My name is pilleater.

I am a man of letters.

The purpose of this website is to collect and present all of my writing and published articles. You can discover my work on the following pages: Art & Culture, Book, Podcasts, Links.

For the sake of authenticity, I was born in Philadelphia, and I currently live in San Francisco.

My internet career as “pilleater” began on April 5th, 2009 on YTMND.com, where I spammed an art movement about Mr. Krabs. On any picture I could find through Google search, I traced out the head of Mr. Krabs, pasted his head on the found (and downloaded) digital image, and added a shrilling sample of screaming (“Oh Yeah I’m Krabs, Ahhhhh!!!”), creating a new and deformed anti-meme. My video art on YTMND could be described as something out of Arngren.net.

The name “pilleater” is a joke on the username “inkdrinker,” and predates any “red pilled” or reactionary thought or reference around The Matrix.

I have created and advocated other internet niche ideologies in the tradition of YTMND meme-making, which includes “the AxA movement,” queer culture, post-neofolk, “avant-garde hate,” and anime-realism.

Other lowbrow and obscure topics include accelerationism, “hyberobjects,” electronic music, Lacanian sexual desires, George Miles, dark ecology, Asian feminism, “ethical sadism,” interracial Platonism, anti-liberalism, and Atari Teenage Riot’s Digital Hardcore movement.

My interests can best be described as a hybrid between the “Asian” (or, “The Other") and the analytical. I’m also inspired by Adam Parfrey's principles on “Aesthetic Terrorism,whom I was able to talk to before he died. (His sister Juliet Parfrey called me a “robot.”)

During this meme-making time, I was an Asian Studies undergraduate in college. But then out of my eccentric research, I decided to write my Bachelor’s dissertation on the rise of the alternative right in 2016, before Donald Trump was elected as president. Later, I went to graduate school, and I majored in capital D “Design,” which I now hold an MA in. My Master’s was about “elegance” in board game design, and how design will become liberated once we create interactivity around living people and through our political imagination. My argument was later revised in later works by popular professionals, such as in Miguel Sicart’s Playing Software: Homo Ludens in Computational Culture, and in Adian Hon’s You've Been Played: How Corporations, Governments, and Schools Use Games to Control Us All.

I also hold a TEFL certification, and have taught English abroad.

To further understand where I am coming from, start with my article, “The Highest Priority,” and read on from there.

The liberal arts is underappreciated today because of its association with lazy people who would rather become managerial slaves for the American Empire (referring to Antonio Negri’s concept of it). Pedigrees thus become social symbols to gain access to job security in the white-collar circle. However, I reject this tradition and represent my intellectual value against the state, which tries to use me as an expandable “skill” for its economic downfall.

I have since published several books between 2016 and 2024. They included Suicidal-Asian-and-Promiscuous, Almond Eyes-Baby Face, Trip, and Ludism. You can buy these books here at this link.

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.com!

I’m also obsessed with board game design and often will rant about my board game collection. Every week I am attending board game night with normies, soyjaks, or queers. And I have written over 198 reviews about board games I played, relating to the school of “Ludism.”

In addition, I collect synthesizers, drum machines, and modules for my Eurorack projects, and I make electronic music with them. You can listen to some of my music here, on YouTube, or check out my Discogs page.

I enjoy the punk-rock ethos, and I’m all about advocating straight edge agitation, transgressive art, and egoist philosophy. Even if that means sliding into the opponent’s DMs and getting upfront and personal. Idiots need not apply.

For the record, I don’t care if they think I’m a “creep” or a “stalker.” These are make-believe bogeyman tales. I like to embrace the fact that I am “the bad guy” to construct a false reality for the liberal, just like The Gulf War. I am like the Radiohead song. I could also be a Negative Creep. “Hate” is rather used as an agitation device for artistic purposes. I say, embrace the semantic jail and cultural lingo that normies and liberals foist upon the “canceled.” If they think you are a “racist” or have a “fetish,” let them believe in their own fabricated evidence. They live in a semantic reality that stops them from questioning objective reality, which in turn, stops the public from pursuing the Socratic concept of “the good life.”

It is absurd that sexual preferences and desires in liberal society is considered irrational, or some lust response out of hunger to eat anything. This is wrong, because desire is rational and articulate, that discrimination requires intellectual demand and nostalgia needs love.

