. Liberals try and normalize it as a natural part of growing up. Most become criminals or porn actresses.
Chris Chan - A famous queer known for his mascot "Sonichu" and his shenanigans in Virginia.
Chris Korda - Trans/crossdresser electronic musician and leader of The Church of Euthanasia. Self-destructive nihilist and classical leftist. 
Christianity - A very spiritual religion that has helped many people. Now hated by normal white people. Sincere and honest christians are hard to come by. Most are worthless losers using the religion as a scapegoat for their failures. Otherwise, Christianity has many deep rewards, from Gene Wolfe to G. K. Chesterton. The spirit of apology and forgiveness is the strongest human passion.
Chuck E. Cheese - A rodent mascot that took over Showbiz Pizza to promote Atari video games. Often chanting, “smile America.”
Church - A place of worship, or the concert you are attending. 
Church of Euthanasia - A church dedicated to the hatred of the normie. Lead by Chris Korda, a cross dressing electronic musician. Also mixes themes about commercialism. 
Church of the Sub Genius - A early esoteric church that helped other eccentrics make up ideologies and religions of their own. 
Cibo Matto - AxA Band.
Clarence White - An unapologetic pop culture icon of the middle class. 
Coca-Cola - Soma.
Coffee Tree Restaurant - A temple that worships the past.
Collage Art - Strongly associated with the Neo-folk and Unpop genre of art.  
Concentrated Liquid All - Special liquid that looks artsy.
Coon Chicken Inn - A controversial, yet widely popular restaurant about black mysticism. A healthy race-play experience. 
Cornel West - A funny looking black guy that appeared in an old McDonald’s ad.
Cosmic Encounter - The greatest board game of all time. Compared with the ouija board and tarot cards. Portrays the rise and fall of civilization. 
Cosmic Wimpout - An underground dice game used to trade weed. Some say it is actually dreidel. 
Counter-Currents - An anti-liberal publication with an aim towards white survival and classical modernism. Often will publish works of the avant-garde. 
Counter Culture - The party against the norm. Either through youth rebellion, or culture. Always changing, but often associates with queers. 
Counter Strike, The - A term made up by Alex Jones to refer to anti-liberal and reactionary politics, movement, culture, and philosophy that is against transhumanism and queer culture. However, the Counter Strike is failing to realize that they must incorporate an understanding of queer culture in order to go forward and win the war. This is the main argument of Queer Culture: A Transgressive Tradition. An Introduction for Normies and The Misguided Artist. (2019)
CrimeThInc - An anarchist publication that advocated anarchy lifestyle over action. This metapoltical force was so strong, it effected the entire left-wing, eventually creating what we know as the Antifa. 
Cult - You could say that capitalism has unintentionally created cults under it's rule. Cults play a huge part in the control of people and ideology. Cults are transgressive on the fact that they dismiss normative society. However, the greatest cults are those cultist who are unconscious of their actions. See The Cult Test featured in The Orange Papers
Cult of the Extroverts, The - There is a social class of people that still believe that "going outside" or meeting new people will help dictate their success as an artist. Or that "cool people" go to the bars, clubs, and other "extroverted" activity with other extroverts. However, this cult fails to realize that the artist is ultimately metapoltical and introverted. In the digital age, there is no reason to go on tour as a band, or meet new people "so they can get me good connections." This is now all done through the internet. In fact, most people don't go outside anymore. The Cult of the Extroverts tend to believe decadent and ugly people are introverted, and thus they must be "living in their parents basement." This is not only a pro-capitalist or meritocracy argument, but a shallow normie one that hates on queers. The Cult of The Extroverts is a dying breed, but yet people like Andy Warski are still breathing in toxic fumes. In recent years, queers have tried to make their own extroverted cults. Some of them are called the "DIY scene" (which has no internet presence) "crust punk" and Antifa. Promiscuous gay culture also belongs with the cult. Yes, it is queer, but just say no to these people. They are normies that have prejudice against their fellow queer. Also, if the cult does have an internet presence, they only use two internet platforms: Instagram and Snapchat. 
Cultural Placebo - When white people think they are doing something "transhumanist" or helping out with social justice, when in reality, they propagate white interest, culture, and people.
Cultural Queerness - When a normie is influenced by queer culture, and tries to socially become a queer. However, he is innately a normie. Most SJWs and Transpeople fall under this category. Normies think being a queer is the new normal. Normies want high status, and will be interest in "counter culture" if the Transgressive Liberal Elite promote it. Ironically, the TLE and real queers hate normies. Hence why this war between the normie and queer rages on. 
Culture Thug - A lowbrow, college educated, middle to upper-middle class cis kid, who just found out about queer culture, but still wants to cooperate with normie values. Most culture thugs are normative people, who then became "intellects," or "artist" right after college. And now they have a boring job or live with their parents. The irony is that the elite class thought they could turn stupid people into liberals, but instead, created a class of radical "big brain nibba" normies who disagree with everything. Culture thugs may go to grad school as their only choice under capitalism. 


Dave Brubeck - Jazz musician known for his kooky album art and classy lifestyle.
David Cassidy - Often compared with Jesus Christ. 
David Koresh - Crazy cult leader of the Waco siege. Cited by Boards of Canada as a mystical person. 
David Lynch - Queer film director known for his akward horror films and b-rated sci-fi. 
Dead Oceans - A record label which young white millennials look up to. 
Death in June - The most controversial neofolk act, lead by Douglas Pearce. The project often made collage art use of far-right imagery with an added touch of esotericism. This lexicon takes the next step after Death in June. 
Death in Rome - Joke band that mocks Death In June's style by covering pop songs. 
Deathlok - Comic book hero infused with transhumanism, anti-liberalism, and pure grim dark. 
Deconstruction - A method used by English professors to find the “sinister plot” behind something so boring. Deconstruction is used in post-neofolk to connect McDonald’s with hinduism. Although most of us are not atheist and actually sincerely believe in a fast food god. 
Depeche Mode - The most famous synthpop band. Very deep songs about loss, love, and guilt. 
"Dialogue" - Often, liberals, leftist, culture thugs, YouTubers, intellects, autistic kids and anarchist will advocate that "dialogue" is the only way forward. By having a sincere, "grown-up," diplomatic chat, all of our problems will be resolved. Capitalism is bad? Dialogue. No freedom for transpeople? Dialogue. Israelis verse Palestinians? Dialogue. Dialogue is something like when a Jehovah Witness comes knocking on your door, and asking you to convert to his religion. 
Digital Hardcore - A revolution in Germany that argued all punk music will become electronic and Asian. 
Disneyworld and land - These places are often compared with Israel or as a “New Jerusalem.”
Discord -  A cyberpunk village where queers can hang out, socialize, and meetup. 
“Diversity is our Strength” - Mantra said by the devil to sedate us in an endless consumer state of extreme individualism. 
Dogma 95 - A  film movement started in 1995 to make better films away from the influence of modernity. 
Doom Patrol - Classic comic book where the heroes are presocratic philosophers trying to stop the progressive socratic philosophers. 
Dollywood - Like hollywood, but about an ex-porn actress. 
Don Gorske - The man who has ate a McDonald’s cheeseburger every single day of his life. Compared with Mahatma Gandhi.
Donald Trump - The leader of the free world. Was a celebrity and reality TV star. 
Duke Ellington - A classical jazz musician apart of the “whitewashed” revolution in jazz. 


