Monday, November 27, 2017

The Orientals Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction

There is a coming crisis with the western (and globalized) dominant ideology of multiculturalism. The ideology is practiced among the global elites. Ironically, the white people who partake in this practice, use the religion as a “code of ethics” and a way for social signaling that they are good people.

Not only is there a strong trend of low birth rates among whites, there is also a rising population of nonwhites. If “abolishing whiteness,” is the key to happiness, then why have such philosophies as capitalism, egalitarianism, Christianity, and universalism so widely spread to other nonwhites?

We could have a huge digression about the falling nature of the past three generations of white people, or how white people are pathologically altruistic, or how there is an inner nature for white people to create a futuristic transhumanist society. But I would rather spend the time discussing the importance of Larsen Helleck’s book The Orientals Guide to Sex Strength Satisfaction.

White people today try so hard to make the multicultural system work. This requires assimilating nonwhites into white culture, or peacefully “coexisting” with them in free-market capitalism (ironically made for white people). Radical white people are told to race-mix and create a new race of people that Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi once dreamed of.

Unfortunately, after half a century of civil rights, nonwhites continue to separate, the white birthrate declines, and race-mixed children end up choosing a nonwhite side or committing suicide. Sadly, there is no “third-position” race that white liberals magically present (because they secretly would rather be with white liberals like themselves).

An entire generation of racially-confused, half-white people are told by white liberals that “there is no such thing as race” and “talking about such issues leads to racism.” And every single half-white person should be fighting for an egalitarian society. Again, there is no third position.

The entire millennial generation of white people are waking up to this horrible Conradian horror. Deep down, they know all of this is not true. It’s just Christian optimism mixed with decadent and materialistic nihilism. Another way of saying, “your life is special, now leave me alone and let me live my anime lifestyle!”

If half-whites are to follow such folly as the previous generations of whites did, then they will follow the same nihilistic death as well.

There is a question we should be confronting, “can biculturalism really work?”

We are told multiculturalism works, but we see it is a source of tension and conflict, and continues to make people separate (diehard multiculturalist should move to Brazil).

And what about the half-white people that are functioning in society? Should they just leave and go find their roots on the other side? Or are they white? I believe that neither side will accept them, and must embrace a third position where biculturalism is a functioning system. This is a crucial issue for any mixed-race person to confront. Either live or die.

…and this is where Helleck’s book comes in.

Oriental Guide is written in the classic tradition of a manosphere do-it-yourself style. It is straight forward without any hidden messages. It is a manual for the dispossessed Asian American man looking for purpose.

As a disclaimer, I am not Asian. Paranoid and pretentious scholars would scoff at me saying that I am “whitesplaining” to a demographic I am ignorant of. I don’t have to explain myself, since I am writing about biculturalism rather than the perspective of an Asian American.

In a race realist society, Asian men living in a white society are contested with white standards. The Asian woman falls down to the powers of the nature-breaking and romantic white men, and the obedient Asian men have to double down competition to win their own Asian American women over. This causes an extreme complication in an equality loving, liberal narrative white society. The answer for normies is to blame white men, shout for equality, or bring down strong men to weak standards. Still, it doesn't work. It causes more decadence and eventually, Asian-Aryanism.

Honest people know the truth. And Helleck gives the truth to young Asian men.

The first chapter of the book is the most significant. Helleck’s thesis is that Asian men have the upmost masculine power in the world. The problem is that a growing population, globalization, and Western intervention has slowed down their true powers. There is a dragon that sleeps in every Asian man, willing to break out.

Helleck’s book is manual to the let the dragon out. He provides quick arguments and refutations against liberal claims that Asians are an “oppressed” group. Going forward, Helleck provides 70 plus pages how to work out and get fit. The next few chapters are crash courses through fashion, language, and sex.

The reader should put down the book after reading the first 80 pages, and make up his mind if he wants to continue being disciplined. The workout routine will have a strong influence on the reader, that is, if the reader is willing to commit the time to it. In a way, the book is three books in one, but for Asian men. Imagine Arron Cleary’s Bachelor Pads Economics, Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men, and Roosh V’s Bang condensed just for the Asian audience. It is very effective for the first time reader.

I would recommend to commit to Helleck’s routines after reading the first and last chapter. A critical motivation must be developed before the reader goes on his intellectual journey into manhood. The reason behind the book can be summed up in 20 pages… Asian men need guidance more than ever in a failing, multicultural world.

White liberals are committing suicide, and China might as well take over America and put it in a wax museum. If any responsibility is to be accomplished, Asian-Americans must choose a side. Will they fight for their “Asian” side, or will they create something entirely new after the kali yuga? Both might happen at the same time.

