Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weeb Nationalism

LARPing has become a recent phenomenon with white Americans. 

The upper-middle class is chasing after (and naively believing) the elite aristocratic dream. The truth is that the upper class is nothing but decadent. The youthful upper class is into hardcore punk, the avant-garde arts, and have all flirted with the Antifa (not to mention, gotten at least some Asian pussy). Ironically, the upper-class is excessively educated and stuck at a corporate or academic job. It would make sense that the class below them clean up their shit after the party. 

That leaves us with the LARPing nature of the middle and lower classes.

What I mean by “Live-Action-Role-Playing,” is not Larry Niven’s Dream Park version of it, but our people acting out social roles that don’t accord with reality. All LARPers are soft escapist.

A “weeb” (or wapanese) is a term for a young white person that believes he is “Japanese” or a living “anime” character. I put “Japanese” and “anime” in quotation marks because this is not the true definition of the terms, but a superficial one crafted by white people.

The word “Japananimation” predated “anime” in the western market. But “anime” is casually used to sound authentic to its original meaning. Unfortunately, the word “Japananimation” meant cyberpunk, sci-fi, and bloody pulp cartoons. The word “anime” has been placed by this definition (maybe at this time period, it has something to do with high school girls).

This is the discipline of orientalism. The most famous critic of orientalism was Edward Said. Although he was arguing against Judeo-Christian culture taking control of Palestine (Said has some sort of crypto-anti-semitism within him, excluding some anti-white remarks he would have made).

If we were to understand orientalism by definition, then we could never have an absolute truth of the other side. Foreigners are speculating what exactly is “The Other.” 

When Americans tried to make “animes” of their own, we got Avatar: The Last Airbender, RWBY, and Teen Titans. We have a “simulacra” of anime and not the authentic thing (as written by Jean Baudrillard).

All LARPers are simulacrums of what they desire to be and how they want the world to perceive them.

My Japanese neighbors once told me about the nature of white people. “They are like bulls in a china shop. They have pointy noses, hunch all the time, and leave a mess where ever they go. Watch them eat Japanese food and look how hard they try to emulate us!” The Japanese will only criticize white people when no one is looking. 

If you are at community college, observe a Japanese 101 classroom. Usually it’s one of the most popular classes on campus. The class is full of dyed-hair, cosplay LARPers of all kinds. All trying to learn basic hiragana.

Now compare that to the Chinese 101 class, you get dedicated students trying to learn the language.

Odd isn’t it? Why is Japanese 101 so popular then? It’s from the popularity of anime!

This has made the Alt-Right criticize anime, calling it “Chinese Cartoons” and “degenerate.” The logic is that it is not made by white people, therefore, it is globalist consumerism to keep the white working class sedated.

The manosphere “Gamers” would argue to go physically outside and get laid. (How many times have you heard that?)

It seems there is no room on the Alt-Right to like anime, as it is “unnatural” for whites to consume it. Only the “premium anime” (Jorjani again) can be observed and cherished by western culture, like the works of Yukio Mishima.

However, there is no denying the aesthetic and cultural influence of anime upon the whole Gen-X and Millennial generations of white Americans. The medium cannot be thrown away so fast.

What are we to do with all these LARPers and anime aficionados?

…Convert them to Weeb Nationalism.

Politics online is extremely petty, like micro genres of sub genres of music. Anything we can consume can be considered a “lifestyle” choice. Even “white nationalism” can be a business for Red Ice Radio, making all the promises in the world that they are starting “the revolution,” when in reality, it’s a living for Henry and Lana.

America has an interesting philosophy. “Do whatever you can to exploit the weak and make your dream a reality.” This American philosophy should not get in the way of any serious political movement. (Have you ever noticed that you only have to be a consumer reading alt-right websites to be on a phishing report?) LARPers are all consumers. But nationalism, or any political ideology, will give them more freedom (maybe).

Nationalism for weebs means an exclusive collective of like-minded weebs together.

…Exactly like a Discord server.

The ethnostate ideology is getting the internet forum world and making into an IRL reality. Everyone’s little perversion, whether that may be Gay Furry Communism, Asexual Goth Board Gamers, Tranny Sci-Fi Readers, or The African-American Dead Simpsons society, ethnostates will make their private clubs a working reality!

This is why nationalism will become more important in the coming decades. Technology will improve people’s liberty.

However, weebs can be anything from the clubs I just stated. Some weebs will think nationalism is “racist.”

Realize, there are hardly any black, hispanic, or non-white/Asian weebs out there. If there was one, he would be that token nonwhite person for preening purposes. 

The truth is that all weebs are white people.

If weebs would realize this, they would gather collectively towards white nationalism. But it is not that easy for them to do…

There is a large faction of weebs that like to believe they are something else, other than white. Sounds ironic, yes?

Most weebs I have encounter are white people that wish they were Japanese or that “anime” was real.

It is not uncommon for a white weeb to find himself an Asian lover.

I have written about this phenomenon and have called it “Asian-Aryanism.” Asian-Aryanism would sound like a contradiction to white nationalism, as it is biracial nationalism for whites and Asians. However, it is still “based” (as-much-as-I-fucking-hate-that-word) nationalism.

Weebs have three choices with their lifestyle: 

  1. LARP as something they are not (An asian or an anime character) and accidentally create Asian-Aryanism (Eurasian kids).
  2. LARP as something they are not, find another white weeb, and propagate white genes (cultural placebo). 
  3. Realize they are white, and will continue to take pride in their interest in anime, and join The Anime Right (LARPy Neo-Nazism, materialist white nationalism). 
  4. (Did you see this one coming?) Dump weeb culture altogether and call it a “phase” in their life. 

Ironically though, most white weebs will fail to find an Asian lover, and will end up naturally with a white significant other. This white lover, however, may also be a weeb. Both cannot be aware of their whiteness, and then ironically raise a white weeb family together. This is exactly what I call by an authentic definition, “weeb nationalism.” It’s not about knowing or being aware of what you’re doing, but existence becomes so natural that they don’t question it.

I feel that The Anime Right wishes to “awaken” these naive weebs that marry their own white kin. Or at least show them Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, American Renaissance, or The Daily Stormer (bad taste). There can be weebs who take pride in racial nationalism and still be some kind of LARPer.

Unfortunately, it’s still LARPing.

The most effective strategy would be number 2. That is, Let white weebs breed and make them believe they are something they are not! All they want to do, as natural Stuff-White-People-Like citizens, is irrationally be a white person under universal consumerism (as much as I fucking hate every normie who does this).

Ha, well, this is why The Anime Right is significant. Eventually, you have to point the Elephant in the room, that is, white people acting like white people. Even if they all get mad at you.

Remember, they have three choices, “Weeb Nationalism,” “The Anime Right,” or “Asian-Aryanism.”

…Too hard to think about? I think we can all agree that the new episodes of Samurai Jack are really good! But if you want my true opinion… Fuck The Anime Right! Asian-Aryanism forever!



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