"The Demiurge" Podcast Program

Jun 6, 2023

The Demiurge is the podcast program I post here on Substack, and as well on other video-sharing sites. Cartrell Payne is the co-host and show coordinate. You can thank him for getting everyone on.

I have a history of podcasting. My first podcast was on The Stark Truth with Robert Stark in 2016. Soon after, I contributed to his show as a co-host and show coordinator up until 2019. We are still great friends.

You can learn more about The Stark Truth shows I produced and co-hosted, and as well about the man himself, Robert Stark, here at this link. Some “best of” shows can be found here.

This page only collects the podcasts that have been posted on this website, or Substack, since its inception. Many other fantastic episodes I’ve done over the years can be found on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, or at the Internet Archive.

You can download a majority of my podcasts in a single file, here at this link.

The latest episodes will always be uploaded here or on my YouTube channel.


Pe.Cast: Geoff Young

Pe.Cast: Nicky Reid, Again

Pe.Cast: Patrick on Eurasian Futurism

Pe.Cast: Rey King of Cosmic Brain Trust

Pe.Cast: Ashleigh Delaney

Pe.Cast: Tifa Quinn


Pe.Cast: Nicky Reid

Pe.Cast: Norma Jean Almodovar

Pe.Cast: Eric Edwards

Pe.Cast: Darklady

Pe.Cast: patrick

Pe.Cast: pilleater

Pe.Cast: Remembering Andrew Fletcher

Pe.Cast: Robert Stark

Pe.Cast: Alex Goldstein

Pe.Cast: Mickey Royal, Again

Pe.Cast: Salvatore Canzonieri

Pe.Cast: Keith Preston

Pe.Cast: Charles A. Coulombe

Pe.Cast: A Nice Chat with Mickey Royal


…Check YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, or the Internet Archive.

You might also want to check out the sitemap if you want to dig up the good stuff.