Friday, May 26, 2017

The Asian-Aryan √úbermensch

Stop crying Asian guys.

Do you really want to embrace a victim mentality and call yourself “losers” in the multicultural game? Whenever you blame “whitey” for your problems, it’s a sign that you really are weak. Not even Asian girls want to hear that from you.

You see, a lot of Asian girls are avoiding you because you don’t have the white standards they grew up with. All you have to do is developed those same standards and approach them with ease. It’s really easy. Most stable Asian guys know this. …It’s just not talked about.

Why should “Asian-American” be another “minority” group of oppressed people begging for the white man to give them money? It’s so easy to be the victim.

I don’t believe Asian guys are losers at all. They are my close friends, and I would consider them brothers.

Ironically enough, you incel types like to brag about how righteous, justice, and beautiful an Asian Male / White Female couples are. I have no problems with the pairing. But you treat it as the true and honest form of an authentic relationship! (probably because there is no “white man” in it). I even hear arguments that children of a AMWF couple are MORE eugenically stable than children of WMAF.

…Are you SJWs that crazy to believe in such illogical reasoning? Both WMAF/AMWF come out just fine. It’s a matter of the patriarchal position of the dad (“ooooooo! did I say a bad word?”).

Most guys want their culture first in the relationship. If the man is Asian, he wants to focus on the Asian side… If the man is white, most likely, a focus will be on the white side.

But this anti-white rhetoric has to go. 

I am not anti-Asian. I am not in favor of white or asian genocide. 

But again, why are you so triggered by the word “white?”

There is going to be a new type of Asian guy that is also proud to be white and a new type of white guy that will be proud to be Asian. This is the true nature of a bicultural experience.

Multiculturalism has given us global consumerism, rampant individualism, and a false sense of reality. People who keep up with this lie are not authentic. I strongly believe multiculturalism has given us more bicultural breakdowns– Whether you think that is a good thing or a bad one. Multiculturalism and “diversity” is a source of tension and conflict.

However, there is something genuine in a relationship that is bicultural.

There is a spiritual type of civil war within white people. And Asian people really don’t care about it. It’s like what’s going to happen in The Camp of the Saints, where is civilization if all the white people are gone?

Asian men have to step up and become barbaric gentlemen. There is so much to admire of the appearance of an Asian man. He has a right to marry a white or Eurasian woman. I consider the couple both my brother and sister. He should consider the same when I pursue Asian and Eurasian women.

Oddly enough, I will get criticisms that “I am self-hating” and should embrace my “Asian” side.

Do you guys ever call out the double-standards of white guilt? I don’t think so.

(…Or what about that awesome album, Dear God, I Hate Myself?)

I don’t hate myself or anyone. I just want to be with people like myself. I hate people who force equality on me and ask for “gibsmedat.” I can see through your lies and can spot an inauthentic person anytime.

Asian men shouldn’t be the subjects of the weak. They have to stand up and help create an Asian-Aryan patriarchy.

I have said this many times, but imagine if you have five different types for groups working together:

1. White weebs (or “Asianized” whites) / WMWF.

2. “whitewashed” Asians / AMAF.

3. Eurasians (or Hapas) / EMEF.

4. Interracial parings of WMAF/AMWF/EMAF/AMEF/WMEF/EMWF.

And 5, whites and Asians that want to fight for a new Asian-Aryan identity.

Now, let people from all five  of  those groups mingle and we can see true progress. All of them must be open about being an “Asian-Aryan,” the same way an immigrant comes into America and says, “I’m a proud American.”

This is what Asian-Aryanism is truly about. A new racial bond and understanding between whites and Asians.

You think we are some fringe “racist” group, when it is quite the opposite. We are trying to become a self-determined and aware people with our own little scene. We can have friendly allies. Most are misled, thinking we are evil.

Call us, the “post-Asian-American” group of people. We are red pilled, anti-SJW, and critical of liberal society. Even better, we are “Alt-Asian.”

We have a unique culture that is a synergy of both white and Asian traditions. Some of us want to be the new “white” or “Asian-American” people, others see a third position. All can unite together to create something new, culturally in the arts, music, and blogosphere.

If you’re an Asian guy reading this, great: we are very similar. We just prefer to be with people like ourselves. You can get an Asian, white, or Eurasian lover. We are looking out for your interest too. Just know that there are authentic white guys that want an Asian or Eurasian lover too.

Go beyond the SJWs and experience a new “yellow-pill.”

Start reading Yukio Mishima and Arthur Schopenhauer, and admire the beauty of Eurasian women.

As men, we are in this together. You are my brothers, and we should love our sisters.


Monday, May 22, 2017

I Love The Patriarchy!

I love the Patriarchy! 

Yeah, you heard it, “I love the patriarchy!” Call me a sexist, even some intersectional crypto-racist, but I don’t just love a single cis-patriarchy. No! I love the Asian-Aryan patriarchy!

