Saturday, April 14, 2018

Universalism [unfinished draft]

Since the age of modernity, white people have been suffering greatly. They have turned the Christian ethos of guilt into shame and self-suicide and continue to buy things under cultural capitalism. But one uniting factor that makes white forgot all of this, is their arrogance in universalism.

In a board sense, universalism accepts the notion that people can have the same access to one practical thing. Christianity is universal on the fact that Jesus accepts the sins of any believer. Universalism in the material world suggest people can buy the same things and achieve the same greatness. While the reality of the world is deeply biological and innate, white people can be stuck in the middle of nowhere, working on a farm and suffering through the harsh reality of labor and survival. They can escape this through universalism. White people have build cities throughout no-mans land. To name a few; Cincinnati, Austin, Nashville, Topeka, and Las Vegas. These cities offer economic and (most importantly) cultural centers for white people to enjoy and achieve greatness. Along the way, most black Americans live in the cities, as some liberal whites feels it’s an obligations to keep their once pet slaves alive. The city is a place where white people can live out their dreams by becoming paid intellectuals and artist. The city liberates the farm boy and makes him become a hipster. It is through universalism that white people can have access to the bourgeoise life. White people also have a selection of many different things to consume at their disposal. For example; anime, black music that black people don’t like anymore, exotic food, art galleries, and exotic nonwhite women to have sex with (and lets forget about how these exploited girls will commit suicide a few decades later). White people will grow entitled to the sense that universalism creates more then free food, but creates cosmopolitanism. Cosmopolitanism makes white people feel that they are the “citizens of the world.” White people can do to a different city and still feel a greater uniting universalism, known as cosmopolitanism. In fact, white people will even go to Hong Kong, Tokyo, (city in South Korea) and even Dubai and still feel a sense of universalism from people unlike themselves. They have to justify this cosmopolitanism through a bigger ideology, namely egalitarianism. Egalitarianism argues that every human being on this planet are in same structure and intellect as white people. All of these philosophies; universalism, cosmopolitanism, and egalitarianism and innate with in the Faustian spirit of western civilization. However, this in turn can only be achieve through two opposing white people systems; capitalism and communism. Communism lost the war, but seethes through the culture that capitalism has one. But cultural capitalism is alive, and white people lives are determined by the things they buy and money they can can make. This has created a superficial reality of dishonestly, which confuses and upsets white people’s nature of universalism. So white people then want to push a democrat socialist environment so everyone can be liberated through egalitariansim. Because nonwhite people want universalism too, yes? It is through a screwed system called “social justice” where white people can serve this kind of “justice” to nonwhites. Justice is the act of serving what is right and wrong for society. But when it comes to something so artificial like “social justice,” it is only justice to serve universalism for nonwhites, ultimately advocating cosmopolitanism under the egalitarian religion. And one day, when white people and nonwhite people get so advance, whites will advocate for trans humanism, which will kill our natural biological realities and whites and nonwhites will be transplanted into Fankenstien-like monsters. No natural connection to mother earth anymore, but space marine robots, without a real biological identity, flying through space to create one big Borg empire. What kind of future that? Just so white people take on their own burden and beat mother nature? Isn’t that what western civilization wants?

Or am I taking this too seriously, and what really happening is that all these inner-city hipsters are dying by committing hedonism and nihilism, where all white people will die out, and the world will be left to overfed and pampered nonwhites (where ironically white people thought could be trans humanist robots). The world continues, while all nonwhites practice ethnonationalism, and white people have committed suicide or have become the second-class elite jews.

Either way, all of these problems are the root of every millennial’s miserable existence. They just want to run away from it all. But it all starts with having pride in your city. That is the first step towards universalism. This by the Heideggarian standard is called inauthenticity. If this is not checked, whites will develop cosmopolitanism, then egalitarianism, and finally, transhumanism.

But why do whites fall for universalism every time? This is the real tragedy. Is universalism only acceptable when thinking in terms of other white people? And nonwhite people can never truly become universalist?

So are we just going to uphold this religion of universalism so we can have sex with Chinese girls and watch lo-fi rap concerts on Saturday night? Just to escape our own boring replies? To live a life that is all in our heads?

Take on the white man’s burden.