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Fun read. I disagree in 2 main points:


> Under our neoliberal capitalist system, “individuals” have to find their own uniqueness and apply their “skills” to an oversaturated market. Capitalism requires unnecessary cultural competition.

this is easy to get out of the way first - that is not a phenomenon limited to capitalism, cultural competition is eternal. linkrel https://meaningness.com/geeks-mops-sociopaths


> No. Queer culture means an eccentric and strange outsider culture against the normative.

you're washing a concept and changing its meaning from everyday use to some abstract definition, or an old dictionary one. Queer is a subculture, memeplex and a label. there is a proceess of label dilution where many people use it for reasons diff from the founding group. there is also a process of subcultures gaining power and cultural ascendance.


> For the sake of clarity, anyone on the far-right is “queer” because of their hatred against the liberal world.

this is just absurd

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