I love it when white guys get with the quiet Asian girl romantically and I like it when Sexpat Losers post some AMWF stuff on my Twitter and fail to piss me off.

Am I some kind of cuck? No, I’m not. I like it when white girls act like anime characters or develop an Asian personality. And I like nerdy Asian guys who play StarCraft and make the crudest jokes ever. I feel like I belong with these people. It’s a culture no one really wants to talk about. Yet, some of those artsy-fartsy people use to read Giant Robot magazine and now hang out by the dozen at Mitski shows. It makes me feel like I am in the same room as my brothers and sisters.

I’m a bicultural person. I’m not a multicultural person at all. I will listen to trap music with my Asian girlfriend and act hood sometimes. Okay, I can take that kind of culture from black people. Does it make me “diverse?” No, not really, I have my boundaries, and I choose to be with whites and Asians.

I love the biracial Asian-Aryan patriarchy! It does so many wonders!

White guys need to dump the type of white girls that act like Lena Dunham from Mean Girls, and get with the homely Asian girl that appreciates his time. Asian guys need to start reading Yukio Mishima and show white girls a post-Asian-American future away from toxic feminism. I’m such a nice guy, there could even be a yaoi Männerbund between white and Asian guys. Call it gay, but I think that is progressive. A real patriarchy!

And for the girls? Let the Asian girls teach the white girls makeup tips on the train and let the white girls teach them how to be more Western.

I’m such a nice guy, I allow weebs to self-determine if they want too, and it’s okay for me if Crazy Rich Asian girls want to move to Vancouver and have their Asian culture “whitewashed.” I think all parties can agree they are in it for Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism is not only a collective, a community, and a future race. It’s also a spirit. Just like the “American spirit.” Anybody can be an American if they pledge allegiance to the country, right? I don’t want to kill the white or Asian races. I am giving a certain niche of people a space to grow. Asian-Aryanism supports big-entryism, and any white or Asian can come into the community at any time.

Asian-Aryanism is the best place to be a true hapa or Eurasian (whatever you want to be called). Both whites and Asians can agree upon having a Eurasian lover. A Eurasian person has two identities. While at the same time, everyone, White, Asian and Eurasian, has an Asian-Aryan identity.

…You know, Charles Murray who co-wrote The Bell Curve had an Asian wife? His theories about “the cognitive elite” are right. The high IQ elite will be Asian-Aryan.

It’s okay if you want to be called either “white” or “Asian.” I can agree, “Asian-Aryanism” is a low-brow term. …But it makes sense, yes?

If you are “white,” or even change your mind and say you’re “Asian,” just like Roaming Millennial, aren’t you both? Everyone faces challenges when they try and look for a third position.

So be it, you can have your Eurasian daughters and support the new white race. But again, there are opponents out there who are bigoted SJWs and egalitarian fanatics. That is not an Asian-Aryan value.

But I know you will be an Asian-Aryan too, that is, if you love the patriarchy in your own way.

…I love the patriarchy. It’s what is going to create this new movement. Those nerdy, STEM white guys are going to have Eurasian kids and the next generation will be the ones open to Asian-Aryan culture. It’s a matter of time before their kids try to considered themselves to be “Asian,” and then they will reproduce with another white or Asian… or Asian-Aryan! I’m just waiting for the Asian-American guys to stand up and be vocal about being Asian-Aryan too.

And some Asian girls are now proud to be white too. …It’s all coming together!


Monday, May 1, 2017

The Proud Beta Male

How many times have you heard that “the beta male” is a dweeb and that “the alpha male” fucks all the pretty girls? The Chateau Heartiste tradition of “game” has grown into a discipline over the past decade. F. Roger Devlin’s famous 2008 essay Sexual Utopia in Power, helped stabilized and create the Manosphere we know today. Society is decadent, yet, “red-pilled” white men are willing to work with it and become total douchebags like Roosh V.

The alpha gets the most sex, and the beta is the passive loser that get nothing because he’s too weak to become the rapist. 

But how come there are so many Americans that are considered “beta” today? Only a few are actually “alphas.” Everyone wants to lift weights and get a body like The Golden One. Alphas are the douchebags that read Return of Kings and betas stay at home and watch anime.


So why should betas even try and act like alphas?

I once had this discussion with Micheal Bell, who writes for Counter-Currents. He told me, “you’ve got to strive to become the alpha!”

I will admit the following:

I have been lifting weights in my personal gym and I have a steady diet. I sometimes get aggressive and talk about how I want to beat people up and what kind of? girls I want to have sex with. I jerk off to porn, and go to church on Sunday. I enjoy going out once in a while for a special event, whatever that may be (at an art gallery, a concert, a convention, a meet-up club, or eating out with a date).

