Sunday, September 9, 2018

"People Who Want To Play a GM-less RPG are Transhumanist Cucks." Or, "If Everyone Is The GM, Everyone is Playing Dixit and Once Upon a Time, Which Are 'Storytelling' Games For Blue-haired Cat Ladies."

The title of this blog post is sincere. I mean it.

People who want a traditional roleplaying game without a game master are nihilist cucks. Note I added "traditional" referring to games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, that is, something you do only with a group of people in a room together. I could also be talking about World of Warcraft, where the computer is the game master (and that one day, it will become virtual reality), or the one-and-only LARPing games of Darkon and Dagorhir. 

As a digression, the "LARP" genre itself is a novelty, and no cohesive group of "gamers" actually take things like it seriously. The niche scene of LARPing is made up of "cosplayers" and dysfunctional escapist. I remember watching a documentary film in high school called Darkon (2006) about a group of sincere LARPers. You observe that these "gamers" have emotional and mental baggage, and the "game" itself is an outlet for their shortcomings. There are avant-garde freak films out there by directors such as Harmony Korine, and Darkon gave me that same Trashhumpers vibe. 

No one has ever asked a LARPer this simple question, "If you believe RPGs are better off being played IRL, then how come you are not a MGTOW-seductionist, reading Roosh V's Game or actually playing in an Olympian Sport instead?" If these so-called "games" are just a form of play based around it's culture, then why are you assuming everyone MUST like Depression Quest? (Yeah, I'm kind of sounding like TheQuartering and his lame anti-SJW excuse, "we just want to play our games!") "LARPing” is now a derogatory word. A simple term use to label someone that is taking things too seriously like a fictional protagonist in a fantasy or science-fiction novel. Often I use to say, "your life is an anime nobody is watching." Most Chads and Stacies think LARPing is cool because "nerds" do it. (White people need to feel that they had it worse than the popular kid) And nerds are the true underdogs that get social attitudes (Ironic, isn’t it?). I could go on about the recent Chad and Stacy normie invasion of cosplay (not that a Western appropriation of it was authentic in the first place, let alone Asian-Aryan in design), but it relates to the disease of LARPing over traditional games. (Yes, LARPers are "queers," but they are the worse kind of queers I have ever met, worse than the Wesley Willis kind). In a nutshell, LARPers make a game out of acting, since we are bombared with fake actors on television and in the movies all the time.

Now, I grew up playing video games. I had a Sega Genesis, a Neo-Geo, a Nintendo 64, you name it. I memorized and "beat" games like Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, Tomba, Metal Slug, and some other fringe titles which are now considered sacred in video game consumer culture. Yet video game culture rules over us as the ONLY form of gaming culture in the mainstream, and these definitions are pushed by a decadent normie class. Of course I eventually grew out of video games, and the last video game I ever really played was Space Hulk 2013 (based upon a board game) and the new Doom game. 

Board games and sports have much more in common with the human spirit than a mastermind computer ruling over us. These two genres are classified as the classic definition of "games," and humanity have been playing these games for a very long time. It is recent that "gaming" is used as an opiate for the masses? To sedate people and use it as a form of brainwashing? We play games, yes. But is it truly our natural lifestyle? Not everyone who plays games should be consider a “gamer,” and that those same self-identified “gamers" certainly don't want to hear their precious "life is a game" philosophy destroyed. LARPers will continue to be dysfunctional and play Ludwig Wittgenstein-style social games of masturbation.

But the normie-creeps are still preensters that make our lives worse. Such LARP philosophy has taken over all cultures of gaming. They are the egalitarians ready to force their daddy issues onto you.

The word "tabletop" refers to an intersectional definition of any game played on a table (why not the ground?). As such, "tabletop" games refers to board, card, tile, miniature, or whatever type of game sitting down. This recent definition and word choice is illogical and clunky, assuming I play Cosmic Encounter on a table, not the floor. In addition, those who like "tabletop" games MUST have an intersectional consumer interest with others. Must I like collectible card games and Warhammer 40K at the same time? Does this make me an open-minded person? I don't think a basketball player and a Dungeons and Dragons nerd have anything in common. Or that someone who plays Chess verse someone who only plays Cosmic Encounter should have the same shared interest. There is a reason why "chess" is a worthy game, while Cosmic Encounter is apart of an avant-garde art culture. Cultures can't just intersect with one another by force, but the term "tabletop" assures this. (Ben Shapiro’s "What Is Intersectionality?” on PragerU is a good example of the failed attempt of intersectionality).

