Saw this HL and subheadline and thought "horseshoe theory"

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Mar 20, 2023·edited Mar 20, 2023

>But wouldn’t these groups belong with the white race, and rather, they are ethnicities belonging to one?

There is no "white race." "White" is a demographic category invented by the census department. It basically amounts to Anglo-Saxons, plus whatever other ethnic groups seem to be able to assimilate into the above without too much difficulty. It's completely relative and not the least bit scientific.

There are racial types, but in biology these are categorized by bone structure, not by pigmentation (a black lab is the same as a yellow lab, etc.)

Ergo, human racial categories are based on skull shape: caucasoid, mongoloid, negroid, etc.

These biological categorizations have nothing whatsoever to do with culture, nor do they influence it.

Data abounds. Wignats insist that they do, but that is because they have absolutely no idea what culture is.

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Race identity is a conspiracy against culture. Turn back.

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