Thursday, June 22, 2017

Get The Balance Right!

“Aww. Look at you. 25-year old Robert Smith just got his first job working for Verizon selling cable service. Every morning, he has to put on his suit and tie, check in at his little cubicle, talk about his so-called favorite sitcom by the water cooler, drive back home to his little shitty apartment, and get a kiss from his ugly little Asian girl. …Isn’t that wonderful?”

I don’t like the left-wing, but there is some wisdom to Deleuze’s Capitalism and Schizophrenia. The piece should have been considered “creative writing mixed with pseudo-academic pablum.” Nonetheless, actual perverted and depraved aristocrats admire his work as the truth.

For Deleuze, our American capitalist society has created schizophrenia among what would be the normal and healthy person. The average person only cares for his own self-interest and uses the Earth as his never-ending resource. It is one big spiral down into decadent nihilism.

…But the normal person couldn’t tell you this. The normal person is so brainwashed with Cultural Marxist ideas, that he couldn’t even tell you why it’s right to let refugees in the country. The New Left succeeded not in ideology, but in the culture war.

A failure in this society is an anti-capitalist. Take a look at the dirty AntiFa, the trust-fund professor, and barista radical, and the artist. The intellects, or the honestly good-natured people, suffer because they can’t make income. The system punishes them for having a certain personality trait. Therefore, if one is to succeed in the market, one has to be a whore. Rather, a pre-socratic barbarian acting like a Socratic aristocrat.

Capitalism is a system made for Western people in the context of modernity. When whites rule the world, they bring along capitalism too. Everywhere is dominated with Coca-Cola and shopping malls. Are the nonwhites enjoying capitalism?

Rudyard Kipling proposed something in the “white man’s burden.” To paraphrase:

1. Should white people colonize the world in hope that nonwhites will leave their savage backgrounds, and break free into the world that is the western experience?

Or 2. Should white people protect and stay in their country, playing watch guard around the world and advocate ethnonationalism?

…Take on the white man’s burden. There is no clear answer. It’s twofold.

Meanwhile, other non-whites, like Asians, are cheating the system. They are fooling white men into deceitful tricks based upon values that clash with Western ones. Asians, especially the Chinese, wish to expand their empire by getting into positions of power and marginalizing Western people. The Chinese had to adapt to world capitalism in their own unique Confucius manner.

The typical New York and Californian liberal at a fast rate is interbreeding with Northeast Asians. Nick Land argued that this has something to do with “transhumanism” and a new alien-human race that will conquer the stars. Some of us call it “Asian-Aryanism.”

Let’s look back at the arrogant life of Robert Smith…

“Five years ago, Robert was a transfer student from New Jersey, and moved in as a Freshmen at a promising private Women’s college (now accepting men for the first time). Here, he will get his Bachelors in Economics, and as well appreciate his love for the fine arts. Meanwhile, while being forced to hang out with other ignorant late teenagers and early 20 somethings, Robert meets the love of his life, Stacy, at a club gathering based upon video-games. They soon have to hug every morning before class begins, even kiss on some emotional dependency. Public Displays of Affection are frequent. They might sleep together in the same dorm. Then there is that one day, during sophomore year, they fuck for the first time. …And then it’s off to doing a senior project about “Social Justice in the Jesuit Tradition” for Robert, and Stacy? “Shakespeare and Wolfgang Iser.” Really boring and programmable shit. They don’t see each other in the summer. Yet Robert will make the occasional drive to see her. Rainbows and Unicorns! …And now, both getting a BA in English and Communications (a supposed double major), they have to look for work. For the first time, life was about climbing a social ladder and hanging around with an organized playtime like it was school. Not anymore. Robert has to surf Craigslist for a place to stay and for a career. And what about Stacy? Her Chinese parents want her to succeed and assimilate with the “American Standard.” She has a huge trust fund of $500,000. She could spend it on grad school, or put down the money and start a family. She chooses the latter. Now, little Robert and Stacy live out in the middle of bumfuck West Chester, Pennsylvania nowhere (without roots of their original states) and are having the “time of their lives” living together. 25-year-old Robert and 23-year-old Stacy. Give it two years, either they will have a kid, or divorce miserably. Cupcakes, Castles, and happiness forever.”

…And you see, this trajectory has been happening with the normie for about three generations. White baby boomers had it so easy to live in the suburbs and have three children, now turned over to Gen-X families that work in cubicles and let their wife work in the same position. Now it’s the millennials turn, and shit is reaching a tipping point.