Straight Edge (sXe) and DIY are about supporting this good life and advocating ethical people who abstain from toxic culture. It also means taking down macho wignats, pretentious sex identity zealots, arrogant idol worshipers, liberal normies, subcultural plural pronoun robots, and ego trippers who break these rules. Straight edge and DIY are for the innocent against the exploitative. Thus this project also belongs to “positive hardcore.”

AxA” is a local variant for a POC community that is against the liberal state and hostile towards those who deny biracialism as an identity. No compromises! It’s also a graffiti thing too, where the cross is “bombed” along with the martini glass.

I don't create content. This is anti-content, or "dark" data. That includes every digital letter I write. My video art belongs to the demoscene, which I also associate with my interest in Amiga computers.

I film myself on YouTube, and I have compiled all the videos together into a single file. And yes, that’s over 500 videos! The best way to watch my videos is, to begin with the very first one on my YouTube channel and go from there to the latest in chronological order. You can learn how to download any of my videos on the internet, here.

Also, I started archiving my Twitter too. You can read over 19,000 plus tweets I wrote, here at this link. If you don’t know how to download and view my Twitter archive, I wrote this instructional guide for you.

H.P. Lovecraft was known as a “man of letters,” and wrote around 100,000 letters to friends and associates. In a digital age where the internet is considered edible as junk food, we forget we are writing important letters to everyone and ourselves. Instead of giving free work to Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, we have a right to own and archive our written letters. Philosophers like Nicolás Gómez Dávila inspire us to capture our quick and witty thoughts at the moment, as Twitter is deliberately designed to make us forget anything we ever wrote past 3,000 tweets.

Please, download all my blog posts and videos, and store them on a USB stick, SD Card, or by any means. I’m an advocate of data hoarding.

There is also a proxy WordPress site, “pilleaters,” that mirrors the blog posts on this site. The purpose of the mirror site is to copy the data from here and preserve it, in case the state tries to shut this website down for “hate speech” and I lose all my written work.

This website serves as a direct dialogue between two people; you and me. I am an anti-capitalist, an anti-liberal, and against modernity. The data here is contagious, and you should save and spread it to others.

We must, as a team together, accelerate the revolution.

This acceleration process requires your behalf to produce for yourself. However, I’m not advocating that you should ignore or be isolated from what I write. I’m against libertarianism and the concept of “the non-aggression pact,” as this only puts people into virtual pod homes like in The Matrix. You should read my work and learn from it. I’m here as an ethical and enriching tutor for you, and I’m not some hostile or condescending stooge against the values you cherish.

Some actual normies and NPCs believe it is unethical for you to tell them what to think or to give them paternal advice and polite redirection. The normie is in a "Pensée unique" semantic prison. This is imposed by liberalism and capitalism, creating the synthetic left and a mainstream culture around it. When you try to politely redirect and educate the stranger, they break down with a self-hate projection and assume you are the one that is “upset,” because liberalism itself is condescending and evil towards them. Thus everyone should think the same, as they shut off all human communications, while they “eat the bugs and stay in the pods.” This is downright evil.

The hypocrisy is real and is in front of us. This is what we should be up against.

I argue that you should own the means of production and value self-production without meaning. It’s in total contradiction with the objective reality of “value” itself. An anti-liberal acceleration is required to undo the current philistine behavior and reinstall a better society, putting civilization back on its tracks to human space exploration and beyond, and not through the decadent outcome of the technological singularity prison complex.

Production can only be understood through self-ownership. It’s up to you to understand your place in this sinful world, or about Kulturpessimismus. I want you to focus on desire, and see it as a rational force for good.

I’m only here to help you on that path.

Feel free to directly contact me on Telegram, Twitter, or by any means of direct messaging. I want to have a conversation with you. Address all your concerns and questions to me. You can also email me too.

If you feel like I have done something wrong to you in the past because I blocked you or said something mean about you are your associates, reach out to me by any means, give me a reason why you are mad, and I’ll unblock you and/or negotiate with you what we should accomplish in future conversations and projects.

As a disclaimer, I enjoy the practice, criticism, and technique of intellectual jujutsu.

For example, this includes the work of Alain de Benoist and his concept of “Nouvelle Droite,” as this is an incredible misnomer about his work, and myself. I do not subscribe to a “right-wing” subculture or a “left-wing” one. I have associations from both sides of the spectrum and I listen carefully to what they have to write and say and how it can contribute to humanity. De Benoist later admitted that he does not acknowledge his work anymore as “right-wing,” but rather as a hypothetical and cultural “right” that he has no responsibility over. He is good at the game of tangling the enemy and forcing them in position to reconsider liberalism. This is what I am interseted in.

