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The Demiurge

The Demiurge

It's the power inside Dreamworld.

Recorded 6-22-2021.

Otter.Ai Transcript Draft:


…Me switching phones okay?

Hear me? I can hear you. Alright, so no I just called from Skype because it was much easier and I just had, you know, my Skype credits and sometimes I switch right but with the 411 it's just from Skype I mean it's just a Skype or they give me what's the phrase? What's the one one is?

When someone goes, What's the 411? I mean, what's up? Because back in the day if you wanted to get information on like where a restaurant was, or like where like you know, what number to call for you to get a taxi, you would dial 41142411 was information back before the internet had an emergency dial 911 And if you needed to get information you call four one actually never had not heard that before. You're way younger than back when I was a kid that are four and one, two years that that like early 90s. early to mid 90s When there's also 311 that was introduced in New York. Sometime one one anyone wants so yeah, it was in the New York, New York, New York introduced 311.

Wait, I thought the code was 201 or 270. That is jersey, isn't it?

Because mine usually is 610.

Yes, whatever what the 411 was the way it became like slang people will say to each other Yo, what's up, man? What's, what's happened?

What's the 411? Well, black people like when I lived in New York that's a black people say yo, yo, what's up dogs before warm was because like black people always literally can make up like phrases for things.

Oh, yeah. Like, they like to like make up like new new slang all the time. Whatever. I remember my dad works the night shift. And he said they have a new word. I'm like, what's that word? They call each other slugger. And this was like 2008 So it's probably obsolete.


So I was just calling to see what's up. How was What's your 4011 about today? I don't know, just to do much.

Just clearing this thing called gamification for my consciousness and like pretty much done declaring it. Okay. I did write down my notes and I was doing I was preparing the second lecture, but I was mostly hanging out with each day until he had to go back to his friends and gamification, so you're just, okay, gamification, your soul today? Correct. What isn't gamification, like the action the like your objective? No, no, no, it's like a different kind of ecoplaza.

So like when I'm talking about like, cytoskeleton there's also something like, called Eco platinum to keep in mind the idea of like, mute like mucus that has a consciousness.

So it's like people are kind of like right this thing called ectoplasm and fucking Ghostbusters, but it's a little bit different in real life.

Basically, these things called set is going to end up corresponding to this thing called ectoplasm, which is basically like the Supernaturalists kind of scientific you know, word like William James. I don't know if William James had explicitly written on on when we say William James II mean like the ghost writer or hold on a second. Well, William James had done work on ghosts, but he was also a famous American pragmatist philosopher.

Now, right, I mean, right, William James see this correct?

Way, James. What?

Since I'm on the computer, of William James Oh, William James pragmatical, American philosopher who's from New Hampshire who was around in the 1800s Gotcha. And he had done work he had done work on going to work on on sickly.

He was very much a pragmatist and very much someone in the school like truth telling philosophy.

But at the same time was someone who very much believed or was rather very much interested in looking into things like telepathy and things like Psychical Research, you've laid the groundwork for what would become parapsychology. So there's this whole field of parapsychology, you know, Jeffrey Mishlove, like you had him on your show. Yeah, and the whole world run parent psychologies basically.

So parents was like, yeah, like, what can being our psychokinetic we have telepathic abilities. We're always engaging with ourselves in the kind of extraction, extra perception, perceptual way, meaning like we have higher senses that we don't notice.

deeper realms of parapsychology will say something like human beings are a temporal, that's part of my thesis, that we work with each other from the future.

We know each other in the future and the future actually creates the past I'm actually working backwards. So it's like parasitology. I mean, I've heard some Michelob to actually and because of your Gianni, new thinking aloud, I've been watching and binging all that. And so you would say that Parapsychology does have that route into what you would call dream world or even gamification, correct.

Right. All right. It's a way it's a way it's a way to like start understanding gamification, but you have to understand like everything.

Everything can be tied within gamification. And you did this yourself when you took pictures of restaurant logos.

And you explained how they had esoteric angles to the things that the peacock Yeah, that was my interest because I was interested in Boyd Rice's Sean partridge and Brian M Clark's version of unpop which basically, they are trying to make somewhat unpleasant, transgressive images into the crash commercialism and this is because I discovered Shawn Partridge through the stark truth and that's why I tried to call it fast food fascism and applied it into my own words, but I've recently picked up Brian M. Clark's biography of Boyd rice. And he puts in an even funnier way where, you know, he points out this collective of his friends, these groups of you know, Gen X Denver kids, you know, making that where, you know, the golden arches of McDonald's is a swastika, but again, what's this? In Parapsychology we're telepathic communicating or the gamification? I'm just trying to relate it back to that final station is more like the direct relationship. Okay, so like, the swastika is a gamified symbol. It's placed within a game and it's assigned a variable which is called bad or negative. swastika is assigned by positions like the ADL to be a symbol of some feeling called hate.

Okay, swastika is a symbol that represents eternity. So the viewer of the swastika actually has to make a choice whether the swastikas are good or bad symbol. So that's the beginning of the invocation. You see a symbol like the swastika and you say to yourself is this symbol good or bad? You see an image like a Russian Orthodox cross and you say to yourself is the symbol good or bad? assignment of the variable good or bad to symbols is the beginning of gamification for the brain.

I see. So, the symbols often can try and say omit positive or negative vibes if I can put it in that way. Well, they are they are assigned device by by the culture that the viewer ultimately is the arbitrator of the decisions.

So yeah, so it's more like a cross is for Christianity. A star is for Judaism, the moon is for Islam, and these habits, associations and connections. Then there's a kind of association of good or bad and that's the Ethics What is good, what is bad and going back to Boyd rice. And unpack the unpop movement. The golden arches of McDonald's is actually the swastika and all actuality something like David Russell or snog would say and basically my my concept of fast food fascism where if White Nationalism is to be nothing more than a transgressive art rock movement that obviously has the Adopt a post new folk, or unpop movement aesthetic of Boyd rice kind, which I argued something like that.

Well, I mean, I think that's a good aesthetic to lay the groundwork for eternity on because it's something that contains is its antithesis.

Brace is seemingly an anti mainstream artists but if he's doing things like incorporating the McDonald's logo, or you know, Tiki culture, whatever, into his art, what he's doing is he's being a symbol that I call mainstream indie. Now what mainstream India is, is that you're basically on gamified this concept of hipster meaning that anybody can be a hamster all you have to do is look kind of cool and like cool stuff. You don't have to work being history compared to hipster immediately. So that's being this thing called mainstream indie. You no longer play the game of what's what's for cool people. And what's the lane people who actually just like everything. So that's like doing something like listening to Nickelback and then watching Ingmar Bergman movies. Why the fuck would you do that so that you don't see yourself as being an archetype of a person.