Encyclopedia Dramatica - For a very long time, this website was a catalogue of all the cool queers on the internet. Unfortunately, it's readers have a strong urge to attack the queers, like Chris Chan, and ridicule them. ED lost its edge when it tried to write an article about Donald Trump. According to queer logic, it would be edgy to advocate Trump because normies hate him. However, many normies preening as queer actually hate Trump, and so ED had to compromise and write two articles about Donald Trump. One for him, and the other against him. This inauthenticity shows the true nature of how strong transgressive queers are. ...Outqueering their own queer database.
Engage - To overcome the opponent, one must "engage" in "revolutionary action." Queers never want to "engage" with a normie, in fear they may be brainwashed into an Art School Fascist. or worse, become a normie! The Queer Stacies and pinkwashers feel that they should never engage with a normie because "mean people suck." The truth is, they are normies under cultural queerness, and they actually don't have a proper understanding of queer culture and it's transgressive tradition. 
Ethnic Cleansing Operations FM 6 2003 - Some really offensive book about how to initiate a genocide. 
Experience Economy, The - "Businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product: the "experience". More advanced experience businesses can begin charging for the value of the "transformation" that an experience offers, e.g., as education offerings might do if they were able to participate in the value that is created by the educated individual."
Eurasian - The people of the future. Half admixture European / Half admixture NE/SE Asian. They will make up both the punk scene AND the cosmopolitan establishment. 
Eurasian Futurism - The neoliberal capitalist state will be geared into this direction. The Eurasian people will try their best to "make anime real" through future Transhumanist technology. A future where the "white" class is Eurasian, influencing all future art forms and movements. This is a eugenics program in the making. The goal is to erase the mundane nature of whiteness and recreate a new whiteness around anime and Asian society. 
Eurobeat - "Yoo-lo-be-to," or sped-up Italo Disco targeted for a Japanese Audience. Bratt Sinclaire is one of the greatest producers who ever lived. 


Fascism - A system that everyone hates but can’t explain why. 
Fast food - Food we consumer everyday. 
Fast food restaurants - Temples that offer food to the poor. 
Feral House - A book publication house operated by Adam Parfrey. The label was known to publish hostile books against normie values. However, Feral House tone down it’s anger after the Ian Brady incident, and started appealing to the “book industry.” 
Finding esotericism through crass commercialism - A strategy used in Unpop and post-neofolk. 
Flags - A piece of cloth that shows symbols or emblems as a decorative during activism and performance art. People sometimes fear them. 
Flowers - Symbols of peace, hippies, and freedom. 
Fluxx - A card game by Andrew Looney that is very random, but is pleasant and mind-opening. 
Fnord - A subliminal message we can’t see, or a proxy. 
Frank Kozik - An artist known for his punk rock posters and love for old school cartoons. 
Funny Pumper by Play Doh - An odd children’s toy that promoted homosexuality. 


Gamebooks - A book that acts like a game. Or a book written in the second person narrative. Includes paths to choose from, dice rolling, written stats and “inventory.” The next generation of fiction.  
Gamelan - A traditional Asian instrument that makes you look scared. 
Gavin McInnes - A huckster who stole the gimmick of Answer Me! and turned it into the Vice Empire.
Gay for Johnny Depp - Queercore hardcore band about Johnny Depp.
Gen X - A white, racially-aware generation that sought to find meaning, place, and identity through a a globalist, capitalist society. They were divided into "Jock," "Goth," "Nerd," and so forth. Ironically, they wanted to replicate suburban Boomer society while having the "individual" cake too. When it comes to the future for a white race, they see it as optional. To them, white people will always be around.
Brandon Adamson - The original beatnik futurist.
George Lincoln Rockwell - Captain of the first American Nazi Party. 
Giant Robot - Classical magazine about Asian-American art and culture. 
Google Hangouts - A corporate own service where queers can change metapolitics by hosting independent radio shows. 
Googie style art - A form of modern architecture that mixes car culture, jets, the Space Age, and the Atomic Age. 
Goth Culture - An outdated youth culture that is still unfortunately relevant. Much of the "occult" interest, the color black and love for horror films, monsters and folklore originates from this fad. However, it would ultimately bring neofolk, emo/skramz, and the school shooter mentality to popularity. The tradition still carries on within punk bands, still moping about the loss of a lover, seeking revenge, or being interested in weird and gloomy topics. Ironically, it is a reflection of the nihilism that happens in American mid-west culture. Most so-called "goths" believe they are transgressive. They are not. They will always shop at Hot Topic, no matter what. 
Greek Alphabet - Letters of the Greek Alphabet that trace back to the origins of counting. 
Grimdark - An English phrase used to referred to their dystopian comic books, open-ended board games, and violent comic art. 
"Groovy" - A phrase used by hippies to approve of something cool. 
Guitar Ringer - An annoying sound that opens up on every single punk song ever made. 
Gun Fag Manifesto - A manifesto written by Hollister Kopp to promote gun culture and the value of owning a gun. 


