Monday, August 28, 2017

Introducing The Alt-Left

There is a lot going on in the news about the “alt-left.” Donald Trump said it as a joke during a conference, and there is also a crazy website named, “Alt Left Watch.” (I won’t link it because it is too crazy). The only publication to get it right was from The Week:

“As best I can tell, the very first people to use the term “alt-left” was a tiny faction within the alt-right, who favor more left-leaning economic policy. However, this did not catch on. The actual popular use came later, from two sources, more or less simultaneously. First was a quote from mainstream Republicans, desperately looking for something to distract from the fact that their party was now headed by an elderly addle-brained racist. If the left also had racists, then it somehow wasn’t so bad that Republicans had nominated one for president.”

The alt-left is indeed a tiny faction, and I believe the only person willing to be the ultimate judge on the issue is Brandon Adamson. However, if an “alt-left” scene is to grow, then it can’t fall under the same corrupted and immoral nature of the current “left-wing” we have today.

As of right now, I denounced the alt-right after the failure of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. It’s no longer about queers associating with Boyd Rice or Death in June, it’s a cluster-fuck of misguided LARPy teenagers and intersectional “identitarians.” The latter group is hostile towards Asian-Aryanism. Furthermore, it is now “cool” and “hip” to be a tumblr chick and say you are “red pilled.”

As I said before, the Kool Kids Klub are responsible for this, and each individual is guilty of whoring themselves to be “cooler” than the next. I won’t name names, but I know some of these asshats. Next time I see any of these Kool Kids, I’m going to fucking destroy them. 


…But Kool Kids are everywhere. White kids from the ages of 17-28 are responsible for such hipster douchebagery. And the coming tide of “the alt-left” is no exception. Now, I am not saying I am not guilty of such hipster culture (I do jokingly promote it through my social media and this website). However, we are fighting for metapolitics, and the current metapolitical tide is with the misguided white and Asian youth. Whoever wins this intellectual discourse on the internet, creates the obnoxious punk-house-party kids we see in every urban and metrosexual city.


Asian-Aryanism plants the seeds in all areas, introverted and extroverted. There will be Asian-Aryan Chads and Asian-Aryan Virgins (if you want to use that terminology). And there will be less hostility towards this peaceful movement that prefers to be with people like themselves in an age of post-liberalism and multiculturalism.

The youth of the alt-right is foolish to consider throwing their opponents into gas chambers and making excuses like “I’m gay and I’m just like you.” This will only further divide the alt-right as “nazies” and create an entire new generation hostile against them. It’s why there needs to be a new focus on an alt-left movement.

This alt-left movement will not be the decadent “left-wing” or “antifa” we know from our culture. The alt-left will have a concrete foundation in these golden rules:

1. The “left” is a western experience. It is not compatible with non-white civilizations, and is rather a “term” to describe the interest of the people and their own liberty. It is suggestive rather than definitive.

2. The alt-left is a trinity about friendsfamily, and freedom. The alt-left fights for universal friendship, whoever we may associate and live our lives with. The alt-left will protect our families, private or public, and will advocate natural order of both the patriarchy and matriarchy along with tradition. And the alt-left will fight for “freedom,” the desire we feel as human beings that wish to transcendent the boundaries of human nature. We are not transhumanist and feel that it is immoral to be so. For obvious reasons: take a look at the stupid fad of transgender rights and “the progressive stack.”

3. The alt-left is starting over again at year zero. Everything we knew as a “left-wing” will be destroyed. The French Revolution was a misunderstanding, communism goes against human nature, and The Frankfort / New Left school is wrong (and a slow defeat for the left to give up and create “Cultural Marxism”). We don’t associate with Žižek, Derrida, Foucault, Althusser, Deleuze, or any kooky “postmodern” philosopher that is talented in rhetorical, pseudo-scientific, creative writing. It is important that the alt-left is critical of everything the left stands for, and creates a new culture and institution beyond what we know as the “the transhumanist mind virus.” The movement will be peaceful and voluntary.

4. The alt-left is not about “social justice,” “progress,” or “equality.” The alt-left is against egalitarianism, root and branch. Equality is not a good, and is a complete ideology of its own that is often mistaken by a normie as “the left.” The alt-left will be completely removed from egalitarianism and focus on friends, family, and freedom in their own right.

5. The alt-left will not be hostile against the right wing. It will however be critical of the trad-fetishization and the close-minded conservative issues they radically uphold, but the alt-left is about ending the spiritual war between “left vs. right.” The alt-left wishes to create a movement that is against dictionary definitions. There are too many normies that associate with “the left,” and spread “cultural marxist” values. They don’t even know what side they are on.

6. The alt-left is planning for a future after multiculturalism, diversity, and the postmodern world. It believes that “ethnonationalism” is a possible surrogate and cure for egalitarianism and The Kalergi Plan (the alt-left is against this program as well). The alt-left is acting as a responsible parent and gambling on a future that is distant and away from the pozzed society we suffer through now.

…These are some points what the alt-left should stand for. If only we had more bloggers advocating for such a movement, we could have more peace and less violence in today’s racial and political climate. But again, the spiritual divide between left and right still conquers us as a people. Our common enemy is the globalist that wants to erase our identities. We want to be with people like ourselves and have our own cultures and institutions.

I believe Asian-Aryanism is neither left or right wing. But the alt-left would be in favor of letting Asian-Aryanism happen, whatever name it may take in the coming Eurasian-anime future.