A lot of people who are watching are working movies supposedly think people that listen to Nickelback are idiotic people who listened to Nickelback might think that people who watched him or Burton movies are pretentious. But if you engage in both actions, then you will actually break the societal gamification around you and you won't see yourself as an archetype. Yeah, like Nickelback, though pretty good band, Amer Bergman. A lot of his movies are really good. So some of them I don't like that much. So here's the weird thing. You can listen to some Nickelback and some Rubin like one and not like the other. You basically and gamify. Nickelback as a concept on a gamifying Mirpurkhas concept. You'll see songs as being things on their own, as soon as you stop placing the shimmering quality of advertising an object and you look beyond it and really see the thing in itself, the song itself, the painting in itself and not think about the conceptual persona attached to it. You make the art your own. And that's a crucial thing to do for Dasein for being to dip to see the world actually as his own. And if we all do this together, then the hive mind that we all inhabit will actually see the Mon ad, it will actually feel a lot more comfortable. What's happening right now is it's really confused and split up into 80 billion directions. It's kind of at the midst of Maya cutting up Brahma and making Brahma into many different things. And Brahma has to put himself back together. That's sort of the game of the reality that we're in. And what my is in a lot of ways you can see is the capitalist assignment of goods as having monetary value or some kind of historical importance. What you do is you own game objects. You change the singer of a song around like I was telling you yesterday, listen to your music and pretend paramater Why did you do this on gamify it remove the shimmering quality see objects actually simply put as objects and not the things that are tied to these weird or historical paths that are called currencies. And through remove the presidencies from objects what happens is that you actually enter into the world you're living in and you're not caught up in the past. You can actually project yourself into the future and start projecting from there.

From there, you can project yourself into the future. It's manifesting from the future. Like every manifesting life coach will tell you leave in the end actually see yourself at the end of your manifestation and start projecting there. That's what you should actually do is actually live your life backwards. Actually, know yourself in the future, create the archetype of yourself in the future, see that person seeing what they're doing? And that person will actually manifest your life backwards. I caught you times a flat circle, choose your own adventure story, or a Fighting Fantasy game book. In a weird way. Yeah, time is a flat circle future adventure story.

I drew reminds me that when we talk about the on gamification, I do believe Daniel opt in of one Atrix point never for some time was showing his one Atrix point never logo as corn and he was joking as like he was new metal or he was slipping up. Far from it. He was actually gamifying his IBM, you know, tech music into something of Oh yeah. Who would ever be crass enough to be like insulin diskette or corn and Mama calling me I just need to call you back one minute okay. Okay. My mom calling me

all right

yeah, I mean one Oh, tripspoint never Daniel opportunistic certainly operating like from like, my manifestation. I'm definitely like in his His manifestation with him and Josh and Benny safty does have two brothers are part of this kind of kairos as well. And there definitely is an esoteric angle to the Boston Celtic. That is part of part of this kind of like high board. I seen the the Celtic cross on your I believe harpoon forever Bandcamp over the logo or something. I'm not so sure. Like the Celtic cubs. This right there's definitely a lot of there's definitely a driver Celtic cross.

Was it like the Scottish plaid? I'm thinking yeah, the tartan. Yeah the Scottish by target. I mean that's that's like in my hotel room has a bunch of them shit.

Yeah, that's that's the that's part of a huge part of myself. And I only say that because Jamie Stewart has you on his Gmail account had that as well? Right right. I mean, we're both Yeah, so me and him are both aware of times upon server tuition adventure stories story Carter's simulation. That's the That's what we're operating out of. That's where a lot of like famous people are operating out of like walls and like mining constantly or like police Heaven or whatever. Like I'm not saying or whatever, but she's making me say or whatever. Because I'm also her.

That's the thing about me is like I'm also other people.

And they're also made, right so we were part of a mental board and a lot of everyone's part of boards. So you can have to do with the pronouns like he they she her is also a part of the board in a way I think sometimes people call themselves a day that they mean that they're board guests.

Because they're saying that they're weak. That's another thing like someone that will Oldham Bonnie Prince Billy will say that he is. He'll say we when he says when he when he talks about doing things he'll say, well, we wanted to do that he talks us he wants to act like he's everyone.

So, or at least that is part of Borg.

Or that he's trying to get it. Right. So Spani is Bonnie when Bonnie says that? He goes, we're going to go on tour. It's just him. He means that we're all going to go on tour.

Everyone that's part of work. So Will is part of work.

And he is someone who is in dream world.

Many people aren't dream world everyone is in trouble. Michael Jackson is a true Prince Rogers Nelson is in free world. Everyone who's in dream world to have to die. There's people that are alive in those people that are dead in this list of fake versions of people that that's the thing. So if you sit around all day and you say to yourself, Well I'm talking to my like Miles Davis and drew emerald all day.

You have to realize that you're talking to a total of Miles Davis, and that he through this thing called the constraints pink elephant is not hearing the same things that you're saying. That's the thing about dream world. So it's like you you like talk to someone and say things to them, but they actually receive their version of the conversation. And you have your version of the conversation. It's always the true thing about dream world. So that's why it's really difficult talk about people hate when I talk about dream world, because they don't have the same experience as me and dream world. Or I do some board the things that I have to do in dream world because of the negative binary in dream world where there are things that that are basically the opposite. of whatever you're doing. So people actually enjoy remotes are basically like barbarians.

And they people don't like talking about that because they would rather say that they did not do the things they did in dream world most of the time because of what dream world is. I mean in many ways Drupal does something that's basically just like fucking rape and assault because it's just like a full on Ragnarok and it's basically the conscious mind of like people so if you do something like go to the bar, and people are dancing, like you're basically getting if you're like an Esper and you're like a high level skin person who really senses what's going on their room, if you're at a bar like you're basically just like getting fucking women's asses thrown in your face and like, there's like guys that are trying to bang them. Their morphic fields are like shimmering through you. And it's like, that's why a lot of people who are like artists, like don't go out, because they're like, Fuck, I can't go out and like basically get hit. Book and death of like morphic fields when people sit in that room and like read a book. Because if you're in like a high level Esper, or you're someone who's like autistic, you go out to a public space like you're basically like hearing every thought and every room. See that's the thing is that like, dude, when I walk into a room, I hear the thoughts of every person in the room. Now, those people also hear my thoughts, and I'm involved in a conversation with them, they're sometimes good, where in my instance, I remember being at a bar in Bushwick and I met Maggie Lee, who we just fell in love that night, and that was kind of maybe told plip telepathy or maybe some kind of communication was always telepathy, because human constituting consciousness is telepathy. So language is a kind of telepathy. There's always a kind of shimmering quality is touched the words there's always kind of like Holy Spirit, a kind of energy go into the language. There's always that kind of stuff.

We're talking about the pink beams from Dallas that Philip K Dick is talking about for the divine intervention that I'm talking to you all communication as some kind of sacred or holiness or a gift from God, maybe I'm being too exaggerated. Well, God, God, I mean, Christ, the sun is his language. He is the Word. So that's the weirdness of the character of Hermes.

In gamification, the god Hermes you know, it's it's weird to think that like that, if we're in Christ manifestation, I mean, this is something I was listening to Matthew Chrisman from Chapo trap house, and he was on a Gnostic podcast and he was talking about this board that I'm talking about with you. And he's saying it this board is basically going to be the second coming of Christ that what we're actually doing is Christ actualizing right now, and we're becoming versions of Jesus. So that's what you have to realize right now is that we're at but we're at a war where there's other gods that can manifest God's exudes sounds like gods like Hermes.

