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The Highest Priority


What is Anti-Liberalism?

The Five Taboos of Liberalism

What is Criticsm?

What is Subculture?

What is Queer Culture?

What is Avant-Garde Hate?

What is Ethical Sadism?

What is Eclecticism?

What is Fast Food Occultism?

What is Cultural Fascism?

What is a Nationalist?

The Origins of Industrial Music

Curating Desire

“Asian” as a Social Construct

Lombardi Webs, Rhizomes, & Association Fallacy

What We Can Learn From Capitalism

Managerialism, Not Racism

Eurocentric Blindness

How Modernity Contextualizes Itself

The Fad of Hauntology

The Invention of "Mental Health" and The Police State Without Police

The New Dehumanization

"Because They Are Mine": Property & Ethnic Nationalism

The Paradox of Degenerate Nationalism

The Cult of The Extroverts

What is a Salon?

In Pursuit of Placement

Influence and Legacy

Academic Work:

Post-Elegance: Experimental Aesthetics In Tabletop Game Design (MA Thesis)

The Alternative Right in 2016: A Retrospective in Design (BA Thesis)

Game Design:

Post-Elegance: Experimental Aesthetics In Tabletop Game Design

On Design Research and Game Design

The Fun Fallacy in Game Design

Ludism: The Board Game Religion

198 Board Game Reviews Based Around Ludism

Future Pastimes and Cosmic Encounter

Diplomacy Is The Greatest Board Game of All Time

The Pinnacle Ludism List

My Board Game Collection

Introducing Labyrinthcore™

The Universal Gamebook System Rules

Only 3551 Cards Are Required To Play Magic: The Gathering

Post-Elegant Interviews with Game Designers

Rareware Dreams:

Introducing Filmationcore™

Donkey Kong Country 3 Has The Best Aesthetics

Cozy Cabins In The Northern Kremisphere

The Economy of Jolly Roger's Lagoon

Picture Poetry of Mole Mania

Conker Lore

Art Criticism:

In Defense of John Kricfalusi

Remembering Joe Matt

Big Dumb Object: A Creative Writing Fallacy

Literary Review:

Thieves, by Lucie Bryon

The Flower Conundrum

New Millennium Boyz

Alain Badiou’s "In Praise of Love"

"Who Killed Cock Robin?"

Incel: A Novel

Mixtape Hyperborea

Suburban Purgatory

TL;DR by Anita Dalton

Atlantean Wavelengths



Music Criticism:

What Went Wrong with Electronic Music?

A Criticism of Danny Wolfers

Mark Hollis - Mark Hollis (1998)

David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees (1984)

Boyd Rice - The Black Album (1977)

Placebo, Gaspar Noé, and Body Horror

Skinny Puppy’s Final Tour

Pink Floyd’s One Slip

Bark Psychosis - Hex (1994)

Depeche Mode - Exciter (2001)

Erasure's Magic Moments

Blank Banshee in Philadelphia

Blank Banshee - 4D (2023)


Mood Ring, Bushwick Brooklyn

The Importance of Fort Thunder as a "Space"

Ryan Trecartin, Hyperpop, & Disgust

The Origins of Industrial Music

What's Wrong with Power Electronics?

Boyd Rice - The Black Album: A Retrospective

"The Party’s Over"

The Post-Neofolk, or "Unpop" Lexicon

The Crossed Swords

Vintage NAMBLA Aesthetics & Pedophilia!

Vintage Internet Hate Site Trauma!

"EGI Notes"

Carlos Whitlock Porter’s Website

The Alternative Right in 2016

Going Back into The Vampire’s Castle

Forest Books, Japantown San Francisco

Electronica Fest 13: Emergence, Maryland

Asian Studies:

“Asian” as a Social Construct

Against William Gibson

The Decline of Japan Through The Simpsons

Patalliro!: The World's Most Controversial Anime

Aim For The Ace!


The "Fetish" Word, "Preferences," and Desires


Debito’s Reverse-Racism


Weeb Nationalism

Mood Ring, Bushwick Brooklyn


How YTMND Taught Me How To Write

Digital Object Theory

Why We Need Artificial Intelligence

Between Sound & Data

This is Dark Data

The "Mr. Krabs" Fad

So why "pilleater?"

Film Criticism:

A Goofy Movie

E. Elias Merhige’s Polia & Blastema

Scream VI

The Chipmunk Adventure

Trailer Park Boys


Against the Supernatural

Kenneth Nally Memorial

Dark Ecology & The Anti-Christ

Silicon Jesus

Christianity & Sadism

Gender Issues:

The Mishima Delusion

The Other Kind of Feminism

The Medium of Sperm

The Very Proud Beta Male

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