Blogger Vincent Law is right, “we live in a post-normie society.

Young men could only live the normie life by marrying the typical Chinese girl after his money. An Asian, “gibsmedat.”

The truth is that Gen-X parents were behind this “Boomerang” effect. They had it planned out when they were experiencing youth. “It’s only best if my kids lived a better life than I did. “And even to a racial extent, “They are individuals! They can do what they want. Here is the money! Now go follow your dreams!”

Typical spineless, white American parents.

Compare that to the Chinese family, “Either you honor or disgrace us. But we can work it out if you marry into modernity.”

Robert has a big shit-grin on his face. He knows he has to act if he wants to keep Stacy. Stacy is only in it for the position of power and she fears complete boredom. It’s only “natural” to move “up” and start a family at this age. Otherwise, you would have to suffer the nihilistic world of 9-5 work, liberal graduate school, or the void that is total darkness. They both need something to role-play in order to avoid the struggle of the common man.

They never really were free.

They had to constantly “get the balance right.

Just like that classic Depeche Mode song.

“And you thought this was going to be good, right? Isn’t life wonderful? You’re a suit-and-tie dependent indirect salesmen to a wife that doesn’t even look like you? You’re in debt and not so sure how long you are going to pay off the college you sold your youth to, for the only reason that you could lose your virginity and be a man? Was it even that much in the long run? And this girl you met, you could have ignored her and moved back into your parent’s house, but you insisted “she was the one” and now you are roleplaying a character you watch in cartoons and movies. 25-years-old. Are you really an adult? Or are you a simulacrum of the new man that capitalist society wants?”

Robert and Stacy both have schizophrenia. They are in denial about it. No values or honest people ever told them that this life is inauthentic. Any second now the lie can pop and they will break up. They can always keep going, so as long they “get the balance right.”

There’s more besides joyrides

Little house in the countryside

Understand, learn to demand,

Compromise, sometimes lie 

Be responsible, respectable,

Stable but gullible

Concerned and caring, help the helpless

But always remain ultimately selfish 

You think you’ve got a hold of it all

You haven’t got a hold at all

When you reach the top, get ready to drop

Prepare yourself for the fall, you’re gonna fall

It’s almost predictable 


…Get the balance right!!


Monday, June 19, 2017

The Asian Feminist Fallacy

Imagine, if you will, an Asian girl growing up in America. She may be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, …whatever, but she has a very similar background to most “Asian-American” girls growing up.

She grows up with her conservative or Americanized parents that want her to “get a job” and make $70,000 a year or more. She could be Eurasian, or that her parents are divorced. The parents may force upon her the values which are Asian in background, or they fail to see the under-currents of the American society that she grows up with.

All her best friends are white. If she has other Asian friends, they are of her background, or they are Americanized like herself.

The “standard of beauty” for the American girl, is the typical “Stacy.” She is a worshipping member of the cult of the extroverts, and she wants to grow up to be like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga.

Going on such dating platforms like Bumble, you will be bombarded with blonde, valley girls that are right out of college. Casually, they love to drink beer and hang around white “Chads.” But talk about race with them, they will refuse to answer the question.

This is by default, the normie white middle-class nationalism that Matthew Heimbach wishes to awaken. Of course, most of these white girls are liberal, because they just don’t want to offend anyone while they go to the bar every Saturday night.

Are normies a problem? Of course they are. People on the internet have a genuine hatred for them as they provide no contribution to society, but rather as working bee drones that dance in it when they are off from work.

Is this really “the standard of beauty” we are told by higher education and liberal academia?

Academia really wants the new globalized person to be something of a mixed-race character. The media and movie industry would like everyone high on drugs, and blissfully enjoying life, while they are robbed of their money every day. To be a good consumer is also to act like one. Even if all the consumers are Chads and Stacies (and they certainly will get offended if you call out football).

Imagine the deracinated Asian-American girl, growing up with her other white girlfriends. The other white girls know she belongs to a different race, but they treat her special because “she is Asian.”

The truth is that people prefer to be with people like themselves. Every single race of people just doesn’t want to admit to those crucial facts. The same goes with telling your kids that Santa Claus is real and that “sexuality is not that important.”

…Race and sexuality are real. But it’s odd how our society has been re-appropriating, as well as trying to surpass, such natural urges.