And I think in many ways, we must kind of come and sort of Andronicus Christ or Prometheus Christ. That that is actually like what the duty of of men is at the moment. So that's the whole thing of Christianity in the American right wing, is that in our politics, we basically get one binary oh, maybe you're Republican. Maybe you're a Democrat. Or maybe you think a creation myth. Maybe you think in you know, maybe you're an evolutionary maybe you believe in human evolution. But the truth is at the core of everything, God is very much real. And Jesus Christ is very much real. That's actually the truth. So the truth is that Jesus is real, and that human beings are actually part of his consciousness. So that's actually true. So it's actually better to actually start your existential view on that fact, that Jesus is real, rather than playing this game with yourself where you're debating whether Jesus is real or not. You should really just wake up in the morning with yourself in the mirror and say Jesus is real. Something you can do is that the person in the mirror say to you, I'm not you. I'm actually in the room with you.

People do that when they're because they look in the mirror and look at themselves niggle Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary. If you look into yourself in the mirror for long enough and you say the person mirror says to you I'm not you.

You will eventually look at that person and actually that person perception through the cytoskeleton in the perceptual category and that kind of like neurological link, that person will actually resonate as being

I mean, that's like when we they will read the perceptual category that person will resonate as being not yet. John Searle, John Searle and Dreamworld is like mad at me for constantly saying cytoskeleton but we were like today was Chuck Johnson Johnson was mad at me.

But I thought the psycho skeleton was like Chuck Johnson, not John, Sarah.

Or did I miss that? Johnson.

Johnson is my Secretary of State in the Drupal presidency.

John Searles, the one that's talking about psycho skeletons Seido John Searles is from IRL and I mean, Chuck Johnson is my my Secretary of State in my president world, in in my dream. Oh, yeah.

I keep thinking it's like they're like, No, Chuck Johnson is excited.

Ahead. So yeah, everyone is saying certain things like you actually are set a skeleton that is really the truth. The truth is that you are satisfied.

That is true. Okay. So, so that actually is true, but the thing is, is that you are also neurons are also other things and what that kind of adds up to is like this mucousy thing called like, eco positive. I mean, apparently, that's when people thought that like people were engaging in telepathy that like mucus would come out of the faces and stuff. So it's like people manifest a new kind of turn to kind of mucus. That's the thing about humans. It seems like that's really the case is that we're like we're eating each other. That's why why people have sex is they they link for morphic fields together. So then they look want to exchange mucus.

And that's, I actually just looked up in a book called Shadows of the mind by Roger Penrose came up and he talks about Yeah, side of skeletons. Are it's right, right. Okay, right. That's gonna lead me to a bed.

He's the person who, you know, have you looked at the Penrose triangle that's associated with him like the impossible shape.

See, impossible shape and this is all just, I'm just trying to like find John Cyril book, which you mentioned before, because it kept looking through my notes right now mystery of consciousness, but you have to do you have to realize that like, you know, whatever these things called cytoskeletons are that they have actions happening with them at the quantum level. So there's things below the quantum level, where it's, it's basically this thing the Buddhist culture and God are the void. So like Boyd is what changes things.

The Void, void, the void, right? And that's like the whole idea of like the, you know, like healers project of the bell is to create this gigantic, anti gravitational device that would be a time traveling machine.

And it's right like the idea of like, manifesting zero point energy from the void. Like the thing that reality is being emanated from.

So it's like manifests you're putting energy from the void, nothing in reality is being met, being emanated from and then you're basically able to write, right, that's the thing that like, right, right, awesome, very cool. It's a kind of search myself, basically, yeah, that's things that you kind of have, like Buddhists call that shunyata. The void.

You have to become a version of this thing called the bell in a way, which is like an anti gravitational device that's generated out of zero point energy. And that's how you can become a kind of time traveler to kind of become like this new basically the change or consciousness around to become like a cycle that I think that's the end of the psycho night trip is basically creating this kind of void to basically be this emanating object that is like a supercomputer. And then your logic would be due to this thing called the empty page where it is very much like a void, where you don't really know basically, the truth of you don't know anything, but that allows you to gain off of local naturalism and biological materialism, direct naturalism, local naturalism, direct realism, local naturalism, direct realism, biological materialism, the actual physical world that you're in, you can game off of that and the void of consciousness. That's and then that's how you can actually manifest at a higher level, rather than trying to build a conception of what things are actually like, which is, which is like seems like antithetical to thought, but that's really what I'm gathering. It's not necessarily a healthy thing to do to read news articles, not really healthy thing to do to think that you actually know what's happening in the world.

It's actually better to detach yourself from what's happening in the world. So you've manifest other things. If you see yourself as being devoid you understand that you're a part of the universe, the universe is actually part of your consciousness. Like, you can actually get universes and small thing existence as a small thing. I'm actually reality, all of existence in every universe, just a small part of my brain.

That that's the truth.

Kind of like when you look up at the stars or the universe or the Crab Nebula, it looks like human brain. It's a reflection. It's like the tree or the roots of a tree like the stems of a brain right? I call that Rolling Stones album cover, like 40 licks, where it's like Mick Jagger's head, but there's like many versions of it.

And so we are everything. The nature of the object is all like in my head, like circling out and like everything is in custody encompassed by my head.

It's also true that it's like the non human objects as well, where were everything to or something, right, because like, you know, like, yeah, you can look at that too. Like object oriented ontology. The grimoire men are like 10 more and it's more and because of that, that we see ourselves everything. This is kind of like this. I wouldn't say like New Age, hippie ism, that it's like I am you and you and me. You are me and that we must reach this kind of egalitarian consciousness, which you do call the Borg. But I'm just thinking does you know as much as there's this piece language here, where does like the Martian and the grey aliens come in where they're like right at the deep hgdp Something called H T. Just hexy the demarcation delineation and proxemics. That's the whole idea of creating blinds within the Borg. Because not everybody is going to resonate with each other when we're in telepathy.

I mean, George George Johnny's like writing about this on Facebook, he's saying that we're in invasion and 90% of the of the population is basically going to be enslaved to like 5% because of like human redirection like, basically we're human beings are developing telepathy right now. And there is a very small portion of humanity that is actually leading the rest of the world by our consciousness.

Episode What we're entering into, like according to Senator Johnny thing, but basically this is what I'm thinking is that we're entering into an era where basically a few people are going to be willing to the rest of the world because they think they and basically, telepathy has always been there since the beginning of time, but rather it's just in the recent 21st century. We are able to hack into leprosy and the bad people are creating like projects kind of like the Philadelphia Experiment, or telepathy or even time traveling as you put it, connecting into other people and using for Martian purposes.

Right, right. I mean, but Right, so the people that are called the Martians, they would be the people who I mean, it's not really fair for me to just like, the kind of pejorative about Martians, though.

Because Mars, Mars insofar as like John Brandenburg hypothesis, Mars is the previous civilization.

I mean, that's something I can talk to you about. I mean, I bet I've been on Mars.

Like I can tell you that I've been on Mars like It's like did the Philadelphia Experiment is like you can go through a time gate and Brock Obama is talking to Martians.

Right? When you've been there through Dreamworld or some other device, what thrown in there I started there by a goddess.

This is where I'm trying to think was it in dream or in physicality, physicality, she teleported into my room and then threw me on Mars.

What happened?

She like made me like she looks like she basically showed me this like bizarre like reality that was kind of like a weird like, version of my life where I hadn't like battle these like Hispanic people.

Like it was really weird. It was like Escape from New York or something or like somebody John Carter of Mars, like she looked and she looks through me like into this like other fucking like reality.

And I had to like Battle people like on Mars. Yeah. though. It was like the movie like, goes to Mars, my John Carpenter. Some weird shit. And he was a supernatural experience. I don't tell most people about this. I have had plenty of supernatural experiences. Having one right now. It's like the denier. I always was that the Demiurge right. I'm just trying to figure out where this is coming from me. Yours is who we are. But it's a binary between light and cut.

