Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Old YouTube Description (12-20-2021)

 A cutting-edge radical, egoist intellect, romcom writer and analytical philosopher of our time.

I am against short bios, so fug off. I will beat you up. Official Asian Aesthetics Movement Channel. An art collective think tank against gentrification. Punk Rock / Post Neo Folk / Power Electronics / Pft! since 2016. This is Asian Studies against the neoliberal establishment. I make video essays that hate on everyone. I don't create content. This is anti-content! I am but a demoscener. Data has no value. Value is subjective. We must take up space. Anticapitalist. Antiliberal. Antisocial. Antimodernity. An advocate and comrade of "queer" culture. No normies allowed. Incel label irony and raceplay agitation to tease opponents. Suit and tie professional bent on chaos and pranking. Accelerate the revolution. The world is for Eurasia. We advocate Eurasianism. We will win. AxA ⚔️ www.pilleater.com (check Bio Link for links)



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