The official logo, icon, symbol, emoji and rune of the AxA movement is The Crossed Swords. 

The Crossed Swords, or "Crossed Swords" represent the fight against heteronormativity, and advocates the Asian Aesthetics struggle, in itself apart of queer culture and the straight edge (sXe) message. We use the Crossed Swords to symbolize our victory, our pain, our anger, our rightful duty to be who we are. 

Friends and allies who paint or draw the Crossed Swords alert others that this a safe space for "Crossers," members of the AxA movement.  We encourage you to wear and bomb The Crossed Swords as a symbol of our struggle against neoliberal capitalism and those who repress our sexuality. 

On some computer platforms, the emoji should appear as ⚔. 

Please copy and paste ,  to show others you are a Crosser. 

If the operating system does not show the Crossed Swords, typing "AxA" is fine as well. 

When out in public, at a punk show or an art gallery, there is a hang-gesture gang sign we use too. This shows others we are fighting for AxA. Please show it. 

The hang gesture looks like this:

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