Friday, March 31, 2017

Aesthetically Pleasing Men in King of Fighters XIV

Amped Asia published an article titled, “Top 10 Asian Femme Fatales in Fighting Games.

Any young white boy growing up in the Midwest and addicted to video games would fall for any of these oriental beauties, and this would encourage the concept of Asian-Aryanism.

I felt the same nostalgia myself when it came to Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and Mai from The King of Fighters that are also featured in the countdown.

I am a huge SNK fanboy. I am quite mad that Chun-li took the #1 spot. “No offense to Chinese girls. You’re the best!”

Growing up, I had a Neo-Geo and would play games like NAM-1975, Magician Lord, Metal Slug X, Waku Waku 7, and most importantly, The King of Fighters ’98.

SNK recently released The King of Fighters XIV and dropped the sister name “Playmore” to go back to their classical roots. I am quite thrilled by this decision.

The SNK cult has been around since the 80’s and has survived that last few decades. SNK ruled the cyberpunk video arcade market of Japan (influencing the work of William Gibson) and slowly lost that power to Square Enix and Capcom. Capcom now selfishly claims themselves as the new ruler of “competitive arcade games.”

The brand Street Fighter is a household name. The game depicts racial stereotypes and a nostalgia feast for American players, like what Star Wars: The Force Awakens did for Star Wars fans. I never did get into Street Fighter. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike was the pinnacle of the series. I was quite good at the game in my college years. However, the passionate community behind King of Fighters 2002 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves was too tempting, and so I refused to play Capcom games since then.

SNK was “Japanese arcade culture” before there even was one. They were the first company to shift the anime dramas, like yaoi and shojo, into their games. Characters like Iori Yagami made KOF feel more alive than a simple color palette change of Ryo to Ken. Iori was cool. Any fat stay-at-home Asian girl would fall for him. KOF felt like a moving anime, not just a generic fighting game. Take a look at what was accomplished in KOF 12 and 13.

Now entering the realm of 3D, SNK has many challenges ahead of them.

Some have criticized The King of Fighters as being that “gay yaoi anime fighter” or “that knock-off of Street Fighter,” which are misconceived claims.

First, KOF has a better and easier fighting system than SF. Most people who get into the game never leave the addiction. SF is a popularity contest and relies more on consuming than the competition itself. (“Gamer” is a disgusting term I don’t like being associated with. All it means is “consumer”).

And second, yes, KOF has a cast of handsome and sexy men any Asian boy would look up to.

That’s quite a contradictory statement, since Amped Asia wrote the article for a straight and heterosexual audience.

Asian-Aryanism needs to have powerful and aesthetically-pleasing men. That is, strong men that are role models for a future society and race.

White and Asian men are often told that they cannot appreciate the beauty of men, otherwise they are “gay” or potential pedophiles.

Elliot Rodger went on his massacre because he could not get a girlfriend. He could have ventilated his anger through KOF and roleplayed as Rock Howard. Rodger would have joined the masses of Asian-Americans that strive to be greater by playing KOF.

A lot of Asian kids I know play KOF and look up to the fictional men. My one Chinese friend has told me over and over again that he wants to be like Shen Woo. They have the same personalities. Another friend I know, nicknamed “Asian Andy,” told me that he wanted to be Kim Kaphwan at the age of 8.

I love KOF because of the fighters. I first learned about the anime Akira through the KOF character K9999, a blatant rip-off of Tetsuo (and dons the same voice actor, Nozomu Sasaki). My KOF 2002 teams has always been Ryuji YamazakiAngel, and Seth. I love the angry “street-culture” they portray. Not only that, but they all have a unique self-defensive play style.

SF does not offer this cool identity KOF has. KOF is full of aesthetically pleasing men as well as beautiful Asian women.

I will give some examples of great men in the KOF 14,

Benimaru Nikaido is a Eurasian super model and lady killer. His broken English and sexy clothes woo over everyone.

Shun’Ei is a sexy Chinese yaoi teenager that wears a tie and belongs in a K-pop band.

-Along with his best (and not-so-gay) friend, Meitenkun, a young boy that wants to sleep all the time and cuddle. This gives the impression that he wants to cuddle with all of his girl fans (he is a living dakimakura).

Kukri is emo. He represents all mentally disturbed and angry Asian kids that failed to shoot up the school. Now they all master his combo move set.

Ramon is a pretty cool womanizer that kicks people across the other side of the screen.

K’ is a chaotic neutral badass. He is neither good or bad and does his own thing. Every single girl wants to sleep with him and every single guy wishes they were a lone wolf like him.

Hein is a butler with a sadomasochistic background. Clean cut, handsome, good paying job… but once you’re with him, he’s got some very strange perversions in bed.

Rock Howard is a fan favorite. How many times did anyone wish they were like him?

I can go on with the many male fighters in KOF. Other games, like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, also have a male dominated cast featuring many guys to look up to.

Reading this, you might think I am gay or promoting homosexuality in Asian-Aryanism. I am ok with pro-gay Asian-Aryan politics, so as long as they don’t hurt the greater good and are in favor of promoting and propagating Eurasian genes and aesthetics.

I loved both yaoi and shojo at a young age. When I first discovered yaoi, I couldn’t believe that there were extremely handsome and kind men. I always have tried to emulate the behavior of a yaoi character in real life.

There are a majority of weebs that try and pretend to be other male characters from the latest boy-related anime shows. Often these shows are from the “boys” perspective and less about how the “girls” see things. Asian-Aryanism is on the path of creating Eurasian children that will look radically beautiful and similar to the characters we watch in  animes.

The Greeks admired the body and strength of Adonis. A man like Hercules was a true hero. In our lonely and deprived society, we all look up to the aesthetically pleasing men in KOF. Good fictional men will lead us towards greatness of character and spirt. Any girl would dream of being the wife of a real-life Rock Howard. Asian-Aryan genes will propagate to eventually create Rock Howard-looking children. Only by a healthy society and civilization with men and women that uphold it.

Amped Asia is doing their part by showing men that Asian women are worth obtaining. SNK gives the disenfranchised Asian-American community and weebs the power to role play and fulfill the aggressive energy of guys they want to be like.

I’m grateful I grew up playing KOF. It’s a game and universe where weebs/Asian/Eurasian males can be better men.



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