HR Puffinstuff - A puppet show that disturbed many children while cool people did drugs while watching it.
Hand signals - Sort of like hoodlum “gang signs,” but similar to the “peace sign” or the “partridge sign.” Often a signal of peace and hospitality.  
Hanna Barbara - A cartoon powerhouse that made some of the best esoteric cartoons the world has ever been graced with. 
Hans-Jürgen Syberberg - German film director who was the first to flirt with fascist imagery as transgressive art. 
Hare Krishna - A mantra for better peace in the world. 
Haribo Twin Snakes - A gummy candy that is compared with Caduceus.
Harmony Korine - Film director known for his films about morbid poverty and mental retardation. 
Haruki Murakami - The second heir of Mishima that made Japanese fiction popular again among gen-x and millennials. 
Hate - The most powerful emotion creating art and something most normies fear. 
"Hate is Not Hip." - This slogan is advocated by progressives who feel that a certain avant-garde hate is regressive. But they are ok with an avant-garde hate that goes against normative and cis values. These people will often be those who say "mean people suck" or make up some postmodern/communist rhetoric that "hate is being used as a trojan horse to convert our queer culture." 
Hatesville - A significant manifesto soundtrack that laid down the first theories and practices of the punk rock transgressive art scene simply known as "the hate scene." 
Headbands - Worn as a sign of peace. Girls who wear them are promiscuous and offer free sex. 
Heavy Sounds by Elvin Jones and Richard Davis - A “hard bop” soundtrack that influenced many people. 
Helen Keller - A hopeless blind girl loved by Americans. Used as an object to cause offense. 
Herbie Mann and Tamiko Jones - An important duo that help create the first version of punk rock Asian-Aryanism. 
Hindu Deities - Many deities are important in post-neofolk. For example, Huckleberry Hound is compared with Vishnu. 
Hinduism - The oldest religion in the world and the most important. Acts more like a collective. 
Hippies - People of the first cultural revolution. 
Holly Harman’s Inside a Hippie Commune - A book examining the nature of the hippy. 
Homonationalism - An important faction of nationalism that argues the only gays should reign supreme and be the sole creators of world culture.  
Honeypot Studios - A video production channel similar to Million Dollar Extreme, operated by Beardson Beardly. Honeypot Studios is famous for The Weekly Sweat, a troll program that attacks the far-right. They are known as the innovators of "cultural antifa." Also, the radical nature of the program is best suited for self-destructive queers, contrary to the target audience of "gamers." 
Horror Films - Often horror movies are brought up because of excessive violence and shock jock shenanigans. 
Hubert Selby Jr. - A writer known for his fiction about criminal culture. A predecessor of Larry Clarke and Andre Dworkin.
Human BioDiversity - A philosophy which argues that world peace can be achieved by separating the races into their own respective homelands, and that humanity is more “diverse” for having different preserved races. 
Hypermodernism - The philosophical paradigm we are living under now. An age determined by the protagonist to an anime no one is watching. That which is every white millennial and zoomer alive.  


Ian Brady - A serial killer who is obsessed with his own ego. Hated by people and the mainstream. Some look up to him as god, others know him as a fraud and evil person. Either way, it scares normies.
Identitarianism - Similar to Human BioDiversity, but uses the language of postmodernism to advocate Ehtnonationalism. Ironically only practiced by white people and the young republican club. 
Incel - A new type of self-destructive queer that demands sex in an age of sexual recession. 
Incest - Sex with family members. Almost immoral. 
Incestnationalism - A theory that white nationalism ultimately advocates an “incest” state where people are treated like clones and family members. This would also lead to faulty genetics as well. 
Information Society - A classic synthpop band that used commercialism in their art. 
Inverted color schemes with high saturation - An art style loved by the old-school boomers. 
Iron Cross - A military decoration to represent the kingdom of Prussia. Proto Nazi ideology. 
Ironic Holiday Theme music - “Happy Holidays from Adolf Hitler!” 
Ironic use of Nazi imagery - Most people in post-neofolk are not actual national socialist. In fact, Death in June did it so much it is now uncool to be a nazi. Nazi imagery is still used to offend SJWs and liberals, but the purpose is to open up people’s mind about the real history of Nazi Germany. There is no escaping the fact we live in a post socialist era where fascism/communism is acceptable even in entertainment industry Again, post-neofolk sincerely believes there is a McDonald’s god, even if that is Adolf Hitler. 
“I’m not racist” - A default reaction when post-neofolk or unpop artists are accused of being a “racist.” Either it works or it feeds into the liberals rhetoric. It doesn’t matter since it’s just a word. There are concerned people who are fighting for white survival. And there are some that just want Human BioDiversity, or hate liberalism. The point is to cause offense. This is physiological warfare. (Then watch the liberal squirm and try to assume post-neofolk as a “sinister plot” to kill 6 million brown people). “Racism” is a school of thinking made up by cultural marxism. Don’t play into it. 
"I think that..." When a teenager or twenty-something tries to spew critical theory or postmodern rhetoric to engage with his/her/zes opponent. Often said something before, "Derrida wanted freedom for black people." Or. "racism is actually a virus that must be stomped out of Western culture!" This is used often in a condescending tone, often under the normie influence of peer pressure. Not even the normie who spews "I think that" really understands what he/her/ze is saying. 


Jack Donovan - An important figure in homonationalism. A strong nice gay guy that could be your older brother. Got obsessed with Mishima and now is going through a painful self-inflicting tattoo phase. He’s been on the tough-guy hardcore punk side ever since. 
Jainist use of the swastika - The natural and preferred way to use a swastika. 
James J O Meara - An important contributor towards homonationalist thought. His writing is like an avant-garde collage mixed with Mystery Science Theater 3000. His footnotes make fun of you. 
James Nulick - An erotic avant-garde writer that writes controversial subjects about children and punk rock.
Jane Birkin - A pretty actress that starred in some psychedelic films. 
Japanese Breakfast - Korean-Jewish-American who graduated the same college Francis Nally went too. The Asian-Aryan virus caught her, and now she is targeting normies. 
Japanese Culture - The only culture white people can love and admire. Eventually will become apart of Asian-Aryanism.
Jay Ward - creator and producer of amazing WASPian cartoons. 
Jazz - The seedy, dystopic genre of dysfunctional classical music. 
Jell-O - A gelatin desert many kids love. 
Jerry Garcia - Hippy prophet that spread drug culture all across America. 
Jhonen Vasquez - Comic book artist know for his violent twee art. He has since fell from grace because of his association with liberal and SJW culture. But hardcore queers and punk rockers still love his "old school" art. 
Jim Goad - Hate-filled editor, writer, and punk rocker that “came from a bad sperm from a bad egg.” Not even Wikipedia can get it right without him stalking you.  
Jim Jones - Cult leader who told everyone to drink the electric kool-aid. Ironically a far-leftist and socialist. 
Jim Spagg - Some weirdo that had his own public-access television show in the Portland area. 
Jim Woodring - Far-out cartoonist known for his vision of the “unifactor.”
Jimmie Fitzgerald’s The Moment of Truth Is. - The front cover of this book is amazing. 
John Lennon and Yoko Ono - The first and original Asian-Aryan duo. Responsible for starting the Asian-Amercian avant-garde art scene. 
John Waters - He shouldn’t be on this lexicon, but I added him anyway. 
Jolibees - “McDonald’s of the Philippines.” The mascot is magical. 
JonBenet Ramsey - A child beauty queen that was murdered. No one found out who killed her. The mainstream media exploited her death. Used as an object of attention. 
Jonathan Bowden - Post-Angry-Young-Men artist, writer, and speaker. One of the first individuals to undercover the far-right and it’s esoteric roots. 
Josef Staliin - Dictator of communism land. 
J.S.H. Disorder - A disorder that excuses someone because of his/her/zes condition. "It JUST SO HAPPENS I'm a black girl into anime!"
Judd Hirsch - A man that often appeared on analog television sets and did funny things. 
Juxtaposition - Post-neofolk and Unpop will juxtapose images together to create new meanings and philosophies. The trend is getting two polar opposites, and further establishing research on the esoteric nature of “fast food fascism.” There is also a famous magazine called Juxtapoz, which in the 1990s was very influential. 


