I wonder though, if its accurate to consider the Bildeburgers or the WEFies a salon, even though they are exclusive. For one, their intellectual "achievements" seem to primarily rest upon Marxism, which has to be the most over applied societal strategy of all time, with an unbroken record of terminal degeneracy and abject failure.

I tend to think of them more as planning missions, whereby policy proven to be destructive to mankind is arrived at. The distinction might be small, but I believe significant.

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Yes. I would consider the Bildeburger an elite salon. The "rules," if any exist at all, are more like a secret cult. Hence, "the cult of the extroverts."

Yes, the interst in post-WW2 Marxism, from Trotsky to Gramsci, seem to have an interest in the superstructure than the base. It is actually the other way around, and society can only be infulenced by the base. Not some "culture war" or the latest markets and subucultures under liberal democratic capitalism. Marxism has been subverted by G7/American forces to worship the UBI state as a form of communism than destroying capitalism.

Whatever happens at the salon is either public or private. We are interested in the private, and anyone who works within the private agenda or uses blackmail or censors is working in bad company.

We all know what MKUltra and Operation Midnight Climax is about. And most of that happended in San Francisco "salons" of sorts.

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