Young white millennials have been trying to do the same. However, those who are race-mixed still suffer from their deluded parents and the liberal media. This is the most important group that Helleck’s book can target.

Although I am pessimistic, I can be optimistic about the future. Imagine a world where human bio-diversity reigns supreme, technological advances are made in outer space, and people live in harmony with their own families.  …But where do the racially mixed people belong?

Fighting for their own side!

This book is important for the dissident niche against the modern world. I suggest you read it.


Friday, November 3, 2017

After The Blank Banshee Show

I brought my date to Blank Banshee in Philadelphia. A friend invited me to go to the event a month in advance. I could cared less about the silly “vaporware” genre. Already, I have seen Oneohtrix Point Never live, and thought it sounded like bland digital hardcore (and not the good Atari Teenage Riot kind). I am not a fan of vaporware. I really do hate Macintosh Plus and the gay internet memes I see everywhere trying to act all “old,” “ironically authentic,” “Italo,” or just plain stupid retro-wave shit. It is definitely a fad among millennials, like remembering every single episode of Hey Arnold! or Oh Yeah! Cartoons. However, I was in for a surprise when Blank Banshee performed live.

I have not listened to his music before. I knew he was an originator of “vaportrap,” which I thought would be some gay rap music with the shit that’s going around online. Again, I was wrong. I experienced an amazing movie of some sort accompanied with his music. Banshee had an MPC controller hooked up to his MacBook along with an interface and a mixer. He was pressing (or triggering) samples along a beat. He sampled old Windows 95 boot-up sounds, Sonic 3D Blast, and kitsch nostalgic noises of the 80’s generation. “Postmodernism” is a disease among the Gen-X generation, and it is unfortunate if a pseudo intellect would classify Blank Banshee’s music as “postmodern.” But rather, he is only a part of a tradition of avant-garde musicians that sample and take what is in the era we are living through. This was the original point of “industrial” music. The same can be said about Death in June, who uses right-wing imagery and flirts with it, creating beautiful, collage art. And this is exactly what Blank Banshee is doing in the modern era.

I felt more like I was watching a movie than participating in a concert. There was no moshing, sing-a-longs, or bobbing of any sorts (hipsters try to do these things, but it has become a pastime for white people to just stand at concerts). The movie had a different scene for each song, though it felt like it was one big song and there was no end. It was like watching a rock opera with a plot and resolution. Blank Banshee could of been trying to advocate a secret political message behind his work. Such subliminal messages about love, “overcoming darkness,” “teenagers buying banned music,” and “chaos inside,” along with references from Akira to a very strange Pokemon everyone forgot about. It’s hard to pass the music as just stoner rock. Blank Banshee was rather a maestro conducting a post-millennial orchestra. Something in the tradition of the film Imaginarium.

The audience was unfortunately all white hipsters living in Fishtown (the most obnoxious and SWPL part of Philly). There was only ONE WMAF couple there. A cute pigtail Asian rocking out and filming the entire set (she was a little too animated). The other asian girl was some small quirky girl in overalls coming along with her friend. I cannot really claim the event as Asian-Aryan, but certainly, Blank Banshee is hitting on something.

With all the ironic hiragana floating in his music and Japanese influence, it’s hard to ignore the fact he is envisioning an Asian-Aryan society. Yes, white people really do enjoy technology and growing up in this materialistic America… but Banshee was trying to say something about our culture. I thought maybe he was just a drummer to a band that will become the next Erasure or Depeche Mode… I even had the thought that if Tila Tequila was his singer, Blank Banshee would be much more revolutionary in pop music. 

It was a surprise for me that I really enjoyed Blank Banshee. I’m not going to call him a simple “vaporware” or “vaportrap” act. He is tapping into something that has potential in the future. If Counter-Currents publishes books about avant-garde white nationalism and is advocating a controversial movement called the “alt-right,” Blank Banshee is planting the seeds of something that is beyond left or right wing. I could see the vaporware movement involving into its own philosophy about life, art, and aesthetics. In 2030, a publishing company (something like Counter-Currents, Feral House, or Nine-Banded Books) will appear, exclusively discussing post-vaporware aesthetics, fiction, commentary, and philosophy.

The alt-right exploded because of the suppression of the political right and PC tyranny. Just like a stock making profit in the market, “alt-vapor” could have a future impact onto society. What is underground today, will have popularity in the future.

The seeds I am planting is “Asian-Aryanism.” …Something that is post-vaporware will cash in on it. Blank Banshee and I are on different roads that will lead to one destination.