But take into consideration that I am not an alcoholic (I would rather drink when I am near girls or with a special friend), I don’t swear in my speech, I groom myself to look good, and I care about other people.

You can call me gay (since I tend to write and talk about the male aesthetic), but it’s not like that at all.

I am not an extroverted meathead with a “bro” past. I am proud to say that I am a nice, honest, good and handsome beta male.

Again, not to sound “gay,” but I like hanging out with aesthetically pleasing guys who are authentically good people. I believe in the Männerbund.

I have read Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men and Androphilia, and understand the culture of the male instinct. Men flock with men they prefer to be with.

In no way am I shaming “Donnie,” “Tony,” or “Vinny,” who work as manly plumbers and are what the gay community would call “daddies” and “bears.” (Fucking gross, I’m not into that). 

I like a certain type of guy that I grew up around. I don’t like jerks who are obsessed with “scoring” and acting like wiggers. I appreciate the men who are in the military and the asexual athletes who care less about girls. You may be thinking I really must be a closet gay for talking like this. That’s because I love all handsome men that sacrifice their lives to be male role-models and good beta guys.

Not everyone playing sports or holding a gun in the military are alpha. Most of them are betas (probably because they follow the rules).

I will agree that most gays are possibly confused betas. But most people who charade with the “gay” identity are really just confused people. 

The best role models I had were guys with plaid shirts, into avant-garde electronic music, who had nice Asian girlfriends that cared about the family.

The family! This is the first thing I want to hear! That includes you!

In this atomized society, “game” is popular because everyone has high expectations. Aaron Clearey argues to Enjoy The Decline and follow a certain creed of Bachelor Pad Economics. However, this is leading towards a boring, fatalist life, with no real meaning.

Devlin has also argued that men should pick up the wisdom from Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings, and Roosh V, even though you should ignore their “machiavellian sarcasm.”  Right?

The Manosphere and game culture corrupts men, as Greg Johnson points out at Counter-Currents.

I am not a douchebag that strives to fit in with normies. In fact, I think my life is best summed up as that weird hipster from that Asian Neo-folk band.

I like strange stuff. But I am also a good person. I’m not a spiteful Elliot Rodger trying to get revenge upon the world. I would even go so far to consider myself a “queer” in a world that doesn’t’t understand me.

A good beta role model is Ronnie Martin of the band Joy Electric. I follow his Twitter and listen to his sermons. I love that guy to death and always try and emulate his behavior.

This “beta” behavior I am talking about is NOT bad at all! I believe being beta is a good thing. Being beta promotes good male characteristics. From being honest, submissive, creative, funny, average, caring, hardworking, dedicated, and just a plain authentic human being.

The alpha wants to make man into an intellectual, cultural thug. …Or a clever skinhead.

The beta is an honest man, like that old cartoon show, Doug.

Most Japanese men and their anime male counterparts, are natural betas. Sexy, submissive, and wonderful betas!

I love being a beta! Why should I feel shame that I am one? I love my body, I love my sex life, and I love what I do. I just wish I shared the world with other betas too. And when I say “betas,” I am not talking about most normie losers.

I was (and still may be) a board game player, a pornography nerd, an edgy white nationalist, a sitar and chiptune musician, an alt-lit collector and writer, a high school cross-country runner, a gay model, and now (I am) open about my new adventure into Asian-Aryanism.

I believe Asian-Aryanism is close to the truth in this lying society. It’s a path towards authentic happiness.

Now there can be an “alpha” Asian-Aryan (I would love that to happen). But let the truth be known, that all my Asian-Aryan friends are beta.

And they should not be condemned for being betas! Asian-Aryanism takes pride in the beta identity. It is the beta identity that matches so well with the Asian significant other and Eurasian offspring.

Being beta doesn’t mean being a degenerate. A degenerate is an unhealthy and evil person that bows down to mainstream society. 

They are the nu-cucks, and I HATE the nu-cucks.

Asian-Aryans are healthy people that have goals and dreams. They are good like Christians, and creative like the alt-right.

This life isn’t about consuming and accepting the terrible fate of a mundane existence. Asian-Aryanism gives power to the enlightened, white American. Destiny is fulfilled when all are actions are authentic.

Again, why should we strive to become meathead alphas? Some guys are alpha. But we can’t all be. 

Both men and women have to understand the nature between the sexes. We can’t just make up dreams and wish more from the other side.

Asian girls are fine with white guys being beta, and some quirky white girls like beta Asian guys (even delta).

I understand some of the gold-digging Chinese want more from their white men, or even some of the edgy Asian girls want to try black guys. There can be an acceptable form of “alpha Asian-Aryanism.” …But this should not be tolerated as our main motivation. We must respect each other’s unique level of autonomy and strive for a loving community.

Big is always better, but authenticity creates culture. Asian-Aryanism is in the business of creating a future civilization.

I love being beta. I love beta guys and their kind Asian girlfriends.