Sunday, July 9, 2017

STEM Supremacy

During my senior year of college, I took a big black pill. That pill was Aaron Clarey’s book Worthless. Clarey argues that the liberal arts degree is “worthless” (in the economic sense) and that pursing a STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) was more valuable. A STEM degree could land you a job right out of college.

This, he argues, is because there is a high consumer demand for people to create/regulate technology. While this may seem ideal, unfortunately, Clarey also argues that the economy is unpredictable, and if a comet came crashing down on the earth and killed every single English speaker, the man with an English degree would become the new millionaire.

I do believe there is a rise in members of the upper-middle white class pursing STEM degrees because their Gen-X parents have arts degrees (hardly anyone went to college in the 80s).

The current fad is that the liberal arts degree, which may be English, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, or Fine Arts, is an anti-money-maker for the millennial generation. There is a prudish, conservative, and typical mid-west arrogant attitude of white people that pursue STEM degrees, simply because “that’s what makes money.”

This leads to something of a “STEM supremacy” which bashes on the unstable nature of undergrad education, and belittles those students who pursue an arts degree. It has never occurred to these people that there were students who entered college because they wanted an “Asian Studies” degree. Passion and determination does not correlate with them.

I had a prissy conservative girl tell me these things that my “English and Communication” degree was worthless because “no one wants it.” In addition, she told me that ANYONE can teach in Japan and that requiring a “bachelor degree” for it is a scam. This did offend me. Being drunk, I scoffed her off quickly (I found out she had a boyfriend) and told her why it’s meaningful for some people.

She had a quick rebuttal, “You always talk about this Asian thing. Please! I don’t want to hear it again!” (When I met her, I had just got done with my first public speaking event. I got drunk beforehand and rambled on about why the world belongs to Asians. She still doesn’t know what I do online).

She had to walk away from my input. After all, she did criticize me, because I didn’t understand that is has to do with “parenting, not race.” (a sign of her morally upright and affirmative cryptic-white nationalism).

…A few days earlier, I was trying to practice game with a friend at a sips event. I was shocked to find that all the men and women were overwhelming white, blonde, and in their late 20s and 30s. And all worked in the same cubicle jobs with their STEM degrees!

Within five rejections, I heard the same stuff over and over again from the same type of white girl (I went to X school, I make 60-80 a year doing X, we are going on vacation to the island of X). This upper-middle class group of white people is embarrassingly shameful. All of them live their lives like they are still in high school, yet work mundane jobs to keep the system afloat for their decadent behavior.

Clarey, who also wrote a book Enjoy The Decline, argues that you should get a good-paying job and do what you want with your time. …This professional nihilism, is celebrated by Clarey!

The STEM supremacists like to think they are the holy ones that made “the right choice” with their lives. When ironically, all they do is compete to live in the same obnoxious, SWPL lifestyle as their peers. This has unfortunately made a further divide between “The right kind of white people,” vs. “The wrong kind of white people.”

The Rights, who are the STEM supremacist, verse The Wrongs, or the chumps that spend their money and do what they want. This spiritual war still rages on for white people.

As an American person of mixed European descent, I should have naturally become a STEM supremacist! But instead, I got my degree in “English and Communications” because I was passionate about it (And really, all I ever wanted was to get my degree in Asian Studies).

There were obvious “choices” for me to go the route of STEM. I did take many math, computer, and chemistry classes. Bit in the end, it never satisfied me.

Both of my parents come from a culture of washed-up chads and stacies. Both of them never went to college, and I am happy that I was able to get a debt-free college education. I pursued my dreams, not my income.

As a white person with this social privilege, I am grateful to have a trust fund, a pool in the backyard, two dogs and a cat, hardware synthesizers, and a fine art collection. …Now the STEM supremacist would say to me, “It was your parent’s fault for not parenting you in the right direction!”

Again, we have this ongoing war between the Rights and the Wrongs. Upper-middle class white people are still bitching about other white people they are afraid to associate with.

I am a musician, a blogger, an artist, and a full-time NEET that does what I love to do. …Eventually, I will get “the job” and income to support myself and bigger projects.

…Although, like everyone else, I do wish I had better guidance in my life.

But these STEM supremacists are no different from their thot counterparts.

You know, I might become an established artist in the future with an income. With that, I can work at most jobs. I also have the opportunity to teach overseas (most normies can’t do that). And I am proud of my own educational background!

The problem today is that the education system is destroyed because no one wants to put “value” on degrees anymore. The value for an English degree is neglected because it is overruled by ideology and shitty jobs at Barnes & Nobles.

Those who hold arts degrees either go back to university to spend more money to match their STEM supremacist peers (which is a shock for the upper-middle class white girl who pursues English) or simply, make up a lie that their degrees have the same STEM value. Both these choices are obviously wrong.

I hate normies. I never wanted to be like a normie. …Normies ruin everything!

Only a selected few belong in college. A degree is a personal accomplishment, not a societal one.

A “college degree” is a rite-of-passage for the common white person. Imagine, someone of the age between 20-22 receives a college education and now has to make sense of the outside world. As I wrote before, imagine being 25 in the undergrad college… they will never let you in! The undergrad education has become an expensive high-school / teenage daycare center. This is a dangerous problem with millennials.

As a dedicated person for the Euro-Asian cause, Chads and stacies cramp my style. I take pride I went to college and learned how to write and speak Japanese (はい). But I don’t take pride that I go to the bar and hang with STEM supremacist.

…I would rather hang out with other Asians or Euro-Asians with “worthless” degrees.



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