KMFDM - Influential industrial band that used totalitarian imagery (Aidan Hughes) and mixes multiple genres with heavy guitar riffs and house beats. Stands for “No Pity for the Majority.”
Kaboom Cereal - A kid’s cereal with a cool looking clown on it with colorful edible pieces. 
Katherine Dunn - Edgy writer known for her toughness and other things about being queer. 
Kaleidoscopes - Mind opening visions that helps the artist create new realities. 
Keith Haring - A gay artist known for his Sesame Street dogs and people. He tried to lure kids in his car and was a self-hating white person. He died of AIDs at the age of 31. 
Kellogs - A brand that makes really cool kids cereals. 
Kenner toys - A classic toy known for their 3.5 inch action figures in plastic blister packs. 
Kidrobot -A once famous vinyl toy company that would make really cool art toys. They have lost their edge since. 
“Kill Your TV.”-A slogan that told young people to stop watching TV. Another way of saying “Kill All Normies!”
Kitty Bobo - An underground cartoon show by Megan Dunn. It was about an Asian-American hipster scene in some remote city. Asian-Aryanism for kids. 
Kleem - A mantra that creates ultimate harmony. 
Kraftwerk - German robot band that wears suits and ties. Still considered cool among boomers. 
Kundalini - The primal point of energy. 


LBTQ Culture - Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer culture. A majority of these people like decadent things as well as art. The club of misfits, now popularized as the new normal. 
Laibach - A band that used fascist imagery even before Death in June's avant-garde touch.
LARP - "Live action role-playing." Originally a harmless game played by nerds and actors, now a full-fledge ideology where young people must "larp" as a character they saw on TV or emulate their peers. This is very similar to René Girard's theory of mimicry. 
Larry Clark - A film director known for his films about loss of innocence, promiscuous guilt, and moralist attitudes about decadence. He is rich, even though pretends to be poor. 
Lasse Nielsen - Controversial film director know for his obsession with boys and strong white men. 
Laugh-in - A comedy show about the good old days when boys were boys and girls were girls. 
Lava Lamps - A strange device where cosmic goo is stored in. The viewer is lost watching it melt and slide for hours. 
Leninade (or ironic communist-theme commercialism) - A communist soft drink meant as a joke. Some who drink it actually support communism. Do we live in the soviet union?
Liberal Feudalism - The European caste system in capitalist America. We believe we are free, but rather, ultimately stuck to the position we exist at. The queer elites certainly don't want Cis or normie people climbing up anytime soon. 
Logans Run - A cool 70s movie that had an elaborate set design and cool futuristic white people from the future.  
Lollipops - A delicious candy for kids. Or a tool for seduction and drugs.
Lou Donaldson - Bebopper and saxophonist. 
Luke Ford - A legendary journalist dedicated to the art of cultural anthropology and public agitation. 


Mad Men - A mainstream television show that paid tribute to the “good old days.”
Magical Negro - A hip, or "magical" black person that knows what is truly "freaky" in this cis and normative society. Often the magical negro represents classical African American culture from the 1960's or 70's. The "black face" or "coon caricature" is meant to offend liberals.
Marc Bolan - One of the first flamboyant rock stars. Turned young kids into criminals. 
Mark Ryden - Pizzagate elite known for his crude drawling of children and his worship of Micheal Jackson.
Margret Cho - Asian comedian who talks about race-play, porn, and shit jokes. A gateway drug to Asian-Aryanism. Only cool people have had sex with her. …Maybe. 
Martin F. Emond - New Zealand cartoonist and tattoo artist who pioneered punk rock cartoons. His brand “illicit” was very influential in the lowbrow art scene. Also White Trash and Switchblade is just genius. 
Marvin Glass - Famous toy inventor. The one we call "father." 
Mask - Often worn to cover one’s identity. Makes you look like some scary evil creature. 
Mass-solipsism - The theory that communism / socialism is a form of solipsism. To destroy all forms of society and let it all cater to the self. An ersatz religion. Equivalent to the meaning behind queerness and queer culture. 
Maximum Rock N Roll - A punk magazine that cataloged new punk releases. Still somewhat significant, but not really. 
McDonald’s - “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”
Megachurches - A church where people come to worship in the dozens. 
Mego Dolls - Classical dime store dolls that were not Barbie. The lower-class mutt.
Meta-left - When the left became aware that everything is rotten.
Melvin - A normie male nerd.
Metapolitics - "A metalinguistic talk about politics; a political dialogue about politics itself. In this mode, metapolitics takes on various forms of inquiry, appropriating to itself another way toward the discourse of politics and the political. It assumes a self-conscious role of mediating the analytic, synthetic, and normative language of political inquiry and politics itself. Put simply, it is dialogue about the way politics will talk (and does speak) about itself." In other words, the use of politics through the arts to control culture than relying on actual politics.
Michael Jenkins Moynihan - An American journalist, publisher, and musician. His band is Blood Axis. Early Neo-Folk pioneer. 
Mickey Mouse - Everyone loves him. There is nothing that is more graceful than him.
Millennial - The first white generation to declare a future without white people. Most millennials don't want to see a striving future for their own race because they have given up on them. There is some racially-aware whites fighting this, but they too are under the spell of extreme pessimism and postmodern consumerism. Ask any Millennial what is embarrassing, and they will say "living in the middle of nowhere with my backwards parents." If given a choice, Millennials want to see themselves as pure, artistic individuals without a sincere connection to anything racial. Ironically, SWPL culture is still there, and because of Girard's mimetic theory, Millennials still attach themselves to white people consumer culture. But they are looking for a future where they can be something they are not, such as being an anime character, trans, gay, or otherkin (this is a reflection of post-capitalism). 
Milk Shakes - A nice dessert to have while looking at roller girl panties. 
Misogyny - Being a sexist can be tough. Either you hate your wife, or you hate modern women. But ironically it’s ok to hate men. Hating women brings back the beater in wifebeater. 
Mission Hill - A cult classic cartoon show about reality.
Mitski - The latest fad in the Asian-Amercian arts. Boys are throwing themselves at the idea that they too can have a romantic Asian girlfriend that just wants to be white. But no, she’s actually alt-right. And a big normie too. Persephone loves me, and she loves you too. Bless thee.
My Life as a Teenage Robot - A cartoon show that started off the Calarts movement. It was hated when it first aired, but later was appreciated for it’s futurism and it’s Asian-Aryan idealism. 


