"So what the hell is with your name? ...They all ask."

...If you are curious why my username is "pilleater," well, it's an unusual name. 

I've heard people say this about me...

"So what kind of pills do you eat?"

No. I am not a drug dealer or user. I never popped a pill in my life. In fact, I'm straight edge and would gladly beat up drug dealers and bad people. 

And then I often get,

"Oh man, you are really into the red pill!"

My username has nothing to do with the PUA/MGTOW/MRA scene or The Matrix type of stuff. 

I registered the name pilleater on April 5th, 2009. You could say it is my spiritual birthday. 

Here is the screenshot if you are interested: 

I named this original alt-account after a well known YTMND troll called "inkdrinker." All I had to do was to invert "ink" with "pill" and "drinker" with "eater." I guess in the tradition of some kind of brand new YTMND troll, you get "pilleater."

Also, I am obsessed with the video game Dr.Mario. 

Mario here in this picture, is a doctor, throwing pills at these "pilleater" monsters. 

Also, as pilleater on YTMND, I was the first to upload the "OH YEAH I'M MR.KRABS" meme using the Mr. Krabs head pasted onto a any body I could find through Google images. 

I was cited on the Know Your Meme video as the originator. You can see my YTMND at 2:59: 

So I am not an advocator of the "red pill" or interested in taking different types of rainbow pills based upon a meme or boutique internet ideology that comes out every month.

I just stuck with the name. And then those guys in 2010 made up the whole "red pill" stuff. Total concidence. 

Did I mention I made over 500 video art YTMNDs and one of the top users on the site? 

Check it out here:

...Now as I was saying, the origin of the pilleater project was to make "shitposts" and "fads" for YTMND. And I was successful at it. The pilleater name is now a placeholder tag for my internet character. 

You may be talking to, or reading, pilleater, not me. I have two split personalities. 

Also take note, "pilleater" is written in lowercase. Not "Pilleater" with an uppercase P, or "PillEater" where both the P and E are uppercase. 

Just pilleater. 

See what I did there?

P is only uppercase if pilleater is in the beginning of a sentence, for grammatical reasons. 

...Do I have to say anything else? 

I am a voracious reader and intellect. Sure, you might see my name often attached to a project I made called "AxA" or "Asian Aryanism" as a joke, but it's something sincere I take to heart. 

As an Asian Studies major, Asian Studies is needed in the Western world more than extreme individualism and liberalism.  

By taking a closer look, my name is actually an avant-garde logo. There is no "pills" and I am not "eating" anything. 

It's just a word attached to a radical.