Martin Heidegger argued that the only way humans can have a peaceful existence with one another is if we understand ourselves as animals, and are in tune with our limits. This requires an understanding of both racial and family background, the sexual urges we repress, and the social positions and identity we role-play. It’s not an easy thing to do. That’s why there was such a thing called The Frankfort School.

By the time any Asian-American girl is in her 20s, she has unrealistic expectations that she will marry a nice white Prince Charming, who will come to her aid and marry her at 23. Unfortunately, she might become like all the other bimbos, by sleeping around with chads and then questioning “why have none of them picked me up as a wife?” It obviously has something to do with “racism.”

Now, for a white girl, this cannot work because whites are not a minority people. Anyone growing up in their mid-20s will start to realize that we are animals, and that race and IQ is real, and that we are all going to die.

And so, Little Ms. Asian-American girl becomes a feminist, not because she hates men, but because she hates how men don’t treat her the same as white women.

It is incredibly ironic for the Asian feminist that she wants to abolish “patriarchy,” when really it only refers to her Asian side. This will help increase her chance getting her a white husband.

There is a great fallacy in the Asian feminist argument that seems counterproductive towards Asian-Aryanism.

First, the argument is anti-white. The normie will have a liberal view of race, and assume that the decadent standard of behavior is also “the white beauty standard.” They fail to see that some greater power, beyond the nature of white people, is manipulating all classes below the upper.

An Asian feminist of this type will hate “the white patriarchy” and yet want to belong in the same Urban Outfitters clique of other white people. She has an irrational hatred towards “white culture,” yet ironically wishes to assimilate with it. It’s one big distorted feedback loop.

Second, there is a very weak understanding of race relations. An Asian feminist just wants to be “just like everyone else” and will enjoy the same decadence everyone is getting. Of course, she hasn’t realized that white nationalism and traditions are quite aware of the normie problem. She wants a declining party culture, while we want upward progress towards self-improvement. Egalitarianism is our problem. 

Third, The Asian feminist is wrong for putting her trust with “the wrong type of white people,” mainly, meathead jocks. She assumes that even the nerdy white guy with the STEM degree is exactly like a football jock. If she was being more traditional, read some books, and realized that being a thot is not a happy life, could she understand greater accomplishment and an authentic relationship. Her obsession with “white guys treat me as a sexual object,” is bogus because she is enabling men to treat her as an object. The real white guys that want Asian girls, authentically, are considered to be Asian-Aryans.

And finally, she never considers the very idea that there are authentic white guys that do want to have an Asian wife. But both sides are too afraid to be vocal about their love is because they will get labeled as a “racist” and “pervert.” There is no definite meaning or words that can help WMAF/AMWF Eurasian couples out.

The Asian feminist is both beneficial and a burden. She argues for a future Asian-Aryan society, but falls for the double standard of anti-white hatred and “multiculturalism.” She wants to be the very white person that Christian Lander makes fun of in Stuff White People Like.

It may also be true that an Asian-American girl or someone who is Eurasian has it much harder, psychologically and socially. The cure for this is Asian-Aryanism. It is natural to belong with people like ourselves. There is no open environment for her to truly express herself as an Asian-Aryan princess.

But now, there is the internet.

Once the introverted and downtrodden Asian-Aryans will realize this, they will create an intellectual foundation that will lead IRL extrovert advocates fighting and being open about living the Asian-Aryan lifestyle. We must plant the seeds of the future.

The Asian feminist will come to our side. It’s only natural for her to do so.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Cult of The Extroverts

There is a problem with today’s post-postmodern society. The divide of white people are not only based upon “the right kind of white people vs. the wrong kind of white people,” but between introverts and extroverts.

Western society has reached a conclusion that the white man uses the Earth solely for his own resources. It’s only there for him to exploit. Man is not dependent on nature, rather, Nature is dependent on him. So it is a long-term goal for Western man to consume and create “reason” within his environment. This has led to a negative downfall into nihilism.

Globalism, free-market capitalism, and individualism is based upon this empty and bleak nihilism. This has further created the culture we know as the “normies,” filled with “chads” and “stacies.” Chads and Stacies don’t have the time to stay at home or work alone to create art, or even for that matter, contribute to something greater for society. Normies just want to go to the “bar” or go “clubbing” on the weekends and have sex with as many people as possible.