NBC (and its peacock) - A religion that introduced color to the world. It is said that the black sun is hiding beneath the colorful peacock. A sign of homonationalism.
NPC - Non-playable-character, or normie. 
Nancy Sinatra - A bad and sinful daughter. Good music to pretend you are a surf rocking gangster. 
Nazbol Gang - A somewhat self-denying alt-right group of trolls that argues all politics is relative and what left is dada trolling. 
Neofolk - Something of the past. It got obsessed with European folklore too much and lost it’s original intention. Now we are introducing a Post-neofolk.
Neonnationalism - A type of nationalism based upon aesthetics. Interchangeable with consumer nationalism or worship of technological cities. 
Neutral Mik Hotel - Shaun Partridge claims that the band took Anne Frank from him, and used it for their own preening purposes. Could they be influenced from Pft!?
“New & Improved” - A tagline used to promote something that is the opposite. 
New Yorker, The - A classic magazine that lives out art-deco and Eurasian futurism in a pretty cool city. They are always up to date with queer culture. 
Nick Bougas - Transgressive cartoonist good at drawling stupid people and caricatures of normies.
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke - British historian and academic that was first to research far-right esotericism. 
Nine Banded Books - A publishing house that left off where Feral House stopped. Much of the cutting-edge shock art literature is coming from here. They believe in a philosophy where one has to read to open one’s mind. 
Nitzer Ebb - An early industrial band that flirted with totalitarian imagery and somewhat far-right/left wing themes. The band was made up of a SH-101, a drum machine, and a guy screaming second-person commands. 
Non-sports Trading Cards - Trading cards are really cool. Especially E.T. cards.
Normies - Normal people. Chad (male) and Stacy (female).
Nurse with Wound list - A list that was so cool, you don’t even know a majority of the bands or people. This list has been revered by postmodern professors too. 


Occultism - Supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, and phenomena. Things that made up Goth culture and Neofolk. Continues through shocking normies and through consumer culture.
"Offended on behalf" -  When SJWs and Queer Stacies become too upset about something (because mean people suck or they don't have an answer something too complicated), they rely on a (usually a queer-male) spokesperson who will speak "for the group." The spokesperson who is "offended on behalf" (of the cultural queer group of normies) will speak logically, but as well condescending, trying to shame the opponent. Again, this is a preening contest, and the spokesperson is trying to persuade the group he "is a good guy," then actually trying to prove a point. This a result of the normie mentality, and is inauthentic with true queer culture and its transgressive tradition. 
Ohio Express - Pop band that was far out and sold out to the man. 
Old boards games before 1980 - These games are like pagan practices to contact the outer world. 
Old magazines - Some of these magazines have very significant topics that will never be outdated. 
Oliva Walton - A character form The Waltons. Too good to be true. 


PATH - Higher education that stands for philosophy, anthropology, theology, and humanities. Currently under attack the transhumanist STEM class, PATH is the center of all queer culture. 
PBS - The government. 
PIG - Project lead by Raymond Watts. Subjects include sleaziness, deviants sexuality, police state violence, shock art, and biker culture. Members are from the golden age of KMFDM. 
Paramahansa Yogananda - A yogi/guru who taught the west about yoga pants. 
Patalliro! - Extreme, gender-queer manga/anime from late 70s/early 80s that dealt with themes of the occult, totalitarianism, pedophilia, cross dressing, homonationalism, psychedelia, vampires, film noir, art nouveau, and radical Japanese culture. It is the most prophetic piece of art for the post neofolk movement. 
Paul Fussell - Western philosopher known for his pre-MGTOW do-it-yourself philosophy about economics, the failure of education, class, the bell curve, and homonationalism in WWI. 
Paul Lynde - An eccentric queer who was the center of attention. 
Peace symbolism and philosophy - The peace symbol was actually an English symbol against nuclear bombs. It is the first sign of cultural marxism that has infiltrated the west. Now used ironically to talk about hippies. Still, the peace symbol is very similar to the swastika, that it can cause offense to some people. Who? We have yet to remind people that it is evil by design.
Pepsi Cola - Counter soma. 
Peter Max - The Raphael of our time. 
Peter Popoff - A pre Alt-Right advocate during a period when a Sargon-of-Akkad-tier "skeptic" tried to derailed him. He is still going strong and a respectable figure in the Alt-Right. This is what a good business man is. Also, he has an amazing face full of plastic surgery. 
Peter Sotos - Some punk-rock writer that took things too far in shock art by adding in child pornography. He said “I wanted to feel it!” Yeah, yeah. Now he’s speaking at French art museums. 
Peter Wyngard - A fictional porn star that stars in b-rated crime shows. 
Pillow Talk - "A relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners before, in-between, or after sexual activity, usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, and other physical intimacy. It is associated with honesty, sexual afterglow, and bonding, and is distinguished from dirty talk which usually forms part of foreplay. Pillow talk, more broadly may also refer to conversations between parties that may be of a more casual and flirting nature, and are not necessarily engaged in a physical relationship." ...This is the purpose of creating art. 
Pinkwashing - "In the context of LGBT rights, it is used to describe a variety of marketing and political strategies aimed at promoting products, countries, people or entities through an appeal to gay-friendliness, in order to be perceived as progressive, modern and tolerant. The phrase was originally coined in 1992 by Breast Cancer Action to identify companies that claimed to support people with breast cancer while actually profiting from their illness." Also refers to when some queer criticizes and "Art School Fascist," saying "he's using the word queer for his own gain/propaganda!" The word "queer" has been pinkwashed so much, it lost its original meaning, like the swastika. 
Pizzagate - A true series of events that argues that the avant-garde scene advocates pedophilia. It is true that liberal elites go to fancy art museums and can buy their way out of jail. But there are limits to their power. Pedophilia seems to be a forbidden thing that these degenerate elites want. They can have it by changing the metapolitcal forces by accepting Soto, Brown, and Serrano’s art as “beautiful.” 
Plastic Bubbles toy - A toy that could actually kill you. A reoccurring theme with obsolete children’s toys. Kind of like a child predators, or something that is cute with deadly consequences. 
Platform - An opportunity to voice one’s views. Used in hipster/leftist circles to talk about freedom of speech and world anarchy. Ironically, the only platform that is not allowed is for “fascist” because they promote bad things, and like a virus, you can catch it and have AIDs. A platform is also a punk concert, or “show.”
Playboy Magazine - A magazine that objectifies women for man’s pleasure. Also teaches you how to be a good man with lots of money. The cartoons are also great. 
Plural Pronoun - “We,” “Us,” “Everybody” is nobody but you being arrogant, pretentious and self-centered. Society is a figment of our imagination. Plural-pronouns is how the enemy defeats “us.”
Poetry - Fine art using the English language. Sometimes, the text is “looked” at than actually read. This is known as “fontism.”
Pogs - Runes from the capitalist age.
Polaroid - A very emtoional picture into a past that was once our youth. 
Political imagery next to cute and family friendly commercialism - The main motivation and creation of unpop / post-neofolk art. 
Pop art - Fine art that used crass commercialism and “mundane cultural objects.” If you mix this classical movement with transgressive neofolk, you get post-neofolk. 
Porn - A dreamland reality where men can fulfill barbaric desires of reproduction and control. Women watch porn to feel wanted. Sometimes it is a reflection of a culture in decline. Other times it is the daily activity of rich people. Smart people tend to watch porn without masturbating and treat it is as a cultural anthropology lesson. 
Puffy - AxA band. 
Pysche-paths (board game) - The official board game of The Partridge Family Temple.