So we are the Demiurge we are done the Euro goes we're both creator. But at the same time we're the world creator.

We are the womb creator.

But we are also Lucifer or Abraxis like the light creator at the same time.

So like my Mars experiences is something that's like, you know.

Talk to people on Mars. You know.

I'll talk to people that people from the moon the people that live in the moon, like the Korean people that say they're from the splendor called Magnolia, or that I have this person called Ania say, oh, that's the thing like dude, like Korean people come up to my life and say, You're in your Ania sale. You are the God of Korea.

You You know that the people who live in the moon? Like that's something that people say to me are old, old Chinese. People called to me. I think I'll let you have this happen to whoever like ghosts come and talk to, like do random people on the street and they can go who I like random people close to me that I know very much about you or you're the gods of Korea. You know that the people that you like people called nature like that. But it took me a whole life. Like like people have a tactical observation.

Because part of how my brains like do because I'm looking moving blonde more men where I'm like, fucking like attune to frequencies when the head is like always on the computer. To like, I'm with the fucking light energy field.

But people have told me that like Jews when they fucking read the Torah, like said that the energy of the Holy Spirit in the book was from outsourcing.

That is actually something that they're like because our school since read Torah, and the Torah. It's like, wait a second, your siblings solo from the Torah.

So I was looking at that with humans before so like, my morphic field is like gigantic, more facilities like probably the biggest in the world.

And working field is probably the biggest grade or Napoleon or Michael Jackson. Mine is actually the biggest one. I have loads more.

Yeah, yeah. Is it called Spirit field or a soul field? This field? Okay, because this is interesting because you were saying the other day about the Demiurge creates psychic fields and the Martians are trying to bomb our psychic fields. Were orgy immersion as a pejorative for like bad guys.

Because the bad guys always, quote unquote, the bad guys.

There's a particular thing. There's a way we can use our psychic fields. As a way to break the simulation. Right reality right? Totally. One of those ways he said before, do sexual orgies. Exactly. But the thing is Martians. As you said, the bad guys are trying to physically bomb us from having orgies. And that destroys our psychic fields. The psychic field is the weapon. And we have a weak psychic field we can be controlled as this kind of baseball loving side field. King of the Hill Hell yeah, exactly. We are not then by experimenting, using telepathy and free and kindness kind of free love and Platonism. Could we get out of simulation reach to this kind of Borg state? Right? Is the board good or right?

And that way?

We kind of like in the dream world is also Valhalla. And we can speak to people in Valhalla is just another wet word of saying dream worlds. Or is it the right term? It's very much Well, yeah. And you can meet like Adolf Hitler there and get advice on certain things exactly what they were exactly what like Boyd rice would be talking about or publicity or death in June or any of that shit. That's like, what, that's what they're doing. They're engaging in like the Nordic, higher realms of the realms of Asia, the white Gods Nordic gods. So they're like, so that's the whole thing, like the beings that complete these galaxies in order aliens like you know, they, in many ways are like higher dimensional beings. So like when people talk about taking DMT they're talking about meeting things from there. I've taken DMT and I think that things when they're, so I've taken DMT, and I've had the full like crossing over like meeting experience. So I've like completely done.

And I know that and like that's a big part of what I'm doing is I'm talking about like how I know these people, and that's actually like what I am. And to me, it's just important to talk to myself about it, because it's just this awesome way of like overcoming the simulation. It makes me feel like I'm a person like Tom Cruise, from a person like Michael Jackson, like what person like Joe passion.

If I can feel like I'm like these people, then I don't feel like I need to actually be on TV. I actually have the feeling of being a famous person by existence.

Few things that are attached to famous people are actually these weird things where like, fluids in my brain. I'll just keep it to cytoskeletons to make them give up piping cytoskeletons so that you show like Impractical Jokers has very satisfied and attached to it.

You know, a show like this instance is very set of skeletons attached to it. They basically make things happen in my head to give me certain feelings, but I can actually take those shoulders back I can actually take all the feelings back and pull the feelings in my head. Now I have the feelings be assigned to shows.

Or I'm just thinking of like, the and this goes back to the unpop movement and symbolism where if Boyd rice and Douglas Pierce are trying to go to Dreamworld slash Valhalla to talk to Hitler to get advice and break the Simulate that's like Marilyn Manson or David Bowie wearing the Oswald Mosley fascist symbol and the thunderbolt of the end like the great Yeah, even the Grateful Dead even the Grateful Dead use that lightning bolt and that's not bad or evil. It's just misunderstood way of using telepathy to connect to these guardians. In dream moral, astral project perspective, projection, astral projection, right I would say that's astral projection, okay.

And ultimately, Martians. And the grey aliens are the opposite of what you're thinking of.

And you the prophecy is an antithesis of everything that we're kind of what's the bad things that are? Well, yeah, that's what they're kind of about. I mean, always about doing the opposite of what you want.

And the way you speak and in a way, you know, your emigration of Joe Pesci films when you were younger, was a kind of way of becoming Joe Pesci with a baseball bat and a way to be away. Those demons are bad thoughts that try to say you know, you're nothing you're right. It's like popular media, celebrities and people that you don't know actually do you because they are a manifestation, manifestation of their reality. Because in a weird solipsist way, Joe Pesci is not a real human being or projecting this in our head that Joe Pesci is real.

Right. She's always a part of your consciousness. In other words, crossover. Yeah, did you got it? In other words, you're like in Drupal now. And let me make this clear. So music can also be destructive, destructive, disruptive, because if we listen to, you know, instincts, tearing up my heart, that song is putting someone else's thoughts in our head and it's really just us translating and trying to take it as my song. So, in sync Justin Timberlake wasn't the writer of in sync. I'm the writer of instinct, because I hear the song in my head. I sing the lyrics or even Backstreet Boys. And now I own this all right, that it's somebody else's.

Song thoughts are telepathy, and it's kind of fleeting. And that's why you're saying how negative like singing songs can be, because it's almost a way of a hymn that tells you an actual like, you can go in the mirror and say, Jesus Christ is real.

I listen to Backstreet Boys. I want them to be

things in other words, right? We're really just talking to ourselves and popular media, creates thoughts for us and creates these subcultures and realities. So everything is really in this solipsist nature and we're kind of we should mean more controlling it for our own influence. Correct? Right, exactly.

I'm just thinking that we want to be kind of kind of narcissistic selves in order to take that the simulation.

And when you're talking about Koreans, I think it's interesting is because you were saying about how DPRK or North Korea is that idea of society but completely frowned upon in the Western world. And in cosmopolitan worlds it I mean, you can use memes manifest or better.

We can imagine a new Korea in our minds. Yeah, let's take me or it's like Donald Trump, Donald Exactly.

We will project Exactly.

We will project the new manifestation.

And then we will project a new career and in a way, magic to manifest a new career or to basically have like the peninsula will be reconnected. We will have a long trail.

It will be more and I just wanted to get into the political side here. It seems like politics, which makes dream world perfect. That it's kind of envisioning as you said before a white nationalist communism in a weird way and this radical centrism beyond the post left beyond the alt right. And currently a synthesis between being communists or race realists, but also some level of classic National Socialism, and North Korea almost embodies all those things together.