Normies are so dangerous that they have created a new social standard based upon judging people if they are not “alpha” enough. The introverts have to stay home, play video games, surf 4chan, and continue a non-significant life based upon their own virtues that the normies forcefully condemn.

Ironically, it is the introverts that are creating the metapolitical and cultural foundation of our future society, while the extroverted normies are the consumers of the introverted dream. However, the introverts cannot participate in their own crafted dreams. The extroverts are the ones that role play their fantasies.

It is interesting that our American society praises those who participate in it. The values and ethics of a “participator” (a pre-socratic notion) are “alpha.” It is confusing even more that American society is dominated by liberalism, and seeks to present a facade over everyone else with infinite nihilism and Sargon-of-Akkad-tier reasoning.

It is these “alphas” (the extroverted normies) that are successful in America. But the system lies and never presents, or even teaches, the issue of becoming the new barbariansNot everyone can be an alpha. But there are desperate nerds and idiots that are so demanding to act and become some kind of “pussynerd.” This is the cult of the extroverts.

Extroverts are not helping society; they are destroying it. I frown upon this childish behavior of, “I am better than you because I have friends and do decadent things.” It’s true that the American man and woman has reached this level. The upper-class is decadent. Even worse is that the upper-middle-class wants to believe there is a stable aristocracy, when really they are lied too. Everyone is stuck in their social position, quietly suffering and being deluded with cognitive therapy. Only the upper-class has infinite freedom that the “American dream” begs people to believe in.

We can’t all be alphas.

It’s foolish to think a man can transform into a Mishima-type in one day (besides, he will end up having emotional problem and doing something crazy).

I do believe in “self-improvement.’

I lift weights, I eat healthy, I take care of my body, and focus on my future. I want to be a good role model based upon morally good virtues. The disease of Western man is based upon excessive drinking, recreational drug use, casual sex, useless swearing, self-aware hip-hop references and pop-culture consumerism. This is unfortunately, for most white men, the only way to attract a disgusting female.

The introverts will even condemn each another for not being more extroverted! The cult of the extrovert is real because everyone wishes they were The New Barbarians… the supposed “winners” in life.   

My problem with the alt-right is that it is becoming more normie and extroverted. Silly games of “going to the bar” and “drinking” does not move the cause forward. It’s nihilism.

Idiot “gamers,” furries, socialist, punk rockers, …whatever proxy for nihilism, does the same thing to bond with other like-minded consumers. It’s consumer-culture, plain and simple.

How many people are getting into these “queer” or “weird” movements and asking for the red-carpet treatment because they are special? Or rather, they are “an amazingly extroverted person?”

People like Based Stickman, Nathan Damigo, Emily Youcis, whoever hobbyist of being extroverted, …not even contributing anything towards metapolitics, are indirect salesmen, selling the isolated introverts “hope” for the future.

How many LARPers came to that wall in New York City, to get on cam and “troll” that guy just to show how “cool” they were (I mean, I was there too).

For fucks sake, life is becoming more scenester than Mission Hill.

Try finding a date on Ok Cupid. All those women are spoiled with a glut of men to choose from! The sexual revolution liberated women’s sexuality, not men’s. 

White women have been known to emulate the behavior of the genuine white man. They will go so far to role-play or even “cosplay” as a desire made up by the introverted.

…Harriet Sugarcookie calls her work “porn for geeks.”

The introverted created Frankenstein’s monster, –the extroverted class that runs society!

Percy Shelley also created a monster too when he wrote Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. That the “new woman” shall be based upon “intellectual desires” rather than the physical. …Now we have blue-haired SJWs that think they are living anime characters.

The cult of the extrovert is dangerous is because it’s principles are based upon materialism. It’s a competitive fashion statement, rather than a quest for authenticity, which introverts naturally struggle in life for. The cult of the extrovert is a creation of the introverted. The introverts like to dream alone in bed, “if only my life was better and was like an adventure.

What we think we know as “true virtues,” have been destroyed by an extroverted and evil rapist. …The innocent are being corrupted.

Everyone will judge me and say, “Ha, well, are you going to be remembered in history if you stay at home and do nothing?

Again, this is something the cult of the extroverted would say.

In fact, a good example of the cult of the extroverted would be the very last passage of Days of War, Nights of Love, an anarchist lifestyle manifesto.

I won’t quote it in details, but I will say that the narrator presents himself as a “truly free being that gets lots of sex and every day is an adventure.”

…Western man is truly pathetic.