Queer Culture - “Stange, odd” culture. Often confused as “sexual deviancy.” The origin of the name implied strange eccentrics outside normie culture. This is Queer culture. There is queerness in the alt-right as well. Whatever is anti-normie, full of eccentrics, and full of hate/weirdness is actually “queer.” Post-neofolk is apart of queer culture. 
Queer Condition, The - The condition of being queer, like the "queer experience." 
Queer Resume - A non-physical resume that only exist in a written biography or spoken interview, where the queer is measured by his/her/zes queers experiences. For example, a "molested black girl who is otherkin and is also a banker" is more interesting than a "white guy who was molested and born in South Africa." Queer resumes, like actual job resumes, are compared and contrast to receive a professional "platform," thus becoming a famous celebrity or artist (and hopefully changing the future). Queer resumes are judged by "the progressive stack," or "who is more queer?" 
Quentin Crisp - One of the first queers to ever exist. 
Quentin Tarantino - A film director known for his throw-back films of previous generations of criminal culture and love for “pulp” films. He’s kind of cucked now, but his old films paid tribute to Apocalypse Culture.


Racism - Hatred of other races. Used by the left and the normie class to advocate the anti-white agenda. Racism is used as an easy way to shock the liberal world. Now popular in the Alt-right. The ultimate end goal is egalitarianism. People who oppose racism are actually Race-realist. 
Rainbows - A beautiful symbol of every color we can see. Color TV first debuted in 1965. Now the LBGT took over the rainbow. Some argue that the rainbow is a symbol of Human BioDiversity. Whatever it means, some people do drugs and see rainbows. Rather, a symbol of psychedelics. A rainbow can also be your favorite color. 
Race-play - A friendly thing interracial couples do to end racism. Ironically by being racist towards each other in a consensual way. Could also be sexual. 
Rachel Haywire - "Woah, look at me! Does this look like H.R. Giger mixed with Neuromancer!??"
“Rape!” - A classical slogan to incite offense. Similar to Raymond Watt’s style of art. 
Ray Kroc - Postmodern Moses.
Realicide - A punk collective started in 2003 that mixed electronic gabber hardcore with punk hardcore unironically. The motto became “punk not comfort.” The aesthetic and culture of punk should supersede any genre of music. But then the metapolitical force became successful. Now there are hipsters acting punk to get free friends.
Red Flag - A band that copied Depeche Mode and some say are actually better than them. Strong use of tankie imagery. 
Regional Identity - Also known as "city pride," an identity created by American capitalist to sedate people from having racial or even national identity. The advocation of ethnonationalism is a result of phony capitalism and the creation of meaningless, pockets of materialistic communities. This will eventually turn America into China, or create new biracial / mono-mutt people. 
Related Records - A record label that publishes queer music. 
Rev Leroy Jenkins - Religious man who believed what he did. Similar to Johnny Cash, cooler than Peter Popoff, and has more magical powers. 
Ricard Avedon - Photographer know for his wacky yellow/red picture of John Lennon. 
Richard Garfield - The world’s most famous game designer and philosopher. Married an asian woman twice and has Eurasian children. Often secluded like J.D. Sallinger. 
Richard Speck - Fine artist who went kooky one day. Worked at a 7 UP plant. Also a self-destructive homo. 
Richard Simmons - An eccentric queer known for his flamboyant rituals. 
Richard Wolstencroft - Film director known for his attempts to put the “hate scene” on film. His films include Pearls Before Swine and The Second Coming. 
“Riots Not Diets” - Some fat acceptance slogan. Or at least a slogan against veganism and corporate conformity. But yeah, if your fat, you need a diet. It’s all in your head. Unnecessary anxiety doesn’t mean keep getting fat. 
Risk (board game) - A classic war-game by avant-garde film director Albert Lamorisse. Very experimental, always a new experience. Only the dice dictate the future. Risk is a system, not a game.
Robert Anton Wilson - Author The Illuminatus! Trilogy and Cosmic Trigger. Also a well read academic on conspiracy theories.
Robert Crumb - Cartoonist known for his crude and sleazy drawings of the post-hippy era. 
Robert Lindsay - The original Alt-Left blogger. 
Robert Stark - The original Alt-Left podcaster. 
Robert Inhuman - Digital Hardcore crust punk. The one and only. 
Rodney Alan Greenblat - Cartoonist and fine artist known for his colorful and joyful characters. Popular in Japan and as well a practicing Buddhist. 
Roger Scruton - English philosopher and professor first to criticize the cultural marxist regime. 
Ron Asheton - Guitarist from the band The Stooges. Often wore an Iron Cross. 
Ron English - Fine artist and street artist known for his juxtaposition of popular culture, consumer logos, and cartoon characters. A crypto fast-food fascist. 
Ronald McDonald - Pierrot The Clown.
Rosie O’Donnell - Lilith who tried to overthrow God Emperor Trump. 
Roy Lichtenstein - Pop artist who used comic art as fine art. 
Rubix Cube - A puzzle that has entertained hippies for many decades. 
Runes - Ancient Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian language calling for a higher power. 