In a weird way, correct? Right. I mean, I think that's like

the hard jumping culture to like the hard jumping the culture click on support was no joke Hey with these things, because there's so much invocation of violence distinction, vocation, critical things going wrong.

Really don't want this to be the case.

You want everything to be going.

Going smooth.

You don't want to have conflicts with people.

I'm saying in a way that the dreamworld philosophy is a way of not only being reactionary or anti liberal, but it's almost a revolutionary cause to make culture better and for a greater humanity by only a few, but only a few kind of Kantian, elitist, Freemasonry, esoteric Core i can get into Dreamworld not everybody can get in right? Because of their fucking break.

It comes down to kind of mechanics or whatever

was that a lot of people get blown up on the field. They can't get industry because not everybody can get into the board. And that's kind of like we go back to the King of the Hill baseball loving middle class, right? Well, I mean, because that's a world of grace, who are unable to access.

So it's like, you know, from not from my more communist perspective, I'm trying to get more people into I'm trying to actually get those. I'm trying to like, figure out ways to make baseball feel more like dream world to make basketball, humanitarian love and trying to like get the whole world into this guy's like, I don't think that we need a demarcation in culture. I think we just need to have a beautiful experience.

I think it's a little silly if I'm like, Okay, well, sports are stupid. You know, but movies are cool. It's better than just like everything. Yeah, I think boats are awesome for the boat show.

And check out boats. You know, I think cars are awesome. Let's go to Car Show. Okay, like, you know, let's go to a race horse racing event. Let's go let's go to the zoo. You know, like let's actually go and enjoy things. Let's go skeet shooting let's go you know eight let's go rider on an ATV is it's your life doesn't doesn't have to just be about experiencing cinema but then like watching movies, I mean, or listen to music or engaging in this like, you know, interview culture. Some people do that. Some people kind of like the simulation and I'm somebody who's like, kind of been this person who's played both hands. But I've very much been thrown in the simulation Bible. My wife is who I am on this person who's gamified to be a certain thing. And I've always heard against Empire nothing that's been the problem the whole life. And I've had enemies come after me and try to battle me. And but life has become kind of like Dragonball Z, or like a Jackie Chan movies and it has to like battle these guys like rotting chips.

But like, yeah, so that's the whole thing is like we live in Jewish entertainment matrix. I'm gamified to be a certain person in it. And I've always been, like, broken my mold. So and I've never wanted to follow the Jews and do what they wanted me to do for them. So I was like, oh, it's been this person has rejected their thesis at the same time. Like Catholic relatives told me that I should become Pope. I hate them. They're fucking vessels and hate the Vatican. So that's why I have a Calvinist Orthodox and from Fez, bangers esoteric Islam, esoteric dualism activated. That's why I'm from that perspective, because I'm against this this control system, this satanic Judeo Catholic control system, which are like my parents.

Right like the satanic Judeo Catholic control system and I'd rather be free in like kind of like Aryan Protestantism not but not not areas that the fucking you know, the theologian area Elementary in the area. So I want to be kind of, you know, just a little links to the Holy Spirit of the Russian Orthodoxy, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ.

Through the press verse, Protestantism, stupid, who believe in the body of the corporeal nature of Jesus and the corporate nature of Jesus. We're all kind of the fishermen. We're all part of Jesus's fleet together.

And being in the Holy Spirit of Jesus, that is, I mean, you have to understand that the Holy Spirit and whatever the things that was like demons or pejoratively Martians, there are people that are in the Holy Spirit, destroy. So that's kind of like what like to realize that, like, Jesus is very much real, like we live in his reality, you know, that's it. You know, we're not just like little monkeys floating around on a rock. We live in Jesus hat.

It's like the part when you said the on gamification, like going to Monday's vote shows the axe throwing club What, like the on gamification of doing mundane things correct. So you're on gamifying yourself, so you can go to like, say, the axe throwing competition or like guns, or something like you would think middle class Monday listening to Pennywise Nickelback, right. Let me let me make this intersection here. Is very similar with Boyd rice is doing with the unpop movement, but saying everything is crypto fascist, so we can connect to dream world but you're taking a radical extent where get about weed races like radical like unpop movement because that's targeted for like transgressive power electronics, white nationalists, like I was saying in fast food fascism before and your thesis is that no Dreamworld requires us to play Tony Hawk Pro Series beyond GameCube lesson to freshwater credence drink Fago kind of the most mundane activities, you would think Pleadians or Philistines do white traits like being white trash just like being white trash, and like but but not I mean, whatever the slug will pejorative label is where it's like this, like there's this culture that like we have.

There's this culture that we've made from like, metal music, horror movies, and all the all the rest. That is totally something to still engage with. I mean, to to also kind of be this guard with ceilings that you can go that you can actually relish and enjoying things that are more extreme that you can go to the training place in one's consciousness. So it's like you know, like listen to Slipknot, and it's like, really intense you can take a fucking mess. It's really intense. And then those ways Okay, I'm gonna like get up become like someone who's like really like motorcross like I like to go into dirt bike like these, like these are things that I like recommend people who are in the world of listening to things and need help on on how to view the world like, I recommend to do the things that are from, like a normative ro culture. I think that that's actually a healthier way of living. Rather than throw yourself totally into the art world. I think it's actually better to kind of go for a lower price. And then you can still engage with art. Like I'm saying before, it's like it's kind of healthier to be this person who like watches, nickel, watches, emerging movies and also likes Nickelback.

Like it's healthy to kind of be this person who's like, not like from like a commodified realm of this being an archetype like, you know, some kind of brand to be bought and sold. I mean, you should have a brand. You have a brand I have a brand, but at the same time, we're both rhizomatic with a lot of things and our brands change. We need to be many things if not, especially as artists, because there's many different kinds of people. So it's good to kind of like link to everyone, and to do things that are from the kind of like, you know, proletarian culture with a quote unquote white trash culture. Those are things that are like going to McDonald's going to Walmart, like, right like, you know, there's that look at fucking Charles Murray wrote, there's a book called coming apart, and it talks about the conditioner he's bringing out on the show. No, it's really Gavin. And Gavin would be like, well, you know how many people that are like in the US Senate like saw avatar, you know, how many how many of them like go McDonald's all the time? You know, it's kind of funny because when I'm talking to you, it's like, I can see Gavin like injury, emerald. And Gavin is saying to me that he's sure that all those people fucking watch avatar and eat fast food that it's like that there really isn't just like, elite that's hoity toity, and it's like, Ooh, let's go to the Lincoln Center. Like every person at Lincoln Center is like binge watching fucking Breaking Bad. That's the other thing about the culture that we're in. It's like people are totally like, everybody like news, everything. We're really we're reaching this point where like, there aren't like these subcultures that are like verboten. The only thing that might be promoting is that kind of like, row like punk kind of culture. And it's like, just like that's like, seemingly white trash. And it's like, just go to this thing. Have this thing like be like a seed to jump off of and then everything will be way better. When you see like, I think this happened in the early 2000s where people like Bam Margera and shows the Jackass that that like we're like basically vouching for that white boy summer thing where they're like, Yo, dude, like it's okay to like, be you can make fun of you putting yellow tanks up in your Hooper Chanel necklace, because now it's time to book a party. Like that's the whole fucking thing. That's the whole like mentality. That's the whole mentality of like, what we're living in like we're living in this like stupid thing where our lives are gamified to be these like, sci fi romantic comedies.

