Art & Culture

Mar 28, 2023

Rareware Dreams:

Introducing Filmationcore™

Donkey Kong Country 3 has the Best Aesthetics

Cozy Cabins in the Northern Kremisphere

Picture Poetry of Mole Mania

Electronic Music:

What Went Wrong With "Hobbyist" Electronic Music

Why We Need Artificial Intelligence

Between Sound & Data

This is Dark Data

In Defense of Italo Disco

Magic Moments


Game Design:

On Design Research and Game Design

The Pinnacle Ludism List

My Board Game Collection

Introducing Labyrinthcore™

The Universal Gamebook System Rules

Literary Review:

Thieves, by Lucie Bryon

"Who Killed Cock Robin?"

Suburban Purgatory

Atlantean Wavelengths

Continental Theory:

What is Anti-Liberalism?

How Modernity Contextualizes Itself

What We Can Learn From Capitalism

Lombardi Webs, Rhizomes, & Association Fallacy

The Invention of "Metal Health" and The Police State Without Police

Ryan Trecartin, Hyperpop, & Disgust

Dark Ecology & The Anti-Christ

The Fad of Hauntology

Asian Studies:

The Pretentious William Gibson

The Simpsons And The Decline of Japan

Goals of Eurasianism


Whiteness Studies:

Eurocentric Blindness


"Because They Are Mine": Property & Ethnic Nationalism


A Goofy Movie

Scream VI

The Chipmunk Adventure

Trailer Park Boys

Website Criticism:

Vintage Internet Hate Site Trauma!

Vintage NAMBLA Aesthetics & Pedophilia!

Punk Subculture:

What's Wrong with Power Electronics?

Boyd Rice - The Black Album: A Retrospective

“The Party’s Over”

The Post-Neofolk, or "Unpop" Lexicon

The Crossed Swords


Placebo, Gaspar Noé, and Body Horror

Skinny Puppy’s Final Tour


The Other Kind of Feminism

The Medium of Sperm


Electronica Fest 13: Emergence, Maryland

Mood Ring, Bushwick Brooklyn

Forest Books, Japantown San Francisco