Another example of this intellectual jujutsu I like would be the work of Alvin Plantinga. While Plantinga is a Christian, he is able to use analytical philosophy to his liking to stun the enemy and make the disbeliever into a believer. It’s like playing a game of Chess and corning the opponent with their own moves that can only hurt them in the end. It’s also very similar to François Laruelle’s reactionary and inverted idea of “non-philosophy,” where there is a philosophy against the school of philosophy.

This is intellectual jujutsu, and this is what I practice through my writing.

By declaring one is “right” or “left,” one limits themselves to subculture and the language that can’t speak outside the curated semantics. While Norberto Bobbio has argued before that the left and right have now became confident terms of identity politics, this can only be understood as a reaction to late modernity. What matters is subculture and the traits that are manifested within the colors of red or blue. The interesting aspect is that modernity has allowed the individual to identify with forms outside of reality.

Ideology is an idiot’s Mad Libs game. A fill-in-the-blank, big nothing burger that can’t let the individual speak, because the individual has nothing to say. Intellectual jujutsu breaks their back and forces them to think in their life. That’s why intellectual jujutsu is encouraged at parties, “salons,” or any place hipsters hang out in order to break their reality and invite revolution.

What then, do we make of the Ship of Theseus if we can construct preferences and desires back together?

…But first!,

What this website is about:

  • Articles around the 2k word count or more that are worth your time.

  • Art criticism.

  • Polemics.

  • Meditations.

  • Observations.

  • Creative writing.

  • Collage art.

  • Drafts.

  • Unfinished thoughts.

  • Freethought.

  • Journalist news reports.

  • Original research.

  • The latest and original audio recordings and interviews, conducted by me.

  • Complaints.

  • Asian studies.

  • Artistic and political statements.

  • Transcripts for public speaking events.

  • Improvised mediations.

  • “Design,” as a concept, artistic intention, and philosophy.

  • Object-oriented ideologies and programming.

  • The latest on what this “pilleater” person is doing.

  • Links to other websites that feature my work.

…And also posting when I feel like it. Being humble means being patient.


How do we describe what we see on the internet?

Is it “art?”

Ytmnd.com is a website of user-created “memes,” and the “demoscene” is about testing the limits of what a computer can do. These are obscure examples. But what do they both have in common?

The YTMND & demoscene philosophy states that art in the digital age has become data, and constitutes three elements, isolated or together.

Internet art is about:

Sound - Music, vibrations in the air, noise, communication, a lecture, etc.

Image - A representation of an external form, visuals, animation, graphics, beauty, etc.

Text - Written or printed work, language, logic, meaning, purpose, knowledge, etc.

And Design - An artistic form expressed exclusively in a non-physical arrangement, plan, function, program, or thought. Made by humans, for humans.

Of course, the capitalist regime we live under only sees profit within the means of production, and it construes subjective value as a form of profit. The corporations see art as nothing more than “content,” and downplays the chaotic energy of data, or production without profit.

The “value” of sound, image, or text should not be synthesized together as “content,” as this agenda destroys the philosophy of art, and the need for human expression and intellect without constraints. True value provides nothing for capitalism. Data is free without value, and art on the internet is ever-expanding with the help of technology.

Art is nothing but data on the internet, and through the interpretation of the computer.

An artist can only focus on one area of sound, image, or text. The best art tends to have all three together, or two. I would rank text as the highest form of human art, superior to sound and image, as both require text to strengthen their meaning. Always sound or image alone requires text to create a lasting legacy. With text, we might not hear or see anything at first, but an advanced textual reading will eventually do this for us.

With Design, it’s like a running software where the art is expressed only when the rules are understood and executed by humans, and for humans. The realm of board game design is a great example of this spiritual phenomenon.

The creation of an interface can also be understood through design, but it needs to be anthropocentric, and not between AI, a robot, or a machine, as design is exclusively expressed between humans, and not the autos-self. To put it bluntly, interactivity is between two or more humans, and not with a non-human in any equation. Design is the art of interactivity, and can only benefit human relationships.

Sound, image, and text can all be interconnected through the design of a visual programming language, or object-oriented programming. Programs like Max-MSP-Jitter, Pure Data, AudioMulch, Bidule, Reaktor, Bitwig’s “The Grid,” Blender, GameMaker Studio, Clickteam Fusion, and many other great programs, all contribute to a new paradigm of design. “Objects” are placed in the infinite layout, where they are “patched” together with one another. Together they make up a single container or an entirely new application that is executed to create the demoscene art. Objects can be words, bands, celebrities, mechanics, concepts, and so on. It’s how we connect them together in the “patcher.”