But what you have to do is really linked to the fucking wind blink to the woman that you really love. And let them resonate and reverberate in your existence to where they're gonna resonate and reverberate because you live in something that I also call spores, where people are like tiny dots, they're like mon ads. So sometimes you can go on a date with a girl and she's actually your girlfriend but your girlfriend made itself up your open actually made a fake person. How weird is that? A lot of times the girls that are assigned to you or kind of like your angels are assigned to like the father. So those girls are actually have more awareness of reality. And they can actually see a lot more because people are actually angels. That's a really rare thing about life that people don't realize is that people actually have magic powers. But God the Father turns them on and off. So there's times when people are minutes times with the kind of world where people and that's this weird thing that people kind of, like struggle with. It's really hard for them to understand, am I in heaven and Angel Jesus Christ or my regular person is basically waiting to go to heaven. That's actually real. But the whole thing is, like the Jewish scientific consensus will tell you will haven't really you die when you die like AGL and often tells you but if you go to the white trash mentality that also just that is a Christian fundamentalist mentality dying, and it's actually part of their existence, you assume, well, I'm gonna die, and Lord's gonna send me off to heaven. So that's part of who you fucking are.

Then that will actually great greatly add to your manifesting ability, because you fundamentally believe that Jesus Christ is real.

And you fundamentally believe that he's manifesting for you.

And you're able to do this by adopting a culture that's actually aggressively against a ossified scientific consensus.

If you go to the white trash culture, it's just hey, man, Jesus Christ. I got my back. I don't give a shit. I can do it with a fun one. I smoke I smoke four packs of cigarettes a day and my teeth are poorly Why have you adjust yourself to the mind of the American right wing? In the sense of the pejoratively not necessarily a real American right wing? Just I'd like to swing like a genie. grapplearts Larson being like, your right wing. If you adjust yourself to that thing called right wing. Actual consciousness will like you a lot more. Because you're not engaging critique about society and trying to figure out what's right and what's wrong. You're basically saying, Hey, man, Jesus has my back. A noodle board has been covered. And if you think that God the positives manifest a perfect way for you, so you're way better off in those terms. Like it doesn't matter if I'd get my Coronavirus vaccination. Jesus Christ hasn't my support. I love Jesus Christ, who's Jesus Christ is real you lived through him.

He's whatever who everyone loves to read. We all know Christ. So given that we all know Jesus Christ, it's better to just do things that are for Jesus, because then he'll actually reward you rather than bless him in Christ and trying to destroy him, in an attempt to become him which will never happen because Christ, it's very, very, very much securely in his throne. He was He will never leave his dominion. So he is very much in his place. He is very much there he will never much leave, he will never acquiesce to the naysayers. Price is very much in control. We all live there him. It really is best to that has been of what advice to any human being is to move through Jesus Christ or not with yourself, Jesus. If you lived through Jesus, your life will be way better. Have you looked through yourself than juror you're basically you're basically plucking up Jesus because you're a set of skeleton in his brain and then you know, like you're stopping him from manifesting things in life. So it's way better if everyone just loops through Jesus and resonates towards positivity towards him which will make the world a better place. If we're all people are resonating negativity towards Christ, then he's not gonna be able to manifest the way he wants to.

It's interesting because I was thinking more on the white trash part. It's kind of weird that white nationalist of all people would he would think they would be into penny wise and smoking six pack of cigarettes every day, but instead their favourite is kind of Aryan, kind of neo Nazi type of fantasy about being perfect and pure and you're talking about white trash nationalism, that maybe the arguing about or maybe I'm not so sure it's less about straight edge and we're about celebrating the crash transgression of culture but in a weird way, by on gamifying yourself. This in turn, creates enlightenment because we're here to enjoy life to help us gain understand telepathy. To understand worse, psycho cells skeletons and to enter in dream world in a way that but it's but again, most of these people don't know what dream all is. It's only a few of us who knows this is where like this grand elitist happens. It's not like the Pennywise man isn't a dream world.

We know we can be in dream world because we're quite aware that the you know corn erlin biscuit can help us get there something like funny, because we know about I know, but that's very much true. I mean, if you're authentic fan of a band that like is provided by hipsters.

Then you can do the simple mainstream indie rock, like, you'd like to go back into like, you know I don't know, pavement at the same time. You'd like corn and you also like Dinosaur Jr. or the 60s or whatever. Like, you don't have to, you know, there's nothing like there's like door codes classes, and like a guitar. And he's like, cool, you know, and he's like, I hate those guys like Pat and her hate those guys from Motley Crue they're putting evil like David Berman or something, even though like the room would be like, hate those guys from you know, those metal bands Jerry Cantrell, or whatever he's like, trying to hold with him, you know, until like, say these things like, just like David Berman like your scope. is like really small, you know, a lot of other people they think about human beings more like apes, you know, or think about human beings. We're like the parts of parts of God's brain. That's a lot more accurate. David Berman, I think always thought through like, you know, a political compass that was part of like rock music was like, this is the thing the smart people were doing this by revolution. Yeah, man. I mean, I knew Jews that were like him like a century star. He was like him, you know, he was he was kind of like, caught up in his own autism. And he really he would freak out whenever he had a thought that was like outside his cage. That thing about a lot of Jews. It's like they kind of are like metal cages. I mean, onsens you need a cue though.

They like to have a like a holographic exoskeleton that like latches on to the energy. I mean, I'm being attacked by a couple of the most talking to you.

Hilarious like Yeah, I mean, I have like looking like I can feel that moment. I'm an expert on the high level scanner.

Only flicking Michael Ironside scanners. So like, me, are you mean like, scanners on a good day? As

I was thinking

Ender's Game or something with the Esper Ender's Game Harrison Ford, theaters. Kelly Seinfeld, back in the day. Yeah.

Orson Scott Card. That's right. That was novel. I did not read the novel The novels what were some kind of card, but I didn't read it. But I will tell you that I just theatres, a friend of mine, and there's actually an Asian man in the theater who was actually he was doing fake gun movement that everyone in the audience hate cause movement. And he was pretending to basically shoot everybody.

He was held some shit like James Holmes, Aurora Colorado shooting. Yeah, crazy shit.

He was like, basically like, making that. That sounds like up the wazoo. Like we were all fucking freaking out like my buddy was like at the fear was was like he was gonna get shot.

And it's weird how some negative in themselves and well, he was like, he was on a school shooter shit.

And now, in a way this is like thinking like that.

was awesome too, like psycho three. I know the school shooter in a bizarre way. Is like kind of like in a way the ultimate end game for in sales but almost embracing it now as normative culture since we now have Yeah, but there's also like the straight bro who is that dude? Because it's like the idea that the Alpha dudes have been people doing it. Hold on.

Yep. Can I get American spirit yellow

Yeah, it was cigarettes.


Got my cigarettes. Awesome.

I'm just thinking. I'm just remembering a term frame game. That's what you referred to like being when people the elite say, Oh, you're Hank Hill. You listen to penny wise. That's all you're ever gonna be is the frame game, right? You're just gonna call. That's what I call Level One archetype slash narrative or your quote of an archetype. Like you're a hank Hill clone. You're an own molten clone. There have been spawn clones. Like they want to like European spawn like they use that they use the actors that are in the movies as like the archetypes.

