Between 2009 to 2018, I wrote two novels and a bunch of articles. I released these three books on, because I was inspired by Jonathan Bowden and his self-published Lulu books. And I also posted my articles on a website called “Asian,” which was moderated by my sadist and perverted internet pen pals.

I decided to release all these books again, into one single volume, “Eurasian Trash.”

The only catch is, I didn’t indent the paragraphs. So it looks like a giant text wall by an angry girlfriend. I like it that way, because in the first book, and with my later articles, they were all written with transgressive and avant-garde intentions, kind of like Weekly World News or like a cluttered Bill Beckley-esque story. I wrote Almond Eyes, Baby Face as a teenager in 2009 to 2011, and didn’t rewrite it again until 2016, my last year as an undergrad. The same goes with my true “first” novel, Trip. The articles written for Asian were used to promote my own work and to entice viewers to buy my books.

I enjoy the work of Dennis Cooper, Peter Sotos, Jim Goad, and many other fringe writers that have influenced me. Intimacy and desire is an important theme in my early work.

I look back with fondness at my early novels. I cringe when I read Eurasian Trash at times. However, it stands on it’s own, and it’s a good art object. I improved with my writing overtime.

Eurasian Trash is my youth.

If you don’t like the text wall or the crammed space, feel free to buy the books individually on Those copies are indented and organized to some degree. They are also available to read for free over at the Internet Archive.

The best way to support me is to buy a book I wrote over at Amazon or Lulu. The list of books I wrote can be viewed here.

Expect a new novel in the future.

All new articles will be published here on this website unless otherwise noted.

You can buy Eurasian Trash here at this link.

Thank you.




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