Object-oriented programming will soon replace blogging, music, art, and philosophy as a whole. Eclecticism is the practice of deriving ideas, styles, or tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources. All sources relate to one another and reflect upon the rhizomes that intersect with the sound, image, and text. Design makes this execution possible.

Be it writing a novel, composing electronic music, creating demoscene art or a new program, objects make up programming, and programming is the main motivation behind computer art. The old world is obsolete.

We should embrace this future transition into object-oriented ontology.

When we put the glasses on, we don’t see mindless zombies in the streets, but that all of the art we know and this internet reality has been constructed in C++ code. Everything on the internet is a derivative of C, and to understand these objects as just lines of C code, could we break from the real Matrix in front of us and create our own using this knowledge of C. I advise you also learn about C if you want to understand art or want to remix and take what you see.

I now present my favorite categories of sound, image, text, and design. In a way, I am curating my canon of modernity. These are the objects that rule us, and the C that birthed it.

Modernity is like the album art of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Everyone is important, curated to my interest, my canon, against the modern world.

The following curated list can be juxtaposed together to create a perosnal and new form of modernity. All objects listed here are relatable to the future of anti-liberalism; a new paradigm of the intellectual canon.

This is my version of the Nurse with Wound list.

Talk Talk producer Tim Friese-Greene once said that “creating art is a lot like decorating a Christmas tree, and then taking the tree away.” (See the Talk Talk documentary film, In a Silent Way.)

This syllabus should provide you with an above-average education. Please reach out to me if you want to further discuss the importance of these figures in sound, image, text, and design.

You should consider implementing object-oriented ideas into your art.


My favorite musical acts are:

  • KMFDM / Sascha Konietzko

  • PIG (Raymond Watts)

  • En Esch / Slick Idiot

  • Atari Teenage Riot

  • Alec Empire

  • (Everything on Digital Hardcore Recordings)

  • Mark Hollis

  • Xiu Xiu

  • Mitski

  • David Sylvian (Japan)

  • Realicide (Robert Inhuman)

  • Talk Talk

  • The The (Matt Johnson)

  • Sandii & the Sunsetz (Sandii)

  • Skinny Puppy / Nivek Ogre

  • Nitzer Ebb

  • .O.rang

  • ONO

  • Yukihiro Takahashi

  • Yoshinori Sunahara

  • Steve Jansen

  • Ursula 1000

  • Everything But The Girl / Tracey Thorn / Ben Watt

  • Mr. Oizo

  • Mr. Scruff

  • Atom™ / Uwe Schmidt

  • Akufen

  • Funkstörung

  • Placebo

  • Shizuo

  • The Shizit

  • EC8OR

  • DHC Meinhof

  • Bastards United

  • Christoph de Babalon

  • Sonic Subjunkies

  • Lolita Storm

  • Killout Trash

  • Melt-Banana

  • Shonen Knife

  • Cibo Matto

  • Pizzicato Five

  • Super Junky Monkey

  • Miwa Gemini

  • Bis

  • Manda Rin

  • Looper

  • Blonde Redhead

  • Denki Groove

  • Deee-Lite

  • Towa Tei

  • Alpha Team / Alpha 1 (Andrew Adams)

  • Fantastic Plastic Machine

  • Kevin Aviance

  • DJ Gomi

  • Phil Fuldner

  • Sneaker Pimps

  • Keli Ali

  • Satoshi Tomiie

  • Miwa Gemini

  • Schwein

  • Winston Tong

  • X Japan

  • Buck-Tick

  • The Mad Capsule Markets

  • Plus Tech Squeeze Box

  • Malice Mizer / Moi dix Mois

  • Tim Sköld

  • Orgy

  • Mouse on Mars

  • Psyclon Nine

  • Fuckhead / Wipeout

  • Texas Faggott

  • Guy / Teddy Riley

  • Heavy D

  • MC Skat Kat

  • Canibus

  • X Clan

  • Jungle Brothers

  • ABBA

  • Jerry Galeries

  • Benjamin Diamond

  • Alan Braxe

  • Bratt Sinclaire (Andrea Leonardi)

  • Alberto Contini

  • Giancarlo Pasquini

  • Michael Fortunati

  • Federico Di Bonaventura

  • Mauro Farina

  • Giuliano Crivellente

  • Florian Fadinger

  • Laurent Gelmetti

  • Aqua

  • Toy-Box

  • Crispy

  • E-Rotic

  • Joy Electric (Ronnie Martin)