SETH (Gregory Gallant) - Canadian cartoonist who is a cryptic white nationalist. Often he does cover art and comics for The New Yorker. 
SWPL - “Stuff White People Like.” Popularized in Christian Lander’s two volume book of the same name. 
Sam Rivers - Free Jazz innovator and loved by beatniks. 
Sampler - A device which allows musicians to “sample” any audio source. Use it in hip-hop or to trigger a funny noise. 
Samurai Jack - One of the most important popular art films of the early 21st century. The responsible trio is Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig Kellman, and Scott Willis.
Sarah Jeong - Godmother for the Asian-Aryan movement.
Savage Hippy - A really cool podcast and a really cool guy. 
Scary logos - A compilation of logos from 1965-1985 that are not only subliminal, but gives awkward and bad feelings of nostalgia. 
School Shooter - Since 1999, this phenomena was considered abnormal. Now, it’s just a natural consequence when Gen-X oppresses their entire generation with materialistic niches. 
Schwarze Sonne - German occult symbol that has something to do with Indo-aryan origins and how life revolves around the organic natural order. ...Or something about Nazi UFOs and how the post-war scene had Savitri Devi or something like that. It is pretty cool. But now so overused it’s a joke. Still cool when you juxtaposes it with rainbows. ...Maybe.
Search & Exit - Old punk rock magazine/zeen about early transgressive art and some Asian-American themes. Cool stuff. 
Serial Killers - There has been a fascination with serial killers and criminology within the transgressive art scene. It’s an easy kick to cause offense and to protest against bourgeois values. It could be compared with other punk rockers to judge “how hard they are.” Again, it’s about feelings. But most artist are not criminals and just say things to incite unwanted emotions. Serial killers are also subjects of queer culture.  
Sex jokes - A simple sex joke could easily offend the most prudish person. Also, most people don’t talk about it, but practice it when no one is watching. Pornography has became so mainstream, that normie people perform acts of “cumshots” and “tittyfucking” onto their lovers. I imagine every geeky nerd has tittyfucked their Asian girlfriend out of curiosity. 
She (1965 film) - A classic Peter Cushing film abut a lady everyone wants. In color. 
Shock art - Another way to say “transgressive art,” or art meant to cause offense because of some bigger meaning behind the text. And something, something, something. Some shock art is just what it is, ...shocking. Shock art is also a lifestyle. A way to say “I have it worse than you!”
Shonen Knife - AxA Band. 
Short Eyes (1977 film) - A film about prison and prison culture, and pedophilies. Gritty crime stuff. 
Simon Bisley - English artist known for his interest in punk rock, eccentric characters, and his reboot of Lobo. His style is made of edgy drawings that predate the “grimdark” formula which the English are known for. 
Sinister plot - A postmodern professor, or an angry nonwhite or SJW, will argue that “there is a sinister plot behind the text.” This is the main motivation of Derrida-style “deconstruction” which the whole point is to find something “evil” behind something that is not. Unfortunately, normies now do this, and we realize deconstruction only deconstructs itself. The alt-right is said to be fourth wave deconstruction. Ironically, I could be deconstructing those who deconstruct and it never ends. Where is the sinister plot if truth is out in the open?
Simon Sheppard - There are two Simon Sheppards, 1. gay erotica writer, 2. English musician, producer, and far-right writer into strange conspiracy theories. Both likely the same person. 
Snare Drum - Neofolk acts will use just a snare drum in a drum kit, and hit it over and over again to create a surreal environment. 
Snog - A music project that created “fast food fascism” and used the neofolk aesthetic in a whole new way. Could also be considered an “alt-left” act as well. 
"Sound Gizmo" - A toy from the past that Brandon Adamson remembers. 
Southern Poverty Law Center - A kool kids klub where only the most scorned can join. Most stay away from the list, but often we all know it’s bullshit. 
Space Alien Donald - The world's first gay Canadian rapper. 
Spiral art - An old kids toy where spirals are made with pens and a circle spinner. Very loopy and kooky. 
Stacey - A normie/cis female. 
Stacey, Queer - A Stacey (normie female), under cultural queerness, tries to act like a queer in favor of social status and free stuff (sex, stuff, regional fame). The Queer Staceys are: Claire (Synthpop, Eurobeat, 90s pop), Emma (indie folk, folk punk, indie pop, might known Mitski or The Screaming Females), Chole (Grunge, Noise rock, Alt Rock), Jessica (Alternative Hip Hop, Modern Pop, R&B), Emily (Midwest Emo, Skramz, Post-hardcore), Heather (Neo-psychadelica, Space Rock, Shoegaze), Olivia (Trip-hop, Turntabalism, Conscious Hip-hop), Charlotte (Goth rock, Dark wave, a poor understanding of Neofolk), and Zoey (Detroit Techno, Minimal Techno, Glitch). All these Stacies are white. The Asian girl variants include Luna (Baroque Classical, Romantic Classical, Contemporary Classical, really busy at college), Tammy (indie punk, classical, hardcore), and Anne (Electronica, pop rock, NPR top 100). The black girl variant is Dorothy (Conscious hip-hop, New Jack Swing, indie punk). 
STEM Higher education that stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. A supremacist program that envisions an Asian-Aryan future full of normies that "want to make lots of money." STEM wants to destroy the artist. Only normies apply for STEM degrees. 
Stereogram - An illusion where if you look at it long enough, you see an amazing 3D image that is beyond your normal comprehension. 
Stereolab - French pop band in the 90s that mimicked the French pop bands of the 60s. Very successful. Also Moog synths. 
Steven Universe - The cartoon show of the millennial generation. Everyone wishes everything was indie rock, rainbows, and genderless. Cuddle parties 24/7 and imaginary nonwhite girlfriends who act white.
Stewart Home - Avant-garde writer that took the Angry Young Men movement to an extreme transgressive level.
Stove Top Stuffing Mix - A stuffing mix that makes you feel nostalgic for a forgotten era of family bonding. 
Suburbia - An isolated doldrum that promotes the boomer generation over and over again. The last hideout for white people. 
Suit and Tie - A uniform worn by every act that plays a synthesizer as their main instrument. Popularized by Kraftwerk.  
Sunglasses - A nice way to look cool. Especially wearing them at night.
Super 8 Camera - A really cool way to film people. 
Surf culture - A culture of people that live by the beach, listen to rockabilly, do drugs, and have blonde-haired orgies every weekend night. It’s gone now. Nobody knows how to surf. Americana art mixed with surf culture is often called “surf punk.” 
Swans - An experimental punk band that has hanged out with every cool person in the scene. Overrated, still timely. 
Syd Barrett - Original member of Pink Floyd. Drug user and far-out hippy. 
Synthesizers - The instrument of the future. If you are not using one, you are behind. 