And like you're Carson Daly you're Bill Nye the Science Guy. You're messing McConaughey. You're Brie Larson like they can you as they're like this is your phone and they want to like scan you as like being like an actor or an actress. It's like just have a browser shut your assertions this it? Like they want to make you into the shed where like they see you as like being like another person like Hey, has anyone ever told you look at Jude Law? You know? So it's like the Sunday like I mean, I love actors. I think actors are awesome. But at the same time, like there is an aspect of actors that they like are typecast into playing certain kinds of roles and their type tests and being certain types of people. Then they'll say like, you know, while the Shawn always plays a couple of nerdy guys like weird, and then they're like, you know, man, you're puking while this son, you know, that's like, you know, becomes a pejorative but then you feel bad for this guy. Well, Shawn, because you're like, dude, like

you don't have to view yourself negatively. But it's like the weirdness of you know, Tom Cruise is the guy who's like playing handsome and while showing us like well you know you're going to the movies gonna play you know it's kind of it's kind of a it's kind of a you know, depressing thing to think about with cinema. But you know, that's the reality of monumental is like I told you before my breakfast so like the dip, exalting beauty, but it's just like the press you know, get to the point like, you know, you got to get on a Hermes. If you're not like, you know, getting on a part of your if you don't have an unnecessarily broker in the face. Polonius days you want to game on a potluck I say I say this the fucking kids to see on the street. You look like a sculpture like I tell like you look very good look up a loony. Like what the fuck am I saying this game on the armies really see yourself as being a statue. Like right there like saying, Oh, these kids are like getting on some crazy shit with me about being like, really, they're into this kind of shit. They're getting into basically emanating like they're from sci fi narratives and the clones narrative because they're the component dark phi fi reality. That's something to emanate from. From a dark side fi reality.

You know, sometimes that can be physically uncomfortable. But there is a dark side by reality, people can pretend like they're emanating from

it's like pretending to be like, you know, being around us, like, you know, we said before protagonists to anatomy nobody's watching or some type of pea brain when everybody's watching everybody's you got to realize everybody's watching before he's to be on the protagonist of the Animate new launches and now we're the protagonist of the animate. Everyone watches like we made animate real. Yeah, and that's one of my projects. Is to continue making Adam a real to such an extent where you're saying for like the Han Chinese overlord plus Nick land and Francis now he must be embrace it, but you're like No, remain being white. Because, again, the ultimate project the politics of dream world is this kind of white nationalism mixed with communism mixed with esoteric Hinduism, mixed by the something I'm trying to wrap my head around. It's like in a way, sex positive feminism is also ideal because once you sexually deconstruct and you're sexually confident, you know, you can enjoy say masturbating on the beach while there's a rainbow or sexually approaching women and expressing doing new things and sex because, you know, ultimately, not even like having events where it's like, here's the sector that people are gonna go and have sex with each other with 4g, like not like psychically rent up this room and do a sense of it.

Yes, and that builds like the psychic field kind of doing hookups and way but we're not in tune to it though. We're kind of shimmy publican or have you have like an organized kind of worksheet where you only you know, people, some people have a blue tag they have like, some guys get blue. Guys get red tags. So both the blue tags in both of red tags if you have blue can only get with blue. We have already sold to the red. Like that's the way it works.

That's the way it works. That's like organized. You have it organized and you have it organized in a way where you're resonating on board and fields. And it is it is it is corny it is nerdy. But it is literally about recharging. You know Adam Kadmon that who is the soul of all creation and being so there really is one person I would have made that will resonate out I've never been much as the truth is that I'm a commodity of stripes. So we all resonate out of that commodities Christ and he's a good one person is basically like, controls reality. Was upon that and commodity this latest gamify that the single empire of nothing, because he basically needs to inherit the world, which is like this weird gobbledygook mesh. And if you can inherit the world, that it'd be fine with the way the world is then he actually inherits all reality. So that's what we're in right now. Is that we can mob basically inheriting reality.

In a weird way, that's like when you once told me if I saw a man I like does he looks like the face of Janus or somewhere it looks like Zeus he looks back, right? And then this is why in a way where we worship Apollo or Zeus or Jesus or avian Sidhartha it's kind of like we are becoming these figures of the past. And they've lived the same lives we're living today they the only difference is that they mastered those lives and we should be more mimicking those of those past events because they reached dreamworld. In their own kind of strange way. where everybody's at will more of what is dream worlds and how we got to dream. But we ultimately have to create, you know, psychic, porque energy and us to break the simulation. Right? I think we're stunting our telepathy with with with like, things like like, theories about people think we're sitting on the seat with like propositions, and we're not enough. We're not even practicing telepathy or have a grasping understanding of telepathy. But we know like looking in the mirror, we can be talking to someone I can be talking right, right. You can telepathically engage with someone by looking at the mirror. I mean, I think today I was I was doing some documentary filming today with ebony, doing it for his flesh world series on YouTube and he made me read the row and he made me read the dedication page. Of Mitski on her puberty to album and maybe that could be some kind of telepathy happening there.

Right totally.

No, I was more interested also. Well, just to change subjects to is that what do you think? Of the whole like the pickup artistry or like the game thing about men picking up women? Is it more objectifying women under capitalism as we are transaction? Yeah, I think it's better to actually have events where it's more organized.

And in a way, it seems like there's a two divide here where he said there's often a lot of shame of masturbation but masturbation can be a way for us to be sexually liberated. It's okay to masturbate at good porn at good erotica or an outside and right I think like good I think that like healthy porn. The porn that is like that is not like negative in like its approach to the white race is good. If it's white pro white porn is good at the porn is positive in the sense of like being like white people having sex that it's like that it's not you know, like, with these things when white women are being denigrated by men have other racist, white women having sex away, man, that's important. Like we think that's racially positive for our people. And then it's and then it's also it promotes our propagation. If we have good porn, that's like, like for white people. That is why people fuck with white people then like that it's good for white people to like, get attuned to the idea of puking white people and having white kids. It's like if we if we fuck up like if we make all the porn all this black. All the corn is this weird shit where it's like, you know, like white girls having sex asian guys and stuff. It's basically the thing we're like we're attuning ourselves. Away from wanting to fuck otherwise, like, what? Like I was wanting to poke white guys like it's better in my opinion, to have six people of your own race to have have kids that look like you. I'm more like, I think of like Jared Taylor on that issue. Greg Johnson I think like those guys do, not maybe entirely to the point of Greg but like I think like those guys do about people that raised where it's bet you're better off like being with someone who's like you.

That being said, you know, if you're gonna mess with pornography, it's a lot better to do it when it's like having sex like people because then you know, it's just a good way. I made this one up. I made one metaphor before where it's even in gay porn that you know, it's something really controversial when the white guy sucks off the black guy because the white guy often in the relationship feels degra right in the hole. But no, but don't even think of like queer theory.

At this point, I think needs to be abolished by too often team work ism. The whole idea of like, you know, oh, in the am W relationship, the fucking link sub the blanks ask with a blank like, that's all from retard. Everything comes from Game Theory is retard. Gay is a fucking like cancer that fucking rots your brain. I hate faggotry it's literally evil. So the problem is that unlike some gay writers, like I like Jack Donovan, I think he's a great writer. Greg Johnson seemingly has a question about sexuality. You know, there's people that I that I liked their game. So Jamie era is a game writer interviewed on the stark truth.