  • Starflyer 59

  • Basement Jaxx

  • Apoptygma Berzerk

  • Depeche Mode

  • Erasure

  • The Human League

  • Tears For Fears

  • Love

  • Nick Drake

  • Vashti Bunyan

  • Midnight Oil

  • Pedro The Lion

  • MxPx

  • Five Iron Frenzy

  • Reggie and the Full Effect

  • The Stray Cats

  • Brain Setzer

  • The B-52’s

  • Sigue Sigue Sputnik

  • Trans-X

  • Treasure Mammal

  • Green Jellö

  • Gay Cat Park

  • Big Butter

  • Whitehouse

  • Boards of Canada

  • christ.

  • Plastikman (Richie Hawtin)

  • A Guy Called Gerald

  • Kid N’ Play

  • Kid 606

  • Aux 88

  • Mochipet (David Y. Wang)

  • Invisibl Skratch Piklz

  • Tackhead / Keith LeBlanc / Doug Wimbish

  • Dead Can Dance

  • Enigma

  • Mars Lasar

  • Art of Noise / Trevor Horn

  • Sixth Comm (Patrick Leagas)

  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

  • Excessive Force

  • Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

  • SPK

  • Alien Sex Fiend

  • Dead or Alive (Pete Burns)

  • Ozric Tentacles

  • Hawkwind

  • Gryphon

  • Bulldozer

  • Iced Earth

  • Biohazard

  • Living Colour

  • Snog

  • Missing Foundation

  • Missing Persons

  • Bile

  • Merzbow

  • Linekraft

  • Ikue Mori

  • Sonic Boom / Spectrum

  • Swayzac

  • Macula Dog

  • Anklepants

  • Cel Genesis

  • Man From Uranus

  • Uwe Tschiesche

  • Rodney Alan Greenblatt

  • Stereolab / McCarthy

  • Massive Attack

  • dZihan & Kamien

  • Mr. Scruff

  • Urchin

  • SSQ (Stacey Q)

  • Cetu Javu

  • Camouflage

  • Blancmange

  • Book of Love

  • Slam Bamboo

  • Exotic Birds / Andrew Kubiszewski

  • Elegant Machinery

  • Neuropa

  • The Sisters of Mercy

  • The Chameleons

  • Clan of Xymox

  • Handful of Snowdrops

  • Visage

  • Iris

  • Andrew Sega

  • Seven Red Seven

  • Psykosonik

  • Alexander Brandon

  • Diorama

  • Hubert Kah

  • Noel

  • Hunz

  • The Beloved

  • Information Society

  • Cause & Effect

  • Faith Assembly

  • B! Machine / Subverted Orpheus

  • The Echoing Green

  • Red Flag

  • Wolfsheim

  • Neuropa

  • Anything Box

  • Jacob Graham (The Promise Book)

  • Bigod 20

  • Deitiphobia

  • Underworld / Freur

  • Celebrate The Nun (Scooter)

  • Tones on Tail

  • Baths

  • Blank Banshee

  • DJ Koze

  • Airborn Audio

  • Soul Coughing

  • Grace Slick

  • Strawberry Switchblade

  • BaBe

  • Two Two

  • H.O.T.

  • Sechs Kies

  • S.E.S.

  • BoA

  • Crayon Pop

  • Deux

  • Norway

  • Dawnfine

  • Edenfeld

  • Celluloide

  • Clara Moroni

  • Elena Gobbi

  • Chiara De Pieri

  • Francesca Contini

  • 50 Ways To Kill Me (Jay Decay)

  • Breakdancing Ronald Reagan

  • Hentai Cum Dungeon

  • Null Object (Nathan Elliot-Watson)

  • Linus Åkesson

  • Paula Haunt

  • Scott Nordlund (acreil)

  • Patrik Wallander

  • Fine China

  • Dan Wilcox / robotcowboy

  • A Boy Named Thor

  • (Anything on Unread Records)

  • Chris Fischer

  • (Anything on Popgun Recordings)

  • Raoul De La Cruz

  • Arab on Radar

  • Pens

  • Close Lobsters

  • The Cannanes

  • Acid House Kings

  • The Innocence Mission

  • Catherine Wheel

  • Ceephax (Andy Jenkinson)

  • Rocketship

  • The Lyres

  • The Shaggs

  • Captain Beefheart

  • Yes

  • Pink Floyd (without Waters)

  • Zee (Richard Wright and Dave Harris)

  • Family Pet

  • Oscillator X

  • Mickey Hart

  • Mad At The World

  • Lifesavers Underground

  • DC Talk

  • Todd Edwards

  • Brian Ice

  • Ken Laszlo

  • Eddy Huntington

  • Miles Davis

  • Duke Ellington

  • Maurice Ravel

  • Giacinto Scelsi

  • Ferry Corsten

  • Vincent de Moor

  • PPK

  • Franco Donatoni

  • Neu!

