Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What is Asian-Aryanism?


“Asian-Aryanism” is a whimsical term to describe a movement of Asians, whites, and Eurasians that seek a peaceful and progressive community together, and further, to promote better race relations between the two parties and beyond. We want a future identity that is proud to be white, Asian, Eurasian, and “Asian-Aryan,” all at the same time.

The word “Aryan” was chosen because it suggests a “supreme, master race.” We do not advocate Nazism or any racist ideologies. Rather, we are a collective that is anti-SJW, red-pilled, and against the liberal establishment. The word “Aryan” is a playful term that might seem racist at first, but is quite the opposite.

Being racially mixed is a challenge for some. We see Eurasians/hapas as a part of a new, healthy identity. But we also want to retain the identities of all white and Asian civilizations. However, we are lost in a new identity that is defined as a post-Asian-American culture.

We are white men that prefer to be with Asian women, we are Asian men that like both white and Eurasian women, and we are Asian women that unapologetically like white men too. This new identity isn’t any sort of white nationalism or Asian elitism. This is Asian-Aryanism.

Anyone you know who is married to an Asian woman or has Eurasian children, are Asian-Aryans. They need a new identity, and a community like us, to empower them and give them a new meaning in life.

Modern culture promotes a victim mentality that weakens Asian men and Eurasian people. It makes the white man scared and the Asian woman agitated. We prefer to be with white/asian/eurasian people like ourselves, and consider each one a brother and a sister.

The Asian-American community, and some hostile SJWs, will deem us as “racist.” Times are changing. We have to move forward with a humorous, “race-play” brand of “Asian-Aryanism” in order to get the message across.

The best way to talk about racial issues is to joke around with our differences until we are comfortable and proud of those differences. Some of us want to believe that we are “created equally.” But we believe that whites and Asians are the only true equals. Let’s not convolute the message and say “everything is relative.” We are a new group of people.

For the first time, Asians and whites are finding a peaceful bond together. This is a romance that no one wants you to know about. It’s time to come out of the closet and work together as a group.