But the thing is, is at the same time that I like writing I also think this thing called gay is really poisonous because it also feels like shit. That's what people don't realize is doing in gay environments. There's only gay dudes around that go into the place of a gay bar. It never feels good environment. It always feels oppressive and fucking weird.

I mean, homosexuality, homosexuality has been incredibly violent ends to it. And it's also incredibly racist in a way that is derogatory to all parties involved. So homosexuality is really about degradation, degradation, degradation, degradation, homosexuality is degradation, degradation. I mean, I understand that some women are lesbian think differently about lesbians. I think that it's not necessarily a bad thing for me to be lesbian. But I think at the same time, that it's better if men are not gay, I get along with lesbians. In a way I'm kind of a spiritual lesbian myself, and I'm kind of a male lesbian, that that that is like part of like, my mentality of kind of probably why I'm into like, more like esoteric art and stuff like that is I just have this as you may have, were, like, I am for my female partners. Like I'm very much an Agrippina. More like I am me, but I'm also like, I'm not necessarily one person. I may and I'm also other people.

My girlfriend, y and z and Zeno feminists so like I speak for myself and I also speak for women when I talk.

I was just thinking, I just wanted to conclude one thought where as I was saying, there's also I mean, as you said, before you dislike homosexuality, because it's like, yeah, David Bowie, or Freddie Mercury. There may be rock stars, right? They may have but their thoughts in our head make us gay. That the mimicry rises gay, and this is like a demon Martian thing. And you're saying for that nature? Yeah. Because the music, the music's good, it has this rotation.

I tried to like listen to David. …I listened to go and make David Bowie straight and I listen to go and make look more straight when I listen. I listen to that music come straight and make more straight and David Bowie straight and I listened to those bands. Like I project myself singing them a particular friend singing them.

I don't like to like throw these like gay dudes in my head because it like, seriously is not good. My brain because they start fucking everything up like gay people are gay men are demonic. They hate that's the thing about gay men is they desire to eliminate women is so they have to be crushed. The gay men are like a biological abrasion. That's the problem. Do they really are they're always answered. It's problematic too, because gay men are ultimately against feminism or like you're talking about because they're not even there. It's not even sex positive feminism. It's more like let's do let's be dudes for own homo nationalism. But I just wanted to be devil's advocate here and say, well, let's say for instance, you had a white man, and then you had a gay black man sucking him off. And it would be this kind of harmonious race relation where a white top and a black bottom and no, they're in their own mind. You could play libertarian Ayn Rand and say, well, they're on their own. No, but they're not bothering anyone. And they could be celebrating Platonism that's all about their individuality and it's a Western spirit. But where do you draw the line where they are in US and in the culture is it becomes this kind of self deprecating virus where we're not celebrating society for being Platanus and lovey dovey? It's more like they're not in tune with the straightness of nature correct or what's exactly the error. Nature of straight nature straight so we can filter all fucked up and they make Oh, okay, that's what I was trying to get. Because why aren't the Martians bombing you know, gay or G's? Right? Because they're supportive of that shit.

They are gay. Because Okay, so the Martians are gay. And in a ways that Martian Mars is okay Mars is straight. Mars is war Marxism in there, but Mars is what Mars is straight.

But like, there are Martian forces like you can call like, we call the demons. Martians. Like that's a way that the thing you can do, like Mars is the beat battlefield.

Mars is a metaphor. Mars is the battlefield, the battlefield but but it's like, it's the idea that this idea that was happening to extraterrestrials, that we're in a kind of extraterrestrial field, and kind of evil wants to jump on Earth and we're not on the single Earth, that we're in consciousness. So things like planets are like gods.

As the all the Martians, the grey aliens want to do is just kind of bomb us and distort us and kind of do anything, because it's all defrayed, decadent kind of rag and rock, rock and rock society, right? We are gay shit. Yeah, throws us away. And so in a way you're very critical of any like form of gay white nationalism or queer theory, even my term of queer theory because ultimately, at the end of the day, it's just this kind of celebration of non improvement and we're not really improving ourselves and in a way, stopping. We're stopping ourselves from engaging in vaginal coitus, which I think is actually what you know what we're just like, dip.

So engaging with vaginal cortices like human males.

And doing this recreationally is part of building a man and building up his his own energy. So if a man engages in recreational corridors and you build the energy of them, that's something that can allow him to do things destroy.

So you can masturbate to pornography make yourself more powerful and do things destroy demiurgic False, like false gods demonic forces, these Martian demonic forces. Yeah, whatever you want to call them. You can destroy them by doing things like masturbating to porn, and destroying the gamification are important.

And but then at the same time, it's whatever your whatever your fetish is fucking gamification from them. Whatever finish you have this gamification for them so you can distort your fetish and go back and watch old white porn. And then you get on this thing called White you're gonna wait energy and then you're like, holy shit. Okay, I'm on Skillshare I'm fucking on girl. Like Roger couldn't do this shit.

You know, amongst them, like, that's the level. I'm just thinking. Yes. And I'm thinking how it seems like communism. gets a bad rap because so much of the the Martians are making as it's this postmodern, kind of hellish, multicultural reality. And you're talking about communism, that's like almost healthy, and what you would call this right and like some of the it looks like the Soviet Union's propaganda posters.

Aryan communism in a weird bizarre if you could write exactly, very much so, but the only difference is that we have to take in like Alon Vaduz concept of, you know, men, leaving of communism and forgiving it. Then say throwing it because of things in the past and going back to that prints exactly the same thing for NASA as well, but that's both correct. And the radical segment for eternity this time.

Because it seems like throughout my two centuries, it's been a confusion of a galleon. Too far left to far right. Where are we going to get between? Until and your answer between the far right and far left? Is this new synergy between the world through the esoteric New Age discipline of Dreamworld which only a few of us can get into?

I believe, right, right. I mean, dribbles is where the reality starts. Where politics starts.

Everything starts in the so called dream world. And that's what consciousness is or consciousness stream global. consciousness makes the world so this thing called Dream World, which is basically our thoughts governs our being. And if we project ourselves into the future, there's work and destroy the demons around us. And if we have more dream world, we can find our loving mates. You don't have to objectify Yeah, exactly. You can have a much more positive sexual.

You can treat your woman as your significant intellectual other that you don't Yeah, exactly. You got to see it as being a part of your brain like a part of your brain.

And it's more a part of your brain.

That's where the Xenofeminism comes in.

I think that should be good enough. Just trying to get over some things. I mean, I just want to thank you cleared up on gamification. I believe parents, I believe you called it in about kind of understanding the class structure between the low IQ like you were talking about coming apart by Charles Murray, kind of the low IQ people who won't find dream world. We kind of implication are on gamification, gamification, things in order to celebrate king of the hill, the hill right as they get better Yeah, exactly. And this from the acts of telepathy that and finding these little SIM drought cultures and

and the, the Demiurge I'm just trying to still understand the Demiurge actually you have to do well, I mean, it's understanding it's almost it's the thing that like maybe we conditioned, not getting it. It just weren't consciousness. We don't like to blame the other creator.

creators and it's just more like the computer simulation.

Again, they happen how anything's gonna go internet, minutes and then the Arts and Human Evolution and harmony.


We have a child pleasing communication, you'd have a dream of

wanting to clear up some things tonight, but I think that's it.

Some notes

because I'm still trying to speak or that kind of mentor for it.

I appreciate it.

Alright, have a good night.

All right.


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