I agree that traditional roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons, is a dying industry. It is certainly generational. It has only been around for half a decade, while modern chess has been around over three centuries or more. The traditional pen-and-paper-sitting-in-a-room-together role-playing game will die once virtual reality takes us over. And already, the normie wants to escape the liberal hellhole of the Western world through consuming, and as well through some kind of ironic Asian-Aryanism where it’s ok to have that kind of authentic identity. 

Only intellects that are passionate about preserving the written word of ludology, narratology, and esoteric subjects like game design will keep traditional roleplaying games alive. Only human beings have an unlimited imagination, and games can only be enjoyed with other human beings, not with a cold computer ironically created by humans. Dumb people cannot enjoy the rich entertainment of chess. It requires a certain intellect. The same is said about an advance sport which requires athleticism. When a dumb, normative person is in the room, all he want’s is all "games" to be like his. And this results in the cuckholded nature of the “game design” industry and the corrupted consumers who run it (see and Tom Vasel/Eric M. Lang).

By definition, game design is the art of variant creation, rules, and player interaction expressed through culture. No game is alike, and it is inhumane to teach one person to get accustomed to a different game. To reference TheQuartering again, "we just want to play our own games." This theory that everyone has their own game aligns with the theory of ethnonationalism, a theory against the neoliberal and globalist invasion of the world and the creation of the self-autotomize future.

The culture of Lake Geneva, the very people from the Midwest that created the role-playing genre of games are dying and with it are losing it's history and meaning. The millennial generation will have to relearn these rules and cultural expressions again, for better or for worse. More good people will die out, and the isolated intellect who remembers the past will be very lonely (like myself).

When so-called "roleplayers" want to play a role-playing game without a game master, I cringe. I cringe because it's not possible to do it. Either one should read a gamebook, use tables to make the game act like a robot, play a board game with cooperative challenges, or maybe just a simple video game. People who assume roleplaying games are better off with a game master are delusional, since they are the egalitarians that are arguing "it's not fair!” (Huge respect towards Lewis Pulsipher). These idiots rather want a robot playing god, ironically pushing their precious ethics of equality they project onto one another like a preening moralist. People who assume role-playing games are unfair or "not balanced" shouldn't being playing those games then (plebeians should be playing Eurogames).

The SJW scene of nerds have lost of sense of a natural patriarchal influence. It takes a patriarch, a god, to implement rules and challenges and the imagination onto the players. I cannot name a single game without a game master. When a visiting baseball team visits another team's field, the "home" team itself is the game master, and should uphold the rules accordingly. Rules are only guidelines, not the truth. It takes one human to introduce another human into a game. Yet game designer Lewish Pulsipher has notice that there is certainly a "cult of the new" consumer culture that will only play a game once and then forget about it and then buy the next worthless game. Pulsipher argues that millennials "have favorite games," but not a single “favorite" game that they have time devoted to. This is similar to the promiscuous porn-star "hookup" culture that millennials casually daydream as "the life to live."

Then there are those who assume that everyone should be a game master so the game can be "fair." There is a good roleplaying game called Ars Magica that lets players shift the game master role every turn, and is truly a unique game of it's own (take note, one of the designers of the game, Jonathan Tweet, is an annoying anti-racist boomer hippy). Other games that let people be imaginative gods are Dixit and Once Upon A Time. These games are intended to be played by families, and women seem to enjoy these games. Are they roleplaying games? Maybe one mechanic is in use, but the games become a silly postmodern irony fest where nothing creative is truly accomplished. Other normies under the cultural marxist spell will express their "feelings" with one another while playing these games. It’s a culture that can only play games to express animalistic emotions. A trivial affair for an intellect above animal instincts.

I have become an elitist over the years playing games, and I only play certain games I associate with and people who I admire. Sometimes I will play with strangers, but only as a teacher to enlighten a student. There are those fake board gamers that will bring up lame games like “Ticket to Ride" and “Betrayal at House on The Hill," and assume they are "great games." I follow the wisdom of the Antifa, who end relationships with any punk rocker that flirts with Nazi imagery. Except that I end relationships with people who play bad games. Similar to a liking in music, a bad taste in art is a bad soul in general. 

The first step saving roleplaying games requires a cultural vanguard or society willing to protect games from the depraved normie class of LARPers. Slowly have I realized that sports and chess are the ultimate games to play. But everyone has a favorite physical game, and I have a list of esoteric games I prefer to play and enlighten others with. 

My culture and my interest must be protected in the muddy waters of the pozzed "gamer" fad. An interest in ludoloy is only for an elitist.


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