  • Can

  • They Might Be Giants

  • Noah Creshevsky

  • Applied Communications

  • Iannis Xenakis

  • Percy Grainger

  • Michel Waisvisz

  • Alan Hovhaness

  • Charles Cohen (Yes… that pedophile…)

  • Otto Luening

  • Negativland

  • …And a bunch of other great records I can’t think of at the moment…


My favorite artists and cartoonists are:

  • Mineo Maya

  • Martin F. Emond

  • Simon Bisley

  • Brendan McCarthy

  • Brett Ewins

  • Sam Kieth

  • Aidan Hughes

  • Jack Ralph Cole

  • Arshile Gorky

  • Vasily Kamensky

  • Joan Miró

  • Josef Albers

  • Jesse LeDoux

  • Peter Max

  • René Magritte

  • Takehiko Inoue

  • Hideshi Hino

  • Alastair (Baron Hans Henning Voigt)

  • Yue Minjun

  • Carl Barks

  • Yoshitomo Nara

  • Sol LeWitt

  • Gerhard Richter

  • Oli Sorenson

  • Bridget Riley

  • Liam Gillick

  • Peter Halley

  • Robert Smithson

  • James Turrell

  • Dan Flavin

  • Seth (Gregory Gallant)

  • Ellsworth Kelly

  • Ray Johnson

  • Richard Hamilton

  • Dodo (Dörte Clara Wolff)

  • George Grosz

  • Stuart Davis

  • Aubrey Beardsley

  • Harry Clarke

  • Ron Cobb

  • Sergio Aragonés

  • Jim Cummins

  • Danny Antonucci

  • Camille Rose Garcia

  • Rodney Alan Greenblat (again)

  • David Horvath

  • Mike Dargas

  • Junko Mizuno

  • Jared French

  • Tamara De Lempicka

  • Jim Woodring

  • John Blanche

  • Alex Kirwan

  • Richard Edmund Williams

  • Doug TenNapel

  • Kurt Halsey

  • Aaron Kraten

  • Oliver Hibert

  • Alex Toth

  • Sam Henderson

  • Raymond Peynet

  • Whyn Lewis

  • M.C. Escher

  • Charles Addams

  • Lynne Naylor

  • Tim Biskup

  • Seonna Hong

  • Gary Baseman

  • Gene Deitch

  • Jim Flora

  • Alvin Lustig

  • George Him

  • Shag (Josh Agle)

  • Coop (Chris Cooper)

  • Scott Wills

  • Mary Blair

  • Ralph Barton

  • Doug Sneyd

  • Edmond Kiraz

  • Basil Wolverton

  • Katie Rice

  • John Kricfalusi

  • John R. Dilworth

  • Trevor Brown

  • Todd Schorr

  • Lionel Maunz

  • Tony Viramontes

  • Motomichi Nakamura

  • Jean De Bosschere

  • Adrian Tomine

  • Meaghan Dunn

  • Lela Lee

  • Michelle Lam

  • Jim Houser

  • Mike Perry

  • Ben Jones

  • Gérard Mathieu

  • George Orrimbe

  • Patrick Nagel

  • James Marsh

  • Storm Thorgerson

  • Paul Scheerbart

  • Friedensreich Hundertwasser

  • Antonio Sant'Elia

  • Keith Haring

  • Bill Beckley

  • Milton Glaser (he signed my MA degree before he died).

  • Vince Collins

  • Alex Pardee

  • Phil Foglio

  • Sergio Aragonés

  • Bill Holbrook

  • Larry Clark

  • Dave Gibbons

  • Mire Lee

  • Amanda MacKinnon

  • Åke Lewerth

  • Lorenz Stöer

  • Margaret Keane

  • Nato.0+55+3d (the program itself)

  • Marie Laurencin

  • Pál Pusztai

  • Osamu Satu

  • Isamu Noguchi

  • Ruth Asawa

  • Wendy Yoshimura

  • Mitsuru Nakamura

  • Takato Yamamoto

  • Chiaki Harada

  • …And a bunch of other artists that slip through my mind when I see the image in my head…


My favorite authors and writers are:

  • Dennis Cooper

  • Jim Goad

  • Adam Parfrey

  • Shaun Partridge

  • Peter Sotos

  • Gene Wolfe

  • R. A. Lafferty

  • Brian Aldiss

  • Harry Harrison

  • Edwin Charles Tubb

  • Fredric Brown

  • Sigmund Freud

  • Isaac Asimov

  • Greg Egan

  • Fred Saberhagen

  • Roger Zelazny

  • Robert Silverberg

  • Ron Silliman (but his son Colin is much cooler and influential)

  • Jean Cocteau

  • Raymond Queneau

  • Comte de Lautréamont

  • Georges Perec

  • Marcel Proust

  • Jorge Luis Borges

  • Stéphane Mallarmé

  • Alain de Botton

  • Robinson Jeffers

  • Hubert Selby Jr.

  • Hart Crane

  • Mike Royko

  • Malcolm Alan Bennett

  • Norman Mailer

  • Vincent Woodard

  • Paul Zindel

  • Betsy Byars

  • Joan Lindsay

  • Lois Duncan

  • Robert Cormier

  • Edmund White

  • Andrew Holleran

  • Marquis de Sade

  • Yukio Mishima

  • Haruki Murakami

  • Yasunari Kawabata

  • Tamiki Hara

  • Kenzaburō Ōe

  • Edward Seidensticker

  • Frithjof Schuon

  • Ananda Coomaraswamy

  • Dimitrije Mitrinović

  • Alan Watts

  • Bruce Cumings

  • Donald Keene

  • Jared Taylor

  • Frederik L. Schodt

  • B.R. Myers

  • Alex Kerr

  • Gary Leupp

  • Jack Seward

  • René Girard

  • Vilém Flusser

  • Dick Hebdige

  • Martin Gardner

  • David Stove

  • Chris Crawford (read his amazing blog at (www.erasmatazz.com)

  • Miller Puckette (read his book, here)

  • Don Norman

  • Seth Giddings

  • John Frederick Lange Jr.

  • Kevin Lynch

  • Richard Garfield

  • Andy Looney (his vintage website Wunderland is a treasure trove!)

  • Ian Livingstone

  • Charles Taylor

  • György Lukács

  • Paul Cockshott

  • Antonio Negri

  • Maurice Bardèche

  • Robert Brasillach

  • Lucien Rebatet

  • Alain de Benoist

  • Nicolás Gómez Dávila

  • Alain Badiou

  • François Laruelle

  • Gabriel Rockhill

  • Sianne Ngai

  • Paul Fussell 

  • Zygmunt Bauman

  • Max Stirner

  • Bob Black

  • Derek McCormack

  • Larry McCaffery

  • Harold Jaffe

  • Aaron Clarey

  • Jason Reza Jorjani

  • Aleksandr Dugin

  • Caleb Maupin

  • Armistead Maupin

  • Danielle Steel

  • Richard D. Wolff

  • Michael Hudson

  • Michael Parenti

  • David Harvey

  • Alan Woods

  • E. Michael Jones

  • Daniel Bell

  • Guy Debord

  • Alexander R. Galloway

  • Manuel DeLanda

  • Hans-Georg Moeller

  • Timothy Morton

  • George Boole

  • Georg Cantor

  • Gottlob Frege

  • Michael Dummett

  • Graham Priest

  • Donald Davidson

  • Hilary Putnam

  • G.A. Cohen

  • Hans Sluga

  • Émile Durkheim

  • Max Weber

  • Emil Cioran

  • Christian Lander

  • David Brooks

  • Thorstein Veblen

  • Camille Paglia

  • Andrea Dworkin

  • Vanessa Place

  • Kathy Acker

  • Katherine Dunn

  • Raymond Radiguet

  • Charles Fort

  • Albert Borgmann

  • Arthur R. Butz

  • Grover Furr

  • Alvin Plantinga

  • Richard Rorty

  • Paul Weiss

  • Gilbert Ryle

  • Edward Lee

  • Alfred Chester

  • Bill Hopkins

  • Colin Wilson

  • Stuart Holroyd

  • Peter Kolosimo

  • Stewart Home

  • James Moffat

  • Jonathan Bowden

  • Joseph Sciambra

  • Randy Shilts

  • Jeffery P. Dennis

  • Will Fellows

  • Guy Hocquenghem

  • Harry Hay

  • Anthony Ludovici

  • Arthur Rimbaud

  • Eric S. Raymond

  • Peter Milligan

  • James Nulick

  • Peter Coffin

  • Paul Curran

  • R.D. Laing

  • Michel Onfray

  • Wolfgang Iser

  • Fredric Jameson

  • Steven Heller (he taught me in graduate school)

  • Peter Schjeldahl

  • Robert Christgau

  • Simon Reynolds

  • Bob Larson

  • Peter Popoff

  • Rev. Leroy Jenkins

  • Martin H. Greenberg

  • Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

  • Georges Simenon

  • Norton Juster

  • John Patric

  • Flann O'Brien

  • Ernie Pyle

  • François de La Rochefoucauld

  • Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

  • Debito Arudou

  • Lisa Nakamura

  • Gary P. Leupp

  • Akinokure (Agnostic)

  • Antero Alli

  • Patrick Roesle

  • Shamus Young

  • Brian M. Clark

  • Daniil Andreyev

  • Brett Stevens

  • Ray Blanchard

  • Quentin Crisp

  • Harry Harlow

  • Albert Bandura

  • Erich Auerbach

  • Gabriel Marcel

  • Paul Ricœur

  • James Joyce, but only his novel Finnegans Wake.

  • …And a bunch of other writers that I have read throughout the years and only remember the name comes up through wisdom and citation…


My favorite game designers and interactive artists are:

  • Richard Garfield

  • Alan R. Moon

  • James Ernest

  • Chris Crawford

  • Kris Burm

  • Oskar van Deventer

  • Greg Stafford

  • Karl-Heinz Schmiel

  • Sid Sackson

  • Eric Solomon

  • Andy Looney

  • Miguel Sicart

  • Roger Caillois

  • Bernard Suits

  • Eric Goldberg

  • Glenn Drover

  • Wolfgang Kramer

  • Alex Randolph

  • Reinhard Staupe

  • Tom Jolly

  • Tom Wham

  • Lewis Pulsipher

  • Peter Olotka

  • Bill Eberle

  • Jack Kittredge

  • Warren Spector

  • David "Zeb" Cook

  • Leo Colovini

  • Greg Costikyan

  • (Everyone who contributed to the world of Slobbovia)

  • James Kyle

  • Ron Hale-Evans

  • Stephan Hand

  • Stephan Baker

  • Stefan Dorra

  • Richard Halliwell

  • Bob Harris

  • Richard Hamblen

  • Ronald Wettering

  • Rick Priestley

  • Nigel Stillman

  • Michael Schacht

  • Mike Hayes

  • Dominique Ehrhard

  • The Boston Logical Society, or W. W. Swilling

  • Joli Quentin Kansil

  • Bruno Faidutti

  • Spartaco Albertarelli

  • Allan B. Calhamer

  • Albert Lamorisse

  • Dave Williams II

  • Fréderic Moyersoen

  • David R. Megarry

  • Jakob Bonds

  • Dan Glimne

  • Kai Haferkamp

  • Steve Jackson

  • Steve Jackson (The Southern one)

  • Ian Livingstone

  • Frederick "Fred" Paul Funk III (Fred’s World)

  • Gary Dicken

  • Steve & Phil Kendall

  • Jeffrey Neil Bellinger

  • Martin Gardner

  • John Horton Conway

  • Peter Suber

  • Andrew McNeil

  • Pierre Cléquin

  • Derek Carver

  • Urs Hostettler

  • Charlie Catino

  • Kevin Wilson

  • Robin D. Laws

  • Thomas Liesching

  • Douglas Malewicki

  • James Koplow

  • Reiner Knizia (early)

  • Ge Wang

  • Miller Puckette

  • Andy Jones

  • Paul Peterson

  • Dirk Liekens

  • Corné van Moorsel

  • Wil Dijkstra & Ben van Dijk

  • Walter Obert

  • Doris Matthäus

  • Frank Nestel

  • Walter Müller

  • Franz-Benno Delonge

  • Jody Porter

  • Bill Payne

  • Rudi Hoffmann

  • Frank Branham

  • Terence Peter Donnelly

  • Klaus Palesch

  • H. Jean Vanaise

  • Knut Müller

  • George Rhoads

  • George S. Parker

  • Marvin Glass

  • Rube Goldberg

  • …and many other unknown designers of our century…



***RIP Lydia J. Lindner***

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