TCAP - "To Catch a Predator," a show that exploits pedophiles on set. 
TGI Fridays - “Thank god for this wonderful meal. I appreciate all life you have given me, and may this temple bless me for all the sins I have committed.” 
TV Guide - An outdated manuscript to look up times of secret television programs that would air and never come on ever again.
Tab Cola - A failed attempt to make soma for women. Now a favorite among hipsters. 
Taboo American Style - A classic porn film from the golden age. 
"Tainted" - "Nobody want's to be tainted with your racist filth! Get me off your lexicon now!!"
Taking Off (1971 film) - A film about youth culture. 
Target - The Jetson’s mall of the future. Coming to a suburb near you!
Television - A medium that has surpassed literature. 
The Angry Young Men - An English movement made up of avant-garde anti-liberal thinkers and philosophers. Half of them became far-left, the other half far-right.  
The Awful Green Things From Outer Space - A classic two-player board game using cartoon chits and a choose-your-own goofy ending. 
The Banana Splits - Sideshow act and troubadours of the Kali Yuga.
The Beetles - The gospel that brought a new era of music and youth obsession to the world. 
The Byrds - Trashy garage rock band. 
The Honeysuckle Breeze by Tom Scott - The coolest album art you have ever seen. 
The Maxx - A super hero who deals with feminist and date rape themes, similar to Dworkin. 
The Monkees - Indie Rock NYSNC and Backstreet Boys, but cooler. 
The Neverhood - Alternate reality expressed in an old point and click video game. Read “The Hall of Records.”
The Point (1971 film) - Classic animated film about “finding your meaning” and “following your dreams.”
The Tonight Show - A nightly broadcast during a time where the WASP elite would kick back and have fun during the “after hours.” 
The Vietnam War - A confusing war to get rid of cultural marxist values but end up reinforcing it. Also a lot of Eurasians were born and lost. 
The Weather Underground - A political group that hated normies so much, it wanted full fledge violence against anyone who didn’t understand the music of John Cage. Attomwaffen of the Left. 
Thinking Aloud - A cool show that talk about new age stuff. 
Tim Biskup - High avant-garde artist known for his classic cartoon characters that influenced an entire movement know as “Calarts.” 
Tom Green - The original standup comedian known for his public stunts and his avant-garde agitation. 
Tom Wolfe - Anti-Liberal New Journalist who was both far-right while keeping his cool with hippies. 
Totenkopf - “Dead’s head” or German skull and cross bones that mean “danger” or “death.” It’s both badass and sinister. Also very militant and ironically cool. 
Tove Jansson - Swedish/Finnish author/cartoonist known for The Moomins, which was very popular in Japan. 
Transgressive art - “A violation of accepted or imposed boundaries, especially those of social acceptability.”
Transgressive liberal elite (TLE) - An art scene in the upper / elite class (or Nietzschean in attitude) that only wants complete freedom. They do this ironically by playing the capitalist game of merchant to consumer exploitation. Often they will lie and argue they are the working class against the proletariat, but in all actuality, they are a trust fund generation that works for our transhumanist future out of nihilism. Ironically, many figures in the alt-right and music scene fall under the TLE scene. Chuck Palahniuk, Margret Cho, Larry Clark, Andres Serrano, Peter Sotos, Sarah Jeong are examples of the TLE. Many critics call them "degenerate," but those critics don't understand that this is normal behavior that the elites want. Post-Neofolk is a transgressive art scene, and there is no surprise some of us are in the TLE, for good or for worse. The term TLE is also synonymous with queer culture or the queer elite. 
Transhumanism - The end result of everything. Either it’s transhumanism, or "human biodiversity" with advance technology. Asian-Aryanism (and biculturalism in general) is a healthy alternative to transhumanism, which is a subset of human biodiversity. Transhumanism is a result of accelerationism. There is no going back. Not even "larping as white nationalist" can save you now. Capitalism advocates larping (or mimetic theory) because we all become sedated consumers living out a life as a protagonist to an anime nobody is watching. Yet queer culture advocates transhumanism and ignores this middle-class nihilism (ironically the elite queers are also larping as someone too). Queer culture must be incorporated with the radical politics today in order to see progress in the arts. 
Trash-TV - A cultural anthropology show that showcases queers. In recent years, Danielle Bregoli, a queer featured on Dr.Phil, became a superstar. 
Trevor Brown - Controversial English artist that paints themes of Asian girls, children, violence, and sexuality. He lives in Japan with his Japanese wife. 
Trojan Horse - You could say all of this is a “trojan horse” to make racism cool. I am not playing your game, since you are also an ignorant trojan horse in controlled opposition. “Fashwave” is a trojan horse of getting “retrowave” fans into the alt-right. It’s really boring and you can see right through the lies if you are smart enough. This scene is different because there is a dialogue as well as transgressive art to make you open to these new thoughts. 


Undercut hair style - A hairstyle that’s like a handsome man’s version of a mohawk. Also very popular with both feminist and the alt-right. Once was cutting-edge in the 90s, now it’s gay. 
Undertale - The video game that ended all video games. The video game that brought Eurasianism to the west. More WMAFs/AMWFs have met because of this game. 
Unpop - The Unpop Art Movement was formed by Shaun Partridge, Brian M. Clark, and Boyd Rice in 2004. Disbanded in 2010. Still revenant to their small circle. The next step in punk rock transgressive art. 


Vaporwave - A genre of music about post-music and the end of history though Japanese consumerism. Often Asian-Aryan in detail, it is an excuse for dumb people to make music within an hour and sell cassettes for over $100. Vaporwave is often compared as the true “post-neofolk” genre, but shuns eccentrics and offensive subjects. Now the genre is filled with SJWs, basement nerds, and gamers. 
Verso Books - Also known as "New Left Books," a publication house dedicated to getting out all the "cutting-edge" creative writing philosophy from France and from around the world. 
Vice Magazine - A once cool, now pozzed magazine that tried to compromise Answer Me! for normies. Now it is the state. Ironically, the shock art “youth” culture has found a successful niche. 
Vinyl Will Kill! - A book edited by Jeremyville that acts as a manifesto of the new low-brow art scene, which now became the Calarts scene. The art aesthetic of post-neofolk often pays tribe to this book.
Vinyl toys - A fad that happened in the 00’s where art collectors were collecting “art toys” made of vinyl. Now companies like Funko took over the idea and sell it to normies. It is washed up, yes. But the golden days of Vinyl Toys were indeed mint. 
Violence - A very controversial topic, violence is so transgressive, people refuse to talk about it. Yet some people on the far-right think it's funny. Violence, however edgy it may be, is queer. 


Wacky Races - A cool cartoon show that had goofy characters and funny outcomes. Something we all wish was real.
Walt Disney - The Michelangelo of our time. 
Wesley Willis - A black queer known for his strange songs about his life. 
Whitehouse - A controversial noise band that deal with themes of violence, pedophilia, and Nazis. The original shock art band. Normies ignore these controversies because William Bennet is a really smart guy. 
Wonder Bread - Boring bread that made lunch even better.
"Workshop" - People online, through chat, hanging out, podcasting, gaming, or by other means of introverted socialization, share "unpublished" creative ideas with one another. Eventually, this artistic notions became reality once they are written down, propagated, or "meme'd." Most of the time, they are lost in obscurity as a "indoor joke." For example, Robert Stark is a leader of his own workshop. (There is a misconception that the workshop is supposedly extroverted, and workshops, like jam bands, creative writing meetups, and books clubs are "good places to spawn the next big artist." This is an illusion, an actually a consumer cash grab. Introverts meeting together in the same room in a respectable space create art. Extroverts, however, want to consume. White nationalist "pool parties" tried to create workshops to move the cause forwarded, but ended up becoming "racist frats" because of the nature of extroverted activity. In other words, workshops are where queers meet to create new queer ideas, but often they are smashed by the cult of the extroverts who want in on their social stauts). 


Xiu Xiu - One of the most important post-neofolk bands, lead by Jamie Stewart. Infusing array of subjects from taboos to esoterica. 
XXXtentacion - Rapper who popularized digital hardcore rap for normies. Died at 20.
Xylophone - An instrument used to make chime noises. Gives off either a childish noise or a goofy one.


Yellow Power - An activist movement in the 1960s that tried to make Asian people angry like the Black Panthers. The Yellow Power Asian girls were cool as fuck. 
Yoga - Spiritual practice and meditation. Done outside fast food restruants and other amusements. 
You - The ultimate second person narrative that will make both the first and third person literature obsolete. 
"You-Don’t-Know” Shaming - A technique in shaming where the shammer tells his shamed, "You don't know that, so how would you really know?" Something white people do to test their innate and useless knowledge of the world. 


Zdzisław Beksiński - Polish artist known for his dystopian surrealism. 
Zoomer - A new generation that is living life as an anime character. Millennials are upset at this, and so they turn into pathological altruistic parents to further accelerate the future they wished they had. 

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