Thursday, March 16, 2017

Getting “The Anime Right” Out of The Alt-Right Bag

My mom was trying to tell me something about a recent outburst on TV.

“Did you see it yet? The politician’s kid came in the room when he was live on TV! Not only that, but his wife is Korean! He is keeping his life a secret! A white man that is this big, influential politician, has an Asian wife! I think the wife is deliberately pushing the kids back in the room is because she wanted to get notoriety around the world that she is an Asian wife with a white husband!”


And then there was that one time, a week ago, I found out that Based Stickman’s wife was Asian too.

A small world we live in.

Dr. Robert E. Kelly, a diplomat and occasional columnist, had a blooper on a live BBC interview, when his little kids came walking in the room. And then that crazy tiger-mom came in and saved the day. Making the scene much worse.

Kelly said in a press conference, “…My real life punched through the fake cover I have created for television. …There I am, in my suit… and reality burst in. …The fallout for my academic credentials. …I’m BBC Dad.” (New York Times)

Saying this all in a professional manner, while his beautiful wife, Kim Jung-A, and his kids, Marion and James, stand up for him.

…I don’t know any Asian kids named “Marion” and “James.” Those are Eurasian names. Better yet, white names.

I thought about what my mom said. It’s cute at first when the kids disturb his professionalism. However, there are few things that can get on a normie’s nerves:

1. The crazy oriental mom. What is she going to do to her bastard kids in the other room? Punish them? Asians must be fish monsters!

2. “…He’s got an Asian wife? What the hell man?! What is this guy into? He looks so normal!”

3. His face when he is closing his eyes. Pretending his wife and kids are not in the same room (pretending the Elephant is not there, his Asian wife).

These points make you wonder whether there is a giant conspiracy about what the WASP elites do in their private lives.

Do a majority of white professionals have Asian wives, and keep it a big secret?

The cat is out of the bag! Asian-Aryanism is real!

The WASP elite just pretend they are just like you, but have kids unlike themselves!

Now imagine where these kids are going to end up in twenty years. How powerful will they be? Will they end up like Elliot Rodger? Will this blooper mark their fame?

“Yeah, I was the kid in that video. Now let me into Harvard,” James says to the admission.

They could have never stepped foot in the room, and Kelly would have continued his private life.

Now the public knows he’s a race traitor! Right!? (They didn’t say the same thing about Based Stickman, did they?)

What I learned from watching this blooper too, was that the Anime Right is actually getting out of the Alt-Right bag.

To be a Hollywood Nazi, you had to listen to Skrewdriver and say “Nigger” all the time. To be someone who is Alt-Right, you have to read The Right Stuff daily and be up to date on the meme war.

Well, what happened to those innocent guys that liked anime, played video-games, and had Asian girlfriends?

They had to cover up that “degenerate” stuff. They had to worship the “Aryan woman in the wheat field,” just so they could be cool in front of their Discord friends. When it comes to IRL gatherings, The Anime Right isn’t there. 

We have to ask what Jared Taylor’s favorite anime is and capitalize on it. We have to ask Greg Johnson, Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, …All those figures you can think of on the Alt-Right, and then have a national Anime-Coming-Out-Day.

If Jared Taylor’s favorite anime was Doraemon when he was growing up in Japan, let’s make it a cultural meme. (All the hot Asian girls I know are swag’d out with Doraemon stuff).

The Anime Right is a scene where everyone comes out as a weeb on the Alt-Right. They are still afraid to show their pride with anime, and rather don a troll persona.

“This is about winning the troll war! Yeah! It’s about pretending to be like weebs and then proselytizing every nerd to get on the Alt-Right!” 

Yeah right.

We now know that Mr. Kelly’s kids are Asian-Aryan. It was a big secret, until they came crawling over on live international TV. Now we all know what he’s into.

Don’t be afraid to be open about loving Asian culture. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche had great things to say about the culture of the orient. And the women too!

So what if you like anime? You probably wish life was like an anime. 

There are some ramifications to that, of course. I had some quarrels with some posers on Twitter that are totally 14/88 and are white advocates, yet they seem to love pictures of blonde anime pagan girls or some white society done by an artist influenced by anime. I tell each and everyone one of them that they are “secretly into Asian-Aryanism.” They will always rebut with a pathetic, “This has nothing to do with the Japanese! It’s white people! Therefore, whites like me, naturally like it!”

…Just like that one time this Japanese-American complained to me on Twitter. She said, “Well, my husband is white, but why should that matter?” Problem solved! The answer is right in front of you! Things have never been so obvious.

People like to question what is real. You can’t find innocent with the guilty. Everyone is guilty for loving anime. Don’t try and make it seem so invisible.

Harvey Milk was an openly-gay American politician that won a seat in the public office of California. How did he go about winning in 1978? By telling the public that every gay person you knew was not a monster.

“Your veteran, the fireman, the baker, all of them are gay! What wonders gay people can do for society!” 

The Alt-Right should be open about its love for Eastern culture. The Anime Right is a cat that came out of the bag of The Right Stuff’s shitposting. Let the world know that we are into twee and cutesy stuff from the East, as well as some of that dank and edgy avant-garde stuff too.

As for Mr. Kelly and his kids: cats out of the